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Powerful 12 Port Digital Signage Player Supports Up to 18 Screens

by Christine

Posted on 10/09 at 04:04 PM

UCView showcased its 12-port video wall digital signage player which can be configured to support up to a massive 18 screens. This powerful and robust player is built with cutting-edge components which will provide the 12-port video wall player with superior and long-life performance. This customized high-performance unit includes an i7 Quad-Core Processor, 8GB RAM, and 120GB Solid State Drive with multiple 3.0 USB ports.

Due to its nature in drawing attention from a mass audience, video walls of this stature are often placed in high traffic zones. The video wall unit is pre-embedded with UCView’s digital signage software. The highly simplified software is customizable, versatile, and allows for operators to display exactly what they need all from a remote location.


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Digital Signage Goes Far in Amusement Parks

by Christine

Posted on 09/30 at 11:41 AM

Digital signage has been successfully implemented in many industries, including amusement parks.  Between the many fun rides, theaters, retails stores, eateries, and advertisements that occur within theme/amusement parks, there are numerous possibilities for communication. Patrons are likely exposed to hundreds of signs throughout their stay at a theme park, water park, or family entertainment center, which makes digital signage a great solution to utilize for all day communication.

Digital signage offers seamless flexibility that enables for it to be used within all areas of the park. Digital signage screens and interactive kiosks can be customized to reflect the theme of the park, delivering the right look and logo throughout all displays. How do you manage digital signage in locations as big as a park? It’s actually very simple. A few staff members can remotely monitor digital signage in all locations or the tasks can even be divided among multiple users. Having an organized system in place allows for much needed messages to be deployed at the right place and at the right time.

Digital signage is a dynamic and engaging communication tool that could be used within all aspects of park signage. Below are just a few benefits of utilizing digital signage:

  • Digital signage kiosks can be displayed at ticket booths for quick and easy purchase and registration. These kiosks can also display information about park hours of operations, eateries that are available, event schedules, welcoming and closing notifications, and much more.
  • Public safety notices in regards to poor weather conditions and other emergency notifications can quickly be sent out though out the entire park or even in designated areas.
  • Individually customized screens can offer detailed information about a specific exhibit or even provide instructions for patrons waiting in line.
  • Wayfinding kiosks can be displayed throughout the theme park, offering a self-service source for patrons. These full-scale 2D or 3D maps can be color-coded, include icons, and a “You are here” locator to guide patrons to the right direction.
  • Retail stores can drive their brand image and advertise their top-selling items within high traffic zones. Digital signage screens can be implemented inside or outside stores, offering interactivity that wouldn’t be possible with printed signs. Interactive displays can deliver product information, social media feeds, and QR codes for product discounts.
  • Eateries and restaurants within the park can utilize digital menu boards. Digital menu boards are simple to manage and with dayparting, employees can offer time-appropriate menu items based on the time of the day.
  • Dayparting enables for employees to schedule various menu items and content to display automatically throughout the day or week based on their preference.
  • Transportation systems within the park can utilize digital signage directly inside of shuttles or at transportation stations. GPS-triggered ads can inform patrons once they arrived at their designated spot. Transportation systems can also provide entertainment and basic information related to the park.
  • Resorts can utilize digital signage by offering a quick and simple registration process for guests. Digital signage screens can utilize digital signage dayparting. Hotel and resorts can display complimentary meals offered throughout the day, swimming pool hours of operation, and basic resort information. Wayfinding kiosks can also be installed to direct guests to their room, the main lobby, spa, gym, and much more.
  • Movie theaters and plays can utilize digital signage by offering patrons information on ticket pricing, start time, available meal options, and dress code and policy regulations.




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Clever Dog Campaign Delivers a Simple, Yet Powerful Message

by Christine

Posted on 09/22 at 10:46 AM

A creative and innovative concept, which was implemented throughout digital signage screens, recently took place at a mall in East London. This clever ad displayed an on-screen dog which would follow passersby from screen to screen. This campaign was deployed by a local animal shelter who wanted to raise awareness on the need to rehome dogs. This emotionally-engaging campaign, which is targeted towards people of all ages, is a great way to grab attention from those who may or may not have thought about adopting a dog from a local shelter. People who were visiting the Westfield Stratford City mall were given specially-made fliers which contained an RFID tag by volunteers of the animal shelter. Those with the flier would activate Barley, a former shelter dog, to display on each screen they neared and also playfully interact with them. This ingenious campaign does a great job of tugging at people’s heartstrings in the hopes of encouraging more people to rescue dogs.


