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Vance-Granville Community College On UCView

Vance-Granville Community College is located in North Carolina. The large community college operates four main campuses, the Franklin County Campus, the Main Campus, the South Campus, and the Warren County Campus. Vance-Granville Community College has over forty different curriculum programs available which allow for students to work towards obtaining their certificate or degrees. The campus currently uses multiple digital signage displays on campus in order to communicate with their students and staff. Read the Vance-Granville Community College case study here.

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WRL Advertising On UCView

WRL Advertising is a full service agency that provides businesses, both large and small, with the latest in website design and programming, multimedia, broadcast, print, branding, traditional, and internet marketing and public relations services. WRL Advertising adheres to their mission statement and delivers optimal results with superior customer service. The advertising corporation has a base of over 100 clients in 12 states and the headquarters is located in Canton, Ohio. Just recently, the advertising corporation underwent a project to provide graphics and set up a large 90” digital signage monitor at the Akron-Canton Airport. Read the WRL Advertising case study here.

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Pepperdine University Digital Signage Case Study

Summary: Pepperdine University uses digital signage to communicate to students, staff, and visitors on campus.

Challenge: Pepperdine University wanted to install a digital signage system throughout their campus. However, administrators needed to determine if it would become a valuable asset for the campus. Originally the campus was using DVD players to communicate to people on campus; however, it was not very effective. Instead, in order to improve communication to thousands of students, staff, and visitors, a student group proposed a plan in which Pepperdine University would transition from static forms of advertisement (this includes the use of DVD players) to digital signage. It was a challenge making a big change and determining if digital signage would be a useful investment over the upcoming years. Read the entire case study here: Digital Signage Education Case Study

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Comox Valley Tourism Center Uses Digital Signage to Attract Tourists

The Comox Valley Economic Development Society developed a tourism center, which provides information on activities the valley offers. Comox Valley is located in the center of Vancouver Island and offers an ideal vacation spot for both locals and tourists. In order to inform tourists about the amazing outdoor adventures they may partake in, the local tourism center decided to install digital signage monitors which are triggered by motion. Once a tourist walks by a monitor, a sensor will trigger the monitor to start playing content on activities, such as hiking, skiing, and more. Read the case study on how digital signage is being used in the tourism center by clicking on Comox Valley case study.

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Pacific Trust Bank Deploys Digital Signage for Consumers

Pacific Trust Bank provides thousands of consumers with essential banking information. Support for their customers and the community is extremely important.  In order to further assist their customers, PacTrust Bank decided to utilize digital signage and deploy it for their customers located throughout Southern California. The digital signage displays were strongly favored by many consumers and are used on a daily basis to inform customers on their brand core values.

You may read the latest case study for Pacific Trust Bank by clicking on digital signage case study .

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WallyPark Uses GPS Motion Triggered Ads to Communicate to Travelers on the Shuttle

Digital Signage for Transportation.

WallyPark uses digital signage, which has GPS triggered ads, to communicate to travelers on a shuttle going to and from the airport.-

—“The digital signage display must run accurately and on time, without any issues. In such a busy environment, where many passengers couldn’t afford any delays, proof of performance was key for the success of the project.”—

Read the Case Study Here

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How A Global Flooring Giant Is Using Digital Signage To Drive Workforce Communications

corporate signage

Mohawk Industries, the world’s largest flooring supplier, is using UCView’s digital signage software platform to improve workforce communications and maximize uptime and efficiency on plant floors. Based on employee feedback and cost-savings, what started as a test is now being rolled out globally.

The global recession hit the commercial and residential building industry hard, and the world’s biggest flooring supplier was not immune to the slowdown in new building and renovation activity. Shrinking demand forced Mohawk Industries to reduce its workforce by roughly 20 percent, and the company saw morale start to slip as staff worried about their futures.
Corporate Digital Signage


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Twitter on UCView Digital Signage Store

content store digital signage

Let’s share something different today, which can be helpful for our digital signage users as well as new UCView customers. Today, this is a release for Twitter widget where the user can share his twitter account through the digital signage screen, to enhance audience experience.

Twitter Widget is an easy-to-use interface menu, through our digital signage platform. The widget allows you to share your twitts live while modifying the look color and animation of the widget. To use the new widget go to UCView store and click install on the widget and you are ready to go. Last but not least, using Twitter widget app is FREE DIGITAL SIGNAGE CONTENT provided by UCView.

