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UCView Unveils Largest Collection of Social Media Apps

UCView unveiled the largest collection of social media apps available throughout the world. Social media is one of the largest platforms used for communication. Knowing the importance of communication, UCView introduced Facebook and Pinterest into its growing collection of social media content apps available for free. However, our social media apps are unique as we allow for you to tailor the apps based on what you would like to show. Imagine being able to post your Facebook wall on screen in the form of numerous video clips. That’s just what the Facebook Posts app allows for you to do. The Facebook Posts app can be entirely your own, you can edit the animation, how the content is loaded, the position of the thumbnails, and much more. In addition to this innovative app, UCView released Facebook apps in which you can post stunning cover photos and the About Us page. This will allow for your target audience to learn more about your company as well as actively build more followers. UCView is also the first digital signage corporation to introduce Pinterest to its app store. The Pinterest app allows for you to share striking company photos with your audience. Build a relationship with your customers and grow your market by integrating social media with digital signage.

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Share Data Using the CSV File Folder Content

CSV file reader is an innovative content app which allows for you to grab data from a CSV file and display it on your screen. For instance, you can take any data you have from a local folder or DropBox and then customize the content for your audience. Change the color of the background, the text size, the header color, the text color, the scroll delay interval, the number of display lines, and more. The CSV file folder is great to use for a presentation within a corporate office . Educational institutions can even use it to list the name of students who made it on the Dean’s list. Spice up your data sheets and post it for your audience using CSV file folder digital signage content.

Posted by Christine on 10/31 at 10:06 AM
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NBC News Images Provides Stunning Visual Content

Visuals with a short and simple message can go a long way in reaching your targeted audience. NBC News is a popular American broadcast network which provides up to the minute news stories. This free digital signage content enables for you to select from different categories, such as Today News, Today Entertainment, Today Health, Today Money, Today Pets, Today Moms, Today Style, or even Kathie and Hoda. Communicate with your audience using a slideshow of news images from a reputable source.

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Allow for Your Audience to Enjoy Even More Streaming TV Content

Show your viewers even more streaming TV from UCView’s content store. Display live videos featuring popular animals such as sharks, kittens, pandas, and more with Animal Planet Live. Enable Christian-based organizations to watch the widely popular CBN news. Allow for your viewers to watch the latest news stories with CBS News. Display the inside scoop on newly released tech products with CNET. Enable schools and other organizations with an interest in space travel to watch NASA Public TV for pre-recorded educational related programming.  Network operators can select from a large variety of digital signage content to entertain and update their viewers for free.

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UCView Releases Free TV Streaming Content

UCView released multiple content apps that can provide your viewers with live or recorded streaming TV. Allow for your audience to watch top worldwide news stories from RT TV and Sky News; gain in-depth knowledge on U.S. politics from C-SPAN; watch business and financial focused news stories from Bloomberg TV; and relax with live aquatic activity from the National Aquarium of Baltimore. The above free digital signage content are reliable for multiple industries, and displaying streaming TV can be a great form of information or just enjoyment for viewers waiting in a queue or lobby.

Posted by Christine on 10/16 at 12:58 PM
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Go Wild With Animal Planet TV Content

Make your digital signage wild with our new Animal Planet TV content! Check out the best Animal Planet programs available. Whether it’s live or recorded, you can entertain your audience with animals found in nature or even in your own home. This free streaming digital signage content app can entertain your audience for hours on end. Animal Planet TV can be great to use as an educational tool for schools, zoos, or any animal-friendly establishment. With great-looking graphics, this digital signage content serves to both amuse and educate your target audience with funny, cute, or informative animal-related programs.



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Display Comical User-Uploaded Images with 9GAG Content

9GAG is a social media site which display humorous user uploaded images and popular memes the public will enjoy. Allow for your audience to read juicy confessions from Confession Bear, get helpful advice from Actual Advice Mallard, and view other comical images with corresponding content. Display hilarious uploaded images to help pass the time. This digital signage content is great to use for places meant for relaxation, such as the university student lounge and the employee break room. You can even customize your content by displaying different textures and colors for the background. Also select how long you want your content to remain on screen before transitioning to the next slide. Display entertaining content that will make your viewers laugh and smile.

Posted by Christine on 10/04 at 10:14 AM
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Receive Top Healthcare News with Medical Xpress Content

Receive the latest information in relation to medicine with Medical Xpress. Gain cutting-edge information from a variety of sources, such as peer-reviewed scientific papers, exclusive comprehensive articles, daily reports, and blogs taken from major research labs and universities across the world. Select from different topics, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, genetics, cardiology, obesity, and much more. Choose from over two dozen categories that can be geared to fit your target audience. This digital signage content also gives you the option to change the color of the title and description, as well as the delay in seconds. Medical Xpress has up to the minute information which makes this a great content app to display at universities, healthcare clinics, hospitals, and more.


