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Digital Signage for Hospitality

by Guy Avital

Posted on 04/02 at 01:21 AM

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When it comes to digital signage, restaurants, pubs and hotels have lost no time instigating some extremely successful, not to mention profitable, systems to help promote business. The fast paced industry focuses on customer satisfaction where keeping customers informed provides further business opportunities such as group activities, price promotions and special events. Some examples of digital signage uses include time sensitive food menus, promotions or specials, coming events or new products. Often the ideal place to play advertisements is where customers are killing time in queue areas or foyers.

In pub or club venues, screens that usually play music videos or sports events can be used as digital signs between scheduled screenings. The Campaign Manager digital signage system can be used to schedule live television so venue sensitive ads can be played alongside usual entertainment like sports matches or music concerts. If venues have important notices or promotions they can play these during the entertainment using the CampaignManager split screen capabilities.

Hotels, cruise liners and resorts need to keep guests informed about facilities and activities. Thanks to the cost effectiveness of digital signage, notices can be posted in a variety of languages or in key locations such as restaurants, lobbies and in-room screens.

Hospitality has a high staff turnover and is a constantly changing environment, so it’s important to brief staff on product updates or special events when necessary. Letting staff know about changes in their workplace is vital for OH&S, as well as providing dynamic and informed customer service. The costs associated with re-training staff can be extreme. One of the new features of the CampaignManager digital signage software is the ability to play video on command. This technique is being used by companies around the world to train staff outside of opening hours using the same screens that play information to customers during trading hours. Digital signage screens can save managers time and energy that can be reinvested into the business.

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