Digital Signage Background Is An Essential Asset

Your digital signage background is just as essential as the message you want to display for your audience. A stunning background is one of the first things that stand out for your viewers. You might think displaying a white background with black text might make your message stick out more, but it will only make your message look boring and uncreative. Also, keep in mind that an all white background tends to be difficult on the eyes, especially when it’s in a lighted location. Digital signage offers you the ability to display an eye-catching background and incorporate multiple colors. If you want to display a dark background, it’s vital to display light text. If you want to display a light background, then display dark colored text. This will not only make the text legible to read, but your audience will retain the message, as well as appreciate the aesthetic background. The background is a visually appealing feature that adorns your messages. It’s not recommended to use an image for a background. It may look stretched on screen and may distract your audience in an unpleasant way. If you want to include a picture for your background, make sure it fits the right resolution and fits the theme of your display. Use a picture that’s simple and doesn’t look like a jumble of color on screen. For instance, a beach background can look great on screen with text shown in an area with the least amount of detail. Texture can also make your display look more lifelike; just make sure that it does not overpower your message. It’s a great way to highlight the message you want to display for your audience. Backgrounds are a fundamental design element that can turn your display from boring to something extraordinary.

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UCView Launches New Website

UCView unleashed an all-new website which showcases its latest software and product lines. The new website has a clean, stylish look that’s easy to navigate through and locate just the right information for your digital signage needs. The latest update to the website also includes new documents for the standalone SignEdge, ViewEdge servers, and SaaS/Server digital signage players. It reflects UCView’s mission to educate new users and help all industries find a solution for their digital signage needs. Many companies are seeking dynamic content in order to communicate their much needed messages to the right audience. The new design features and visuals reflect what the company offers for their users, making their experience from digital signage set up to deployment simple and hassle free.


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What to Think About Before Creating Your Playlist

An effective playlist is important for getting the most value out of your digital signage. Below are essential questions you need to think about before creating your first playlist:

Who are you targeting? Make sure your playlist targets the right group. Take a look at your venue and examine the people who frequent the location. If you are targeting a younger crowd, perhaps you can post content from your social media sites or display trendy eye-catching videos.

  Where is your content located? If you screen is displayed in a waiting room, the messages should be more detailed and the duration period should last for a longer period of time. However, if your content is displayed in the hallway of a building, perhaps it’s a better idea to provide shorter content using more visuals.

What message is most important to post for your audience? Display messages that are relevant for your audience. For instance, if there is a screen located in your university’s career center, it’s much more appropriate to display content related to new job openings rather than the weather.

Does your ad use day-parting? Are your ads separated throughout the day to provide the right message at the right time? For example, breakfast items should be displayed in the morning rather than later in the afternoon. Make sure your ads are scheduled to display during the correct period of time and date.

  Does your content have variety? It’s highly recommended to mix up your content. Try to mix-up videos, messages, and images which are arranged to play in the same playlist.

What’s your budget? In order to get the most value out of your digital signage, it’s strongly recommended to mix up your playlist using affordable and simple messages with content of higher cost.


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The Valuable Perks of Integrating Social Media with Digital Signage

It’s almost impossible to be in business and not have a social media page. The demand for social media has increased significantly over the years and is now used as an important source of information. A social media page for your business is just as essential as a website in helping your business grow. Social media is a great communication tool. It allows for current or potential customers to voice their opinions on a product or service. Many stores commonly use digital signage as a tool for communication and it makes perfect sense to integrate it with social media. Customers can use their smart phone to post pictures, make comments, take advantage of discounts, and more all within the parameters of a retail store.

UCView has unveiled one of the largest collections of social media apps available for digital signage. These cutting-edge apps are great communication tools for businesses, both large and small. With just a simple click of a button, you can install Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest apps. Publish a slide-show of up-to-the-minute Facebook posts (text, images, videos), which can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Display your Facebook About Us page to accurately inform your customers about your business. Publish your company’s newest Facebook Cover Photo and release the latest Pinterest images or videos. Customers in stores can actively engage with the displays by making comments and even ‘Like’ or share posts.