Posted by Guy Avital on 06/22 at 01:04 PM
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Future of Digital Signage

The digital-signage industry is gaining steam at a phenomenal rate. This video we found gives you a sneek peak to the future of digital signage and interactivity that will affect our daily lives.

UCView at VARTECH Barcelona 2010

Digital Signage Europe

A team from UCView that included UCView CEO Guy Avital, VP Latin America ,Marcelo Teyer, joined a few hundred of our closest POS and Digital Signage VARs friends at VARTECH Barcelona 2010. The vibe was literally electric as the UCView team met with Solution Partners, current and potential digital signage providers and experts in the industry - all clamoring to learn about our company products.

UCView Team had a very busy booth at the show, held several lerning sessions and lectures with key partners, and enjoied an evening of fun and good food for with our partners. We had a great time with our partners and future relellers. Thank you for coming to see us at VARTECH Barcelona 2010

Dear Partners, Customers and New Friends from DSE 2010

Thank you for visiting us at the 2010 Digital Signage Expo.  We enjoyed all of the inspiring conversations, and the positive feedback we received regarding our products exceeded all our expectations. UCView Media had a very fruitful experience, and we will continue to champion digital signage solutions for our partners worldwide.

Our team is relentless in its pursuit of designing and developing a platform to suit our partners’ ever-growing needs.  We were very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response to some of the newest additions to our platform that we unveiled at DSE2010.  Some of the newest key additions to our products included:

• Global View, a feature providing a live snapshot of all your network’s displays
• EZ Board, an easy-to-use content creation tool
• GPS and audience measurement integration
• Touchscreen capability for interactive displays
• ViewEdge Digital Signage Server series
• World’s first interactive gas station pump top

We invite our guests from DSE2010 to experience the benefits of UCView Media first-hand.  Visit our website at and receive a free 30-day trial.  We look forward to all of your feedback on our software, and we encourage you to share this risk-free offer with your customers and partners.

Thank you again for your interest in our innovative digital signage products.  We will contact you soon to discuss how our solutions can cater to your specific needs.

Best regards,

Guy Avital
UCView Media Inc

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1080p Vs 1080i in digital signage

What is 1080p

1080p resolution which is 1920x1080 pixels is the latest HD state for the art resolution. Digital signage display supporting 1080p displays are capable of displaying every pixel of the highest resolution HD broadcasts. In reality, they offer more than twice the resolution of today’s 1280x720 or 720p. Companies refer to this kind of resolution as true or Ultra HD

1080p Vs 1080i

1080i, is the first generation of HDTV technology, this technology can actually display 1920x1080 resolution but the 1080i generate the images in an interlaced format, (now we know what is the “i” for “interlace”). In a the old technology Tube base or projection TV technology, mostly called CRT, using 1080i technology where the frame get drawn on the screen sequentially: the odd-numbered lines of resolution appear on your screen first, followed by the even-numbered lines all within 1/30 of a second. In 1080p (P refer for progressive such as 720p, and 1080p) all of the lines of resolution are drawn sequentially in a single pass, which makes a faster, cleaner image, especially with sports and other fast motion content, as opposed to CRT tubes display technology.

This rough animation compares progressive scan with interlace scan, also demonstrating the interline twitter effect associated with interlace. On the left are two progressive scan images. Center are two interlaced images. Right are two images with line doublers. Top are original resolution, bottom are with anti-aliasing

How much extra does a 1080p Display cost

Today the 1080p technology is getting cheaper fast. If you take a look at the product lines of Samsung and LG you can see that, on average, you can expect to pay about $500 extra for the progressive technology.

