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How Digital Menu Boards Have Revoluntionized The Restaurant Industry

by Christine

Posted on 02/10 at 04:04 PM

Digital menu boards dramatically improve customer experiences in restaurants across the spectrum from fine-dining establishments to fast-food joints. Nothing catches the eye like colorful and exciting digital signage in restaurants – whether they seek to create a calming and elegant dining experience or an exciting and upbeat retail environment.

How is the Digital Menu Board Market Growing and Expanding?

Once a rare luxury, digital signs in restaurants have become increasingly popular. Increasing numbers of small businesses take the plunge and invest in digital menu board software and systems. Digital signage providers have created entry-level systems and price options that encourage all sizes of food service companies to purchase digital signage for their retail locations. These entrepreneurs have learned that investing in the startup costs of digital signage systems quickly pays off, even in micro-retail outlets like food trucks, cafes, mom and pop shops, and outdoor fast food kiosks.

How do Restaurants Create Interactive Environments with Digital Signage?

Many early-adopting companies that “went digital” long ago revamp and expand their customer experience offerings with new and innovative digital signage systems. These trendsetters use digital signs not just as menu boards – but also for interactive entertainment. Customers interact directly with restaurant environments by controlling venue playlists via their smartphones and digital signs.

How do Franchises Order and Install Digital Menu Boards?

The quick-serve food industry has rapidly adopted digital signage in restaurants. Food service corporations have encouraged franchise owners to invest in these technologies. Big brands strive to provide high-end and engaging customer experiences across all venues. When top franchisees in high-end retail environments first featured digital signs, other outlets quickly followed suit.

Some digital signage suppliers sell to large companies and others target individual franchisees. They tailor their multi-screen display systems to meet each retail space’s unique requirements. Depending on a corporation’s structure, they may find it easier to sell digital menu board systems in bulk or work on a custom-order basis.

Customers Love Engaging with Multi-Function Digital Signage

Major chain quick-serve restaurants use digital signs to entertain and engage with their customers while they wait in line. Upon entering the retail space, patrons use interactive touch screens to learn about their menu options and get excited about their meals. Some restaurants even use touch screen technology to allow customers to “skip the line.” This feature delights people waiting in line for food service, just as it does in airports and movie theaters.

Fast-food businesses benefit from these line-shortening devices which free up cashier time and allow team members to focus more attention on customers with unique tastes and needs. Carry-out customers can use interactive menu boards/kiosks to speed up flow-through times. During valuable lunch and dinner rush hours, these quick and convenient engagement platforms dramatically increase restaurants’ total capacities and revenues.

Digital Signage Costs: Win/Win Investments

Customers love interacting with digital signage in restaurants. Food service companies appreciate the cost savings and increased volume facilitated by these devices. As digital signs continue to show up in all sectors of the restaurant market, these multi-use engagement portals will revolutionize the dining experience – and industry profits!


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Engage Retail Consumers Via Digital Signage

by Christine

Posted on 02/03 at 04:10 PM

Appealing to customers who are waiting in line may seem tricky, but it’s actually very simple if you know what your target population wants to view. Below are a few helpful tips on how to appeal to your customers in a retail environment.

Interactivity: Engage your customers by giving them something to do. When presented with enjoyable and interactive content, many customers will take the opportunity to engage with the content, even if it’s just a onetime thing. Implement an interactive game or even encourage customers to post real-time content or write product reviews on Facebook or Twitter via their smart phone. Customer engagement and interactivity via digital signage will help improve their recall, encouraging for them to return back to the store more often.

Smart Promotion Tactics: Don’t overwhelm customers with too much advertising materials. Of course every store wants to promote their products, but bombarding customers with too many sales pitches may come across as tacky, especially if the templates displayed look unprofessional. Instead of having them turn their heads away from digital signage, encourage them to view the screens by tailoring it to their needs. Digital signage is ideal for reinforcing your brand image, but when it is combined with other functionalities, such as videos, testimonials, social media integration, etc., it can become a pleasant and immersive experience. In addition, displaying templates that are consistent and easy on the eyes can create a positive outlook for your consumers.

