UCView New Weather widgets for digital signage

Weather widget digital signage content
UCView Weather app will offer accurate, localized, and detailed weather news and information in a modern and clean format,  The weather widgets allows you to modify any aspect and look of the widget and adjust the coloring to the look and feel of your display. To use this widget just log-in to The UCView portal, click on Store select your weather widget or app and click instal

Posted by Guy Avital on 07/25 at 11:25 PM

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Multilingual Support in our software for Digital Signage

Multilingual digital signage software
We are in the final stage to release our multi-language narrowcasting software platform. You can choose the language of your choice from a simple drop down menu, and Bam!! You are done. The multi- language feature evolved from paying close attention to many of the requests from our worldwide customers.

Posted by Guy Avital on 07/18 at 12:00 AM

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Hanmi Bank Digital Signage on UCView

digital signage bank and financial institutes

digital signage bank and financial institutes

Established in 1982, Hanmi Bank was founded to serve the Korean-American community. Since then, they have grown into the largest Korean-American Bank in the United States, with more branches in California than any other. Hanmi Bank also has the fastest growing nationwide presence of any Korean-American Bank. UCView’s ViewEdge server is deployed in their headquarters and managed to distribute content to all of their branches.

Posted by Guy Avital on 07/06 at 11:20 AM

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UCView Spotted on Chevron Gas Station

digital signage gas station
Just in time for Californians summer rush, First Cake deploys UCView digital signage at one of the most popular gas station fill up spots on the route to our beautiful Malibu Beach and its surroundings.

Posted by Michele Cohen on 07/05 at 10:36 AM

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Google Traffic Map Content on UCView Store

digital signage content
Google Maps content is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google, that powers many map-based services, including the Google Maps website, UCView utilizes their technology to allow users to distribute map and traffic report content to the digital signage displays.

Posted by Guy Avital on 07/04 at 08:43 AM

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Hot Harry Fresh Burritos Menu Boards On UCView

digital signage menu boards
HOT HARRY’S FRESH BURRITO’S ™ is a simple concept to execute. Our many years in the food service industry have allowed us to create our model of serving fresh burritos, tacos and other tasty California-style dishes that are affordable, fast and fresh. They are using UCView to power their digital signage menu Boards.

Posted by Guy Avital on 07/01 at 04:25 PM

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