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Digital Signage Drives the Need To Learn in Schools

by Christine

Posted on 09/18 at 11:57 AM

As the start of the school year begins – teachers and staff are clamoring to find a better communication system which will fit the needs of their students. Digital signage is increasingly growing in use within the school system. It is not only very eye-catching, but it greatly helps communicate much needed messages to students throughout campus grounds.

One major need for digital signage in schools are emergency alerts. More schools and college campuses are using mobile phones to deliver emergency alerts via text or email. Digital signage complements this by delivering much needed information to students and staff who may not have access to their phone or email. In addition, UCView’s software has the additional benefit of implementing CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) alerts to increase the likelihood of recipients receiving those alerts.

Digital signage is also much more effective in delivering information in an organized and efficient manner. Bulletin boards and posters are a waste of paper, take up too much space, and often display outdated information. Digital signage not only looks more visually appealing, but it helps remove that clutter by electronically delivering the same exact information in controlled display(s). These screens can even be easily managed by a few staff members with little to no technical experience.

  According to Pew Research Center (2013) “How Teachers are Using Technology At Home and in Their Classrooms,” 45% of teachers that were surveyed reported using e-readers and 43% use tablet computers in the classrooms to complete assignments. Teachers are increasingly using technology to interact with students in the classroom. Digital signage can greatly enhance the learning environment by broadcasting independent messages throughout each classroom. Teachers can even customize their screen to deliver instructions and display relevant videos for the day.

Digital signage acts as a marketing tool which helps promote the school’s culture and mantra. Something as simple as implementing more digital screens around campus can greatly help set one school apart from another. As students grow up in a digital age, it’s essential that schools keep up-to-date by utilizing technology which students are familiar with - this simple-to-use tool does that by helping enrich the school environment and increase the drive to learn.

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How Digital Signage Can Help Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Alex

Posted on 09/09 at 10:25 AM

Digital signage has come a long way from VCRs and closed circuit TVs populating 1970s storefronts.In 2015, the digital signage industry is growing at a rapid pace of 8.18% annually and is expected to reach $23 billion by the year 2020. A large variety of industries, with businesses big and small, are utilizing digital signage for advertising, internal communication, brand building, and creating unique interactive environments.

Interactive kiosks and menu boards are some of the most popular ways businesses are utilizing digital signage technologies in today’s world. The infographic below outlines just some of the benefits digital signage brings to retail and restaurant industries, as well as the effect it has on customers in general.

Infographic About Benefits of Digital Signage

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UCView Deploys Digital Signage with Built-in Proximity Sensor to Increase Interactivity

by Christine

Posted on 09/08 at 11:28 AM

Digital signage can be found everywhere, from a massive video wall solution installed within a casino to a wayfinding kiosk located in a building of a university campus. In addition to increased digital signage use, the need to combine digital signage with interactivity has been immensely growing in popularity over the years. Smart sensors built into digital signage is helping increase consumer engagement as well as boost sales.

UCView recently implemented a digital signage unit, powered by Raspberry Pi, which contains a built-in proximity sensor.  A proximity sensor is able to detect the presence of those who are nearby without any physical contact. For instance, an ATM screen with a built-in proximity sensor can automatically trigger a playlist of ads for display whenever it senses an approaching patron. Once the patron steps away from the screen, the ATM will revert back to displaying previous content.  This solution helps deliver personalized content to passersby at the right time, therefore, enhancing the relationship between the business and the consumer.

Proximity detection has a variety of unique uses in digital signage. In certain circumstances it can replace some touch functionality; the user would not have the need to touch the screen to navigate to a particular option. Paired with voice over technologies, proximity sensors can be used to help the visually impaired navigate through touch screen interfaces. When used in a contextually relevant environment, proximity sensors can provide passersby with relevant information. The use of proximity sensors are extremely beneficial for patrons as it not only enhances the consumer experience, but it boosts their attention, awareness, and overall satisfaction.



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Visual Analytics Improves The Customer Experience

by Christine

Posted on 09/03 at 12:15 PM

Companies often use analytics to improve their customer experience. When people engage with kiosks and digital signage, their interactions are helping personalize the experience while also increasing ROI within an organization. In addition to improved customer interaction with digital signage, the user’s privacy is always protected.

When people are near a screen, a camera inserted inside of the signage can collect the presence of users and anonymously detect demographic information in order to deliver more relevant messages targeted towards a specific population. The privacy of users are protected by providing statistics as a group – the information of each individual is not saved. The statistics pooled from this group helps advertise specific information targeted towards a particular population.

  In addition to gathering the number of visitors that engage with the screen, a face recognition software is able to detect presence of those who approach the screen. This will not only personalize the experience, but increase its value as well as the sales of products and services shown via digital signage.