Simple: No matter the situation, it’s best to keep your content simple and to the point. Keep in mind what the majority of your customers are doing. Are they mainly standing in line or sitting down in a waiting room? Also, keep in mind the average wait time for your consumers. The delivery of your content based on what your customers are doing at the moment can make a difference. If the average wait time for your customer is five minutes then display content that lasts only 3-4 minutes. Keep in mind that your content needs to be up to date and represent what you are selling at that moment.


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Improve Workplace Communication With Digital Signage

by Ramandeep

Posted on 01/27 at 12:31 PM

Corporate communication with digital signage

Corporate leaders know digital signs convey powerful first impressions on consumers. These marvelous devices dramatically increase customer satisfaction and retention. However, smart businesses also use digital signage to create substantial gains in safety, productivity, and more!By using digital signage in corporate communications, you can dramatically increase your company’s effectiveness. Businesses that use digital signs for internal workplace communications enjoy major advantages over their slower-moving competitors. By keeping your team members informed, you can boost employee performance across the entire scope of your business.


In the modern workplace, employee engagement is key!


Digital Signage = Safety

Digital signage make workplace safer

Digital signs reduce workplace injuries by 20%, creating healthier workspaces. For this reason, companies save $5 for every dollar they invest in digital signage. Centrally-controlled digital signs provide life-saving speed and clarity in emergency situations. With real-time communication throughout your facilities, you can give your teams the best possible chances of staying healthy and whole.

Digital Signage = Attention

Digital signage attracts more attention than static signage

These compelling visual presentations attract 400% more attention than static displays. You can employ digital signage with audio and interactive features that can dramatically increase your 2-way corporate communication. Animated, engaging digital signage messages facilitate clearer and longer-lasting communication!

Digital Signage = Retention

Digital signage boosts recall rate

Researchers have shown that visual messaging far surpasses text-only messages. By fully engaging your team members’ senses, you help them easily remember your messages. Digital signs boast a recall rate of 83%, making it much easier for your teams to absorb essential information.Use digital signage to train new employees. Cutting edge “gamified” training programs engage team members and help you measure their capabilities.

Digital Signage = Productivity

Digital signage raises employee engagement

With digital signs, you can increase employee engagement and productivity by over 22%. Use digital signage to create performance dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and responding quickly to demand spikes.

Digital Signage = Reputation

Digital Signage can display most current and up to date information in the workplace

Digital signs impress your workers just as much as they do your customers. Your team members will see your company as tech-savvy, professional, and highly-efficient. When you replace your outdated and dirty paper signs with digital signage, your employees can trust that they have the most current and targeted information available.

Digital Signage = Speed

Digital Signage can display most current and up to date information in the workplace

You can use digital signs to instantly communicate vital and time-sensitive information. In addition to sharing in-the-moment safety information, you can monitor KPIs across all areas of your operations.

Digital Signage = Motivation

Display worker performance goals with digital signage

With digital signage, you can communicate real-time productivity and efficiency information to your teams. Your managers can inspire greater dedication from their teams by displaying performance/goal numbers and other essential metrics.

Digital Signage = Consistent Messaging

Digital signage reduces misinformation in the workplace

By broadcasting digital messages throughout your facility from one central location, you can easily ensure your messages remain the same. You can avoid playing the “telephone game,” reduce workplace gossip and misinformation, and maintain consistent branding across all channels.

Digital Signage = Happy Workers

Digital signage reduces misinformation in the workplace

People love digital signs! When viewing these devices, people show 35% more patience with tedious tasks such as waiting in line. Your employees will be proud to work for a company that uses technology to reduce its paper waste. By positioning digital signage screens throughout your facilities, you can employ a far-reaching corporate communications strategy and experience a stunning growth in efficiency, training, and productivity!

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UCView Software Feature Change Log

by Christine

Posted on 01/20 at 04:31 PM

UCView Content Store

UCView unveiled a new look to their Content Store (available via Portal) with over a hundred apps to choose from. The majority of the eye-catching apps are available for free and greatly enhances the look and feel of your digital signage solution.

Microsite Templates

Microsite Templates are now accessible via Portal. Select from multiple attention-grabbing templates to enhance your digital signage content or upload your own.

