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The Merage Jewish Community Center Displays Digital Donor Recognition Wall

by Christine

Posted on 03/03 at 10:47 AM

UCView digital signage recently started work with the Merage Jewish Community Center. The Merage Jewish Community Center, which opened in 2004, offers a wide variety of activities geared towards individuals of all ages. This extraordinary and spacious facility offers programs and services such as a top-notch health and fitness complex, licensed preschool and toddler care, Teen Lounge, gymnasium, Jr. Olympic swimming pool, senior center, adult education rooms, a professional theater and auditorium with banquet facilities, Kosher café and the new Holocaust Education Center and Memorial Garden. In order to commemorate those who helped expand the facility, the community center decided to display a digital donor recognition wall, powered by UCView digital signage software, which can be viewed by the many members and visitors who walk through their doors. Read the case study for more details.

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Benefits of Digital Signage Over Static Signs

by Alex

Posted on 03/02 at 01:38 PM

Whether you run a restaurant, a hotel, own a small boutique clothing store or are a leading retailer, the shift towards digital signage in the last few years will be impacting the way you engage your patrons. From digital menu boards to high quality interactive kiosks, digital signage is taking over static signs by providing a wide range of benefits that simply can not be matched. Here are some of the reasons digital signage is a better choice than traditional static signs:

Change Content On The Fly

With a static sign, if you create an ad and have it printed, you are stuck with it. With digital signage software, however, you can make as many changes as you want to any aspect of your ad instantly.You have complete control over the visual design elements as well as the informational content. As soon as you make updates, the digital signage players broadcast the new information to the displays and you have a new ad.

You longer have to pay to have an ad printed over and over and you have the ability to split test your ad quickly and efficiently. If you have two different calls to action, for example, you can have one display part of the time your business is open and switch over to the other CTA for the remaining part of the day and measure the results. This gives you tremendous efficiency when it comes to testing customer responsiveness to particular offers.


The Power of Dayparting

Another benefit that has businesses searching for a digital signage solution every day is the fact that ad information can be rotated or changed automatically, according to the schedule you set. Imagine you are a restaurant owner:

With digital signage menu boards, you could have your breakfast menu displayed until 12 pm when it would instantly change to your lunch menu, every day.

Or, perhaps you have special Happy Hour offerings every Thursday after 6pm. Forget about rewriting and changing the old chalkboards - digital signage software can rotate your menus based on:

  • Location
  • Time of day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year

This same concept can be applied to other displays as well. In fact, some companies are using signs to change with the weather. Own a boutique shoe store? Have your digital signage software display different ads based on the weather: show rain boots when it’s raining or sandals when it’s hot and sunny outside.


Your patrons will absorb information easier

Perhaps the most important benefit that digital signage has over static signs is that it makes it easier for your prospective customers to absorb and retain information, which is the entire point of an ad. Recent study found that 70 percent of Americans recall seeing a digital signage display in the past month. And of that 70 percent,47 percent recall seeing a specific ad. That’s a nearly 50 percent retention rate.Not bad for a glanced based advertising medium.



Another study logged impression rate (how many times viewers saw a particular advertisement) for both static and digital signs in multiple restaurants. Impression rate for static signs peaked on the first day but tapered off for the remainder of the study.Digital signs, however, kept a steady impression rate throughout the study averaging almost as many impressions per day as static signs generated at their peak.

With static signs, you have to limit yourself to short ad copy because no one is going to spend 10 minutes trying to read the small print on a poster. With digital signage you can display video content, play audio, have customers interact with the screen and have the freedom to construct your ads in unique, engaging ways.

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UCView Perpetual License vs. Annual Server Subscription

by Christine

Posted on 02/24 at 12:40 PM

In keeping with the philosophy of giving the customer as much flexibility as we can, UCView is pleased to announce our new server licensing options. We understand that every business is different and one glove does not fit all when it comes to setting up a digital signage network. We are giving our customers the option to purchase our servers and software outright or sign up for an annual server subscription option.

  Perpetual License: Perpetual licenses allow for a customer to make a one-time payment for the digital signage server and use the licensed software indefinitely with yearly support. On the date of purchase, customers are also entitled to one full year of annual updates and free technical support. After the one year period ends, customers can choose to remain with the last version downloaded without technical support or purchase a one year Updates & Support package.

Annual Subscription: An annual server subscription allows the customer to pay an annual server subscription fee and use the licensed software for one full year. On the date of purchase, customers are also entitled to updates and free technical support. However, once the year ends, the software will no longer function unless a new subscription is purchased.

Benefits of Renewing Annual Updates & Support:

  • Regular software updates ensure that your digital signage software adapts to changing IT environment requirements. Furthermore, helpdesk support provides quick access to assistance if problems arise. Technical support is available online via chat, by phone, or by filling out a technical support ticket.
  • With the support agreement, you will be able to benefit from development work provided by the UCView Research & Development team. The R&D team continuously works to improve the overall performance and functionality of the software.
  • Throughout the year, customers will receive access to UCView’s growing digital signage app store. Our aggregated collection of content provides up to the minute information from various resources.