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Free Digital Signage Content Shares Striking Photographs

500px is a social media site which allows for you to discover, share, and sell moving photographs. With its vivid use of colors and details, each photograph tells a story. Whether it’s an image of your family pet or a faraway island, each mesmerizing image allows for you to momentarily escape from wherever you are. The slideshow collection of photographs also includes the name of the piece and the author. Select from different categories; 500px Fresh, 500px Editors, and 500px Best.  Time flies by with this free digital signage content, making it ideal to use for customers waiting in a queue or lobby. Instead of using text, communicate to your audience using compelling sharp images you could almost touch.

Posted by Christine on 10/02 at 03:20 PM
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Traditional Twitter Timeline with a Modern Look

Social media is an interactive method of communication and allows for further engagement between the target audience and the organization. The use of social media within digital signage is growing at a rapid rate. Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms out there, so it’s no surprise that many companies want to display their tweets on screen. Our newest digital signage content app, the Twitter Timeline, resembles the traditional timeline seen in Twitter, however, it has an updated and modern look. In addition, this app has many different customization options, such as allowing for you to select the number of tweets you display on screen, the animation delay, the background color, the background image and much more. This interactive and engaging form of communication can greatly enhance how you reach your audience.


Posted by Christine on 09/27 at 01:30 PM
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Make Your Tweets Pop-out on Screen Using the Twitter Bubbles Content

The Twitter Bubbles content revolutionizes the way you communicate with your audience. Instead of displaying the traditional timeline, Twitter Bubbles content app displays transparent tweets in motion. Twitter bubbles float around your screen and you can even customize the background and the size of your bubbles. Modify your number of tweets and even change the speed of the tweets floating on screen. This fun twist to the widely-known Twitter timeline will entertain your audience. This interactive content allows for your customers to tweet their responses and immediately view it on screen. The unique Twitter Bubbles digital signage content app stands out from other social media content and provides a fun and innovative way of reaching your audience.

Posted by Christine on 09/26 at 03:06 PM
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Physics Education News Content Brings Scientific Stories to the Classroom

The Physics Education News provides current and progressive science-focused information for students instructors, and any other individual with an interest in the topic. This digital signage content focuses on the hard science subjects of physics, space and earth science, biology, chemistry, electronics, nanotechnology, and technology in general. This content app also features medical news stories from MedicalxPress. Since Physics Education publishes daily reports, blogs, and comprehensive articles on new peer-reviewed scientific papers, this free digital signage content is ideal to use within the science building or classroom. Each up to the minute news story provides remarkable information that’s cutting-edge in the world of science. This content features a slideshow of unlimited news stories and eye-catching graphics. Along with being able to select a category, network operators can select a sub-category, change the color of the text, and select the delay in seconds between each slide. Whether it’s for a university or a science museum, this free educational content publishes groundbreaking and accurate information.

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UCView Releases Folder Slideshow Digital Signage Content

Load all of your images to any local folder, shared network folder, Google Drive, or Dropbox and use the Folder Slideshow content to display a slideshow of images on your screen. This innovative digital signage content allows for you to use a smart phone to upload images and make updates via a folder and then have those images show up on your screen in slideshow mode. There is no need to log in to your content management system in order to add pictures onto your screen. With just a one-time fee of $39.00, you can upload large quantity of images onto an unlimited number of screens.

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New Ready-Made Layouts Available in UCView’s Content Store

UCView released professional new layouts that are now available in UCView’s content store. Instead of having to deal with creating a layout, customers can use a sleek ready-made layout that takes only seconds to install. Select from over ten different ready-made layouts which are guaranteed to enhance your digital signage display. These layouts are versatile and can be used for virtually any industry, including for healthcare and educational institutions. The layouts are constructed to fit either horizontal or vertical screens. The ready-made layouts already have zones that are separated into three or more sections, allowing for you to include whatever content you desire. In addition, basic but necessary applications, such as time and date, are already incorporated into many of these layouts. Built for widely used display resolutions, have your pick from a simple professional layout to one that has a touch of zest.



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Incorporating Social Media into Digital Signage

Social media can easily be incorporated into digital signage. By integrating social media, customers can text and interact with digital signage in ways that can keep them interested and engaged. By building a follower base, businesses and organizations can begin to establish a relationship with their customer. Businesses can build a social media network, increase followers, and keep their audience informed about events. Social media has the ability to help bring together a community. With digital signage, customers can interact with the screen, obtain discounts, and make comments on products that were purchased. Social media increases interaction with the audience, and eventually can help build more revenue for your business.

Your business can build Facebook and Twitter followers by including social media icons on your digital signage display. Social media can also link people to photos, coupons, and other information which will interest the customer. Customers can use Pinterest to post photos, view helpful videos using YouTube, and read news stories on Facebook. Digital signage apps , which display social media content, are also available in UCView’s content store to further help engage the audience. The interaction between social media and digital signage can be very rewarding in the long run as it further ties the relationship between the customer and the organization.

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