Social media offers an abundance of opportunities to boost sales and build your company’s reputation. Allowing for your customers to have a voice via social media will help humanize your business. However, it’s understandable that some businesses might be wary of displaying their social media page. What if a negative comment shows up from a customer? Although it can take courage, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Employees can quickly respond back with an apology and an explanation of how they will fix it. This will demonstrate to other customers that their voice is being heard and your business is taking action to help resolve an issue. Overall, displaying social media apps on your screens will help build a positive relationship with your customers.

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Steps to Help You Get Started

Despite its effectiveness, digital signage can sometimes be a big change for a company. Below are several steps to help your business get started with digital signage:

  Start by having a goal: Have goals in place to determine what you are going to do with digital signage. Is it going to be used for brand awareness and to enhance sales of targeted products? Is it going to be used for training purposes?

  What meets your needs: Decide what hardware and software is necessary to meet your needs. Price is an important factor, but you need a system that will successfully meet your goals and objectives. It is important to speak to a sales representative to determine what will work best with your business. Examine your connectivity options – are you interested in using SaaS or a server solution? What player will work best to meet your digital signage needs?

Develop a strategy: Determine beforehand what type of content you would like to place on screen. In order to make sure your content remains fresh, employ a team for your digital signage deployment. Both IT and the marketing/creative design team needs to work together to provide the most effective content. Make sure that the people who are in charge of deploying digital signage are knowledgeable and well-informed enough to handle operating and maintaining a digital signage system.

Determine customer engagement: Decide what content works best for your business. Look ahead and determine how your displays will look a year from now. Instead of having an overly complicated setup at the beginning, perhaps it will better to start-up with something simple and then build up the system overtime with something that’s a little more complex. Perhaps a couple years from now your business would like to include multiple screens or a touch screen solution. Your business should be flexible enough to allow for digital signage growth.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Signage

Digital signage plays an important role in communicating much needed messages to your target audience. However, it can sometimes look messy if the content is not regularly maintained. In many cases, users want to place a heavy load of content all at once, thinking that it will interest their consumers as well as lessen a load on their shoulders. But too much content on a screen can look very overwhelming and can become an automatic turn-off for the people you are trying to attract.

It’s important to look at how your content is reaching your audience. Your digital signage should communicate information that’s concise, gets the message across, but is also attractive for your audience to view. Make sure that the colors used in the background, the font, and images look great together. Focus on using only a few stylish colors that stand out, but avoid using colors that are too bright or blend in too much with the background.

  Each loop should have a continuous message. This doesn’t mean that the same message should be repeated over and over again; the content should have a consistent theme. For instance, the computer science department should display content that’s relatable for the students within their department only. It’s important to also have variety in your messages. Make sure that the message grabs their attention and doesn’t bore them.

The placement of your monitor also makes a difference. Your monitors should always be in a location that’s easily viewable by your target audience. In addition, the screen should be placed in an area that’s well lit and looks presentable. This will increase the number of people who view your content.

Look at how effective your digital signage is at reaching your audience. Are students on campus actually attending an event that was promoted on screen? Is your company measuring the number of people who pay attention to your content?

It’s important to take the time to examine your content and measure how effective it is. Digital signage is a great communication tool, but it’s easy to forget about it once it’s first set up. The content on the screens needs to be regularly maintained for it to be the most effective form of communication.


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UCView Launches ARM Caster HD

Northridge, CA – August 6, 2014 - UCView, Inc., a leading provider of digital signage software, is pleased to announce the release of the ARM Caster HD. The new product will serve as one of the smallest digital media players available on the market.

“Due to its simplicity of use and size, the ARM Caster HD meets the demand of clients who want to operate a single digital signage screen at their site without having to manage an overly advanced system”, said Guy Avital, CEO of UCView, Inc.

  The ARM Caster HD represents UCView’s effort to offer customers a device that’s flexible, solid, affordable, and convenient. The newly released media player is the length of a credit card, and a little over two inches thick, making it portable and practical enough to hide from view.

The ARM Caster HD, with the combined use of a SaaS or server, is capable of displaying full 1080p high-definition video. Player specifications include an HDMI output, 512MB RAM, 8GB hard drive, and two USB ports. The device is unique from other players as its CPU/GPU is compressed onto an SoC. This single powerful micro-chip allows for full-scale digital signage to run with the use of the palm-sized digital media player, which includes a small price tag too.