Visual analytics allow for companies to determine what ads work best for customer engagement. From the use of visual analytics, customers can also learn what ads were not viewed or displayed on screen during the time it’s operating. The consistent measurement of ads which target specific customers results in an overall better customer experience.


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Digital Signage Is Essential for Healthcare

by Christine

Posted on 08/25 at 02:49 PM

Hospitals can be a hectic environment and digital signage serves as an aid in effectively informing and educating visitors, patients, and staff. Efficient communication in real-time can greatly alleviate a highly stressful environment.

  Helps Keep Personnel Up to Date

Keeping up to date with the news can be very challenging for those who work at the hospital. There may not even be time for personnel to engage with coworkers. In this case, digital signage serves as a crucial method of informing staff members about upcoming events, meetings, room schedules and more. Digital signage can also include rules and regulations that everyone needs to follow. Even just a quick scan of the displays can give staff all the information they need.

Provides an Effective Emergency Messaging

Hospitals can hold up to thousands of individuals so it’s essential that there is an effective emergency system in place. More and more healthcare serves as an effective tool for integrating digital signage as an effective CAP (common alerting protocol) alert. CAP alert triggers a variety of public warning systems which will increase the chances of the recipient receiving the alerts. It includes content, such as streaming video or images and can geographically target a specific population. The alerts can also assist those who are hearing or visually impaired.

Helps Alleviate Wait Time

Waiting rooms can be very boring for patients. Digital signage can provide informative content, such as health care tips, or display fun trivia questions to help educate patients. These displays can carry a wide variety of health and wellness information which can be modified for each department.

Helps Direct People

Hospitals and health care centers are often maze-like and confusing for first-time visitors. One of the most essential uses of digital signage is for wayfinding or directional signage. Digital signage can help visitors and patients find just where they need to go quickly and with ease.

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Digital Signage Benefits Internal Communication

by Christine

Posted on 08/19 at 02:34 PM

Keeping employees connected is just as essential as enhancing the customer experience. In addition to internal communication, digital signage is very beneficial for the workplace as it could be used as a tool to boost productivity and build motivation.

Digital signage for internal communication can be used in the following methods:

  • Display tasks and project updates
  • Implement screens for specific departments
  • Encourage motivation in the workplace by displaying messages
  • Display live weather or news feed
  • Utilize screens for training purposes
  • Entertain employees with live TV during break time
  • Display meeting reminders for specific departments

How To Get The Most Effective Digital Signage Software For Internal Communication

Is the software cloud-based? This is a more practical solution for multiple departments and users who want to display content for their employees. Anyone who has Internet access will be able to login to the interface from any location.

Digital signage creation tool should be extremely intuitive? The interface should be simple enough to use for any individual. If your content is being divided among multiple departments and users, it’s essential that all departments are simply able to edit, create, and deliver content.

It’s also essential that the interface contains permission settings which will allow for certain users to preview content and permit for it to be published to a wide audience.

Does the interface allow for playlist creation? Could a user schedule content to be deployed on a specific time and date? The web-based interface should be very simple to manage. Each department or user should be able to create multiple playlists which can be scheduled for a particular time.

Investing in digital signage is extremely worthwhile, providing an enriching experience for your employees.

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Millennials: The Age of Digital Connection

by Christine

Posted on 08/14 at 01:58 PM

The millennial generation is the first demographic to be born into a new era of technology (Internet, mobile phones, etc). According to Nielsen (2014) “Millennials: Technology=Social Connection,” approximately 77 million individuals who live in the U.S. are part of the millennial generation. This makes up roughly 24 percent of the country’s population. Due to their exposure to technology at an early age, the majority of millennials (74%) believe that technology makes their lives easier as well as helping them build a better connection with friends and family. As Millennials age, they will make up approximately a third of those spend money in retail settings.

Millennials are quick at adapting to change and need constant stimulation in order to pay attention. Digital signage has done a fine job at evolving to accommodate changes based on the population interests. More and more companies are even adopting digital signage to keep up to date with a digital-based generation. In turn, many top retail settings have changed the way they engage with customers and are incorporating interactive kiosks to help produce sales. For instance, digital signage can be used to display social media news feeds, customer product reviews, and can even provide a list of products sold in store that will match each individual’s need. Digital signage companies help provide the tools in which businesses can run multiple campaigns that feature videos, messages, user interaction, and more, yet still convey the overall company theme and message in each ad.  Digital signage benefited even more with the introduction of smart phones, allowing for users to interact with digital signage on a more personal level. Consumers can interact with social media in stores. For instance, consumers can upload photos featuring their purchase and then hashtag the name of the campaign. Businesses can use digital signage to their advantage by actually focusing on the interests of their target population.

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