Dropbox Support

The Dropbox functionality, which is accessible in the Cloud Storage module, allows for you to upload and publish any content stored on your company’s Dropbox account. View a quick video tutorial on how to use the Dropbox feature here

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UCView Launches Health Tips Digital Signage Content

by Christine

Posted on 01/13 at 02:48 PM

Display vital and up-to-date health tips for your viewers with the Health Tips digital signage software app. You can select from a variety of categories such as Exercise, Diet, Flu, General Health, Nutrition, Pregnancy, Sleep, and Quit Smoking. Up to 100 health tips, within each category, are taken from reliable health-related sources. This free digital signage content is relevant for all ages and is ideal to use in any health care setting, including the student health center or community health clinic.

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Happy New Year from the UCView Team

by Christine

Posted on 12/30 at 11:48 AM

We would like to take the time to thank all of our customers and partners for helping make 2016 a success! This year has included a rapid growth in development as we introduced revolutionary digital signage software, products, and features. Our technology is created with our customers in mind and we are consistently looking for new ways to improve the overall user-experience. We are looking forward to expanding our cutting-edge digital signage technology by providing our valuable customers with a more user-friendly, scalable, and intuitive software solution in 2017. We wish you and your family a happy and safe new year!


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UCView Introduces Cloud Storage Module

by Christine

Posted on 12/29 at 10:45 AM

UCView recently introduced the Cloud Storage module which allows for you to upload, store, and publish content all from one location on UCView’s digital signage portal. With this feature you can directly upload content to the software using any FTP server. FTP is a standard network protocol used to transfer files between computers on a network. Similarly, UCView will soon introduce Dropbox to Cloud Storage. Dropbox is a widely popular file hosting service which allows users to upload files to a folder and quickly access it from anywhere using any computing device. This will greatly minimize the amount of time it takes to publish content since all you will need to do is input your company’s account information and then upload the desired content directly to Cloud Storage. In addition, the module also includes the Gallery feature which allows for you to upload and store multiple videos, images, etc. to portal and then publish it at a later time.

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UCView Launches Vimeo Digital Signage Content

by Christine

Posted on 12/23 at 01:49 PM

UCView recently launched Vimeo in its digital signage app store. Vimeo is a video-sharing website which allows for users to post, share, and view videos in high-definition and even 4K. With more than 100 million visitors per month, this highly popular social media site allows for users to upload all types of video content, such as animation, arts & design, comedy, music, personal, travel, and more. Whether you would like to display a certain recipe for your cooking class or health tips for your healthcare organization, this free digital signage content is ideal to use in any industry. Access any Vimeo video within an instant by simply typing in the video’s URL via UCView’s digital signage portal.

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UCView Releases Digital Signage iCalendar App With A New Modern Layout

by Christine

Posted on 12/19 at 03:52 PM

Keep your viewers up-to-date with upcoming activities and events by displaying the new attention-grabbing digital signage iCalendar layout. This calendar app is customizable, allowing for the user to select their color of choice and arrange how many days back or forward the widget will display on screen(s). This free digital signage app can be used to color-coordinate and highlight important activities/events within an organization or even community. To access this app, simply enter in your organization’s iCalendar URL and then tailor it to your liking by selecting the number of events to display throughout the month or even current day. This digital signage content app is ideal to use for education institutions that carry out a lot of events/volunteer activities or can even be used internally to keep employees up-to-date with their meetings and tasks. The refreshing digital signage layout is a highly effective and simple way to keep your target population consistently aware of important activities, events, and tasks

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UCView to Soon Release Digital Signage Gallery Module

by Christine

Posted on 12/16 at 04:26 PM

UCView will soon release the Gallery module available via Portal. This how-to video tutorial demonstrates how to use the upcoming digital signage gallery. The module will allow for users to create and access a built-in gallery which can carry multiple types of content, such as images, videos, and animation. The content can be easily uploaded to the digital signage software using a simple drag and drop tool and then placed into folders - greatly alleviating the amount of time it takes to upload and publish content for viewers. It is extremely intuitive to use and will enable for the user to store multiple content in one area and then access it at a later time once they are ready to upload and publish.

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