With software enabling for centralized control, monitoring, and customization, the media player flawlessly distributes tailored content to a wide audience. The system is ideal for use in a small corporate or retail environment. The inexpensive ARM Caster HD ensures that the user has full-control and the flexibility to deliver content to the right place at the right time.



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Myths About SaaS

Many companies are interested in knowing what deployment method best fits their business needs. SaaS is a delivery method in which software is provided over cloud. An operator can access their software via the Internet. Many organizations use SaaS due to its convenience, affordability, and reliability. However, there are still many companies that are fearful of using SaaS due to the many reasons listed below.

Software Provider Has Ownership of Data: Many companies believe that once they purchase SaaS, their software provider has control over their data. This is untrue; the company purchasing SaaS has complete ownership of their data. Whether you decide to use SaaS or a server, your data is protected and is only available within your company.

SaaS is Not Secure or Reliable: There are many companies that still believe SaaS is not a secure solution. SaaS uses a backup process which ensures that your data remains secure and available for use. With SaaS, the chance of downtime is extremely slim and is not permanent.

SaaS Does Not Allow Customization: There are many organizations that believe SaaS does not allow for them to customize their software. In addition, there is the added belief that they would lose all customized features if they decide to upgrade their system. This is incorrect; companies with a SaaS solution are able to customize their software according to their business needs. In addition, your customizations are not at risk by upgrading your software.

  SaaS is Only for Small Companies: The size of the company should not be the deciding factor in whether you choose SaaS or a server. SaaS is great for use in large companies with multiple locations. It eliminates the need for companies to handle set-up, installation, and maintenance.


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Slide Designer Allows for You to Get Creative

Slide Designer is an editor, which allows for operators to get creative by using digital signage. The slide designer module contains a toolbar with a variety of image-editing functions. This module allows for operators to draw, type text by selecting from multiple font styles, measure content, upload images, zoom in and out, and more. As the Slide Designer module is accessible from the web-based user interface, clients can easily upload their artistic work on screen for their target audience. This feature is great for displaying creative work by students in schools or can be used by a graphic design company interested in showing their work to clients. Slide Designer allows for you to save your draft and then publish content once it’s ready for your audience to view.

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Digital Signage Helps Improve Workplace Productivity

It’s evident that many companies struggle with corporate communication. Communication among employees is difficult, especially when new information is constantly coming in. Even emails are not an effective tool for communication as employees can receive numerous emails throughout the day. A bulletin board used within the break room might work for one week, but eventually the information will become outdated. Many employees won’t even have the time to create a flier, print it out, and post it at the right time. So what is an effective tool for communication?

Digital signage is being used more and more for corporate communication because it’s easy to maintain and flexible enough to be used in multiple environments. A company with a large amount of employees can install digital signage screens within each department. Accurate information can be published for the right people within the right area.

Meetings: Alert employees about meetings on screen in advance. Inform employees about the location of the meeting room, time, date, and description about the meeting. This will help employees organize their schedule and be accurately informed about where to go. This will allow for your meetings to start on time and end on time without any interruptions.

Motivation: This is a great way to recognize employees who have done a great job within the workplace. Display an Employee of the Month notice to recognize their hard achievements. Dynamic signage is a great way to present the latest sales numbers and once a deadline is approaching, remind employees about their tasks. Share coverage stories focusing on the company. This will help keep employees motivated and remain on task.

Training: Use digital signage as a training tool for new employees. Create an orientation session involving a touch screen kiosk . Display informative videos, safety clips, and test employees on how to do certain tasks. Using digital signage as a training tool will help aid in workplace efficiency and will keep your new employees accurately informed.

Internal Communication for Employees: Publish information within the break rooms, conference rooms, or any other place where employees congregate. Schedule content so that certain employees throughout the day will receive information that specifically targets them. Signage can also be set up in the lobbies, so visitors can learn more about your company. Publish company news stories, display posts from your company’s social media page, or information about community events your company participated in.

Digital signage used for corporate communication offers a lot of possibilities. Corporate offices can greatly benefit from using digital signage and it can help improve the workplace environment.


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