Why you should buy or not buy a 1080p display for Digital Signage

Obviously, the quality of the content you’re viewing is very important, but so are screen size and how far your audience from the display. Indeed, our digital signage guru, reports that the extra sharpness provided by the 1080p technology is noticeable only when watching 1080i content on a very large display. Comparing a 50-inch 1080p to a 50-inch 720i digital signage display, for example, you’ll be hard-pressed to notice more detail with 720i sources, especially from farther than 10 feet away. Even if you can see the difference, it will be much less obvious. In reality the performance of 1080p is not the extra sharpness you’ll be seeing, but rather, the smaller, more densely packed pixels.
If you are using 1080p for your digital signage player , you should be aware that you may not necessarily get to use all that extra resolution even if you have the right high-end graphics card. For instance, the Sharp set we tested allows you to max out at only 1,280x1024 resolutions.
If you’re thinking of deploying big digital signage signs like 60 inch or larger , the extra resolution may make it worth the difference as long as you have a high quality 1080p content to feed into the player

Get Creative With UCView

Here at UCView, we see the artist in you. What better way to discover your inner talent then to provide you with the tools necessary to develop your wonderful craft. So express yourself with Digital Signage. Yes it’s true that UCView is known for making your Digital Signage experience easier than ever. Our solution software and hardware allows you to effectively reach an audience with a digital display, digital content, and internet technology. Your business can arrange and schedule ads so that you can deliver only related content that meets the needs of your clients. But did you know that you also have that same control when it comes to customizing your display? Now it’s time to have a little fun. We introduce to you EZBoard, UCView’s most creative software yet. There’s nothing more impressive than delivering to an audience, pertinent information that’s packaged in an eye-popping, dazzling display. EZBoard allows you to configure your layout with incredible detail. For instance, you can create layers of fields, manipulating size and position to exhibit one or more ads. Use a variety of our font tools that allow you to select a particular font type, style, etc. You can also construct your own personal background or take advantage of our browser and upload images or even video. So whether you’re experimenting with colors that inspire, or using motion that captivates, EZBoard has what you need to create a successful display that reflects not only your message, but your imagination. So get colorful; get imaginative; get creative with UCView.

Mister Pukka is a senior writer at UCView. Pukka can be emailed at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Look What’s New With UCView!

Just when you thought the View Media 100 couldn’t get any better, it just did! You get the same high-quality, reliable service that you would expect from UCView products, only now the View Media 100 is new and improved to enhance your digital signage experience. Check out the new features!

  • Now comes wireless-ready (no adaptor needed)
  • Digital audio full HDMI
  • RS 232 to remotely control your monitor
  • SPDIF optical out

The ViewMedia 100 digital signage player is a commercial grade media player platform, offering high computing performance and graphic performance, great flexibility and tolerance that supports all standard media formats. The ViewMedia 100 is designed with long-term operation and stability in mind. It is designed to minimize the down-time and reduce TCO (Total cost of ownership). The ViewMedia 100 is a small profile, all-in-one Windows XPE ready, digital signage player. The digital signage player is equipped with an Intel Core Duo processor that gives it the power for HDTV decoding and multiple media content processing. This compact, easy-to-implement digital signage player enables centralized control, scheduling and delivery of multimedia content through UCView digital signage solution. The player support options such as Wi-Fi and Cellular wireless connectivity. A TV-tuner option is also available for integrating the TV function into the signage application.

The View Media 100 is just another example of UCView’s continued commitment to new technology and quality product which makes us the true leader in the digital signage industry. Call us today.

Mister Pukka is a senior writer at UCView. Pukka can be emailed at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Hide-Go-SeeK With Digital Signage?

imageNowadays the question is: where is there not a digital signage display near you? There was a time when one would roam aimlessly, navigating through the day with limited information to rely on without a television or a computer to travel with – but those days are over. Now it seems everywhere you go, information is there waiting at every stop; information that the public, not only has come to trust, but now depend on. Instead of searching the earth or going out of your way to find what you need to know, or having to wait until you go into work, chances are you will notice digital signage during your travels or at your very next stop. No longer are people just pleasantly surprised when they look up and view information conveniently delivered to them – they now expect it!

Now we depend on getting the weather forecast while at the corner service station pumping gas; or when we’re on our way to the corner market, wanting to check on our stock options; or even when we’re at the bakery touching up a lightly toasted bagel with a little butter or cream cheese, counting on just a few moments of live television before heading into work.

Whether at a business needing directions to the training room, or at a football game where there’s more information regarding season tickets. Around every corner, at many places we stop – someone also invited digital signage. And like an old friend, what you view will be pleasant, inviting, comfortable, and might even put a smile on your face.

Digital signage has landed, and is more prominent than ever before. Digital displays are popping up at record-pace. This growing media has not only become apart of our landscape, but also apart of our lives.

So you can run, but you can no longer hide from UCView and digital signage

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