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5 Creative Ways Digital Signage Is Being Used

by Alex

Posted on 02/22 at 12:05 PM

Digital signage allows companies to go beyond simply creating digital versions of the same static signs they used to have. With powerful digital signage software, interactivity and creativity can synergize together to create a truly unique ad experience for the viewer. Here are 5 examples of creative ways companies use digital signage for marketing to get your creative juices flowing:


T-Mobile’s Angry Birds Campaign


In Barcelona T-Mobile created an ad that featured their phone and a copy of the Angry Birds app that allowed people to play the app on the phone and it was displayed on a giant digital signage board. The sign design was made in a way that when the bird went to the edge of the screen, a live action bird was launched at a replica game level in real life.

Battersea’s #LookingForYou Campaign


Battersea carried out an ad campaign with the some magic from digital signage to help spread animal shelter awareness.  Multiple digital screens were placed throughout London’s shopping center and shoppers received special leaflets with a secret GPS chipped placed inside. The chip triggered the display of an adorable digital pooch that followed shoppers from screen to screen..


East Coast Jewelry’s Mother’s Day Love Note

East Coast Jewelry used digital signage software to display custom messages on Mother’s day taken directly from submitted visitor quotes on their website. The sign design was broadcast over a busy interstate in Florida for all travelers to see.

McDonald’s Kings Road Campaign

A McDonald’s ad was created for the company that had on-screen objects in their digital menu boards bounce around a large digital signage display on a busy street. Users were then instructed to try and take a picture as the items flashed and bounced around. Anyone able to snap a picture was given that item from the McDonald’s menu for free.

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Digital Signage Video Drives Viewer Engagement

by Christine

Posted on 02/18 at 03:16 PM

digital signage video

Viewership is increasingly evolving as more and more people are paying attention to digital video platforms. This growth in viewership will help enhance the effectiveness of your campaign and influence your brand image.

According to a Nielsen’s report, it was revealed that TV fell by almost 10% whereas, the time spent on YouTube increased to 44% from December 2013 to December 2014. At this time, You Tube also increased in viewership more so than any other video platform (Case Study: The Evolution of Digital Video Viewership, 2015).

This study shows that digital signage video is essential in elevating your brand name and reaching a wide audience. In addition to an increase in digital signage video, it’s also vital that such content is relevant to your target audience. Visual communication is necessary to improve the overall experience for your customers and employees; however, it also needs to be consistent as well.  You definitely wouldn’t want to overwhelm your audience and confuse them with too much information. In this case, digital signage helps organize and control what content is shown to your customers. In addition, digital signage videos increase retention and understanding among customers. Think about it. The majority of viewers spend only seconds viewing signage content. A 30-second video clip relevant to the product you are trying to sell is much easier to retain than just simple text on a screen.

Incorporating more videos into your digital signage layouts is a no brainer. They leave a lasting impression and are more eye-catching than other forms of content.


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The Importance of Keeping Content Up to Date

by Christine

Posted on 02/12 at 02:54 PM

Many network managers are intimidated when it comes to designing content for digital signage. Keeping content up to date seems like a difficult task, especially when he/she has other duties to keep up with throughout the day.

It mainly comes down to having the finances and time to create content. Many network managers underestimate how much work would go into creating content for digital signage. Does your company have the resources to hire a person in-house? If so, can they provide the appropriate content? As many already know, having the same content displayed over and over again is extremely ineffective for sales.

  In many large organizations, there is often a team of people who create content which is then forwarded over to an administrator for review. Having a team of people working on content rather than just one person can help spread the cost and workload across multiple departments. Large organizations also often have a creative team, such as graphic designers and photographers, who already are experienced in the field and can create content on the fly.

Much smaller companies may opt to outsource their content to a designer. Outsourcing has become more affordable and some may even offer a subscription basis which allows for content to be produced on a regular basis.

Realizing that content creation may be a challenge; digital signage software has evolved to be more intuitive for the end-user, making it easier to generate content. Many digital signage companies offer content creation services for a low cost and/or have a digital signage app store which customers can access through their user-interface. These apps are great to use for a variety of industries and are clean, professional, and ready to use within an instant.

Content design does not have to be a challenge. There are many resources which even beginners can use to keep their digital signage content fresh and eye-catching for their target audience.

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UCView Introduces the SignEdge MultiView 4 Player

by Christine

Posted on 02/05 at 11:47 AM

The all-in-one SignEdge MultiView 4 player is specifically designed to flawlessly run multiple screens. With an Intel Core i5-5200U Processor, this powerful computing device is able to run a video wall with a maximum four screens. This unit is ideal for restaurateurs who would like to display digital menu boards at their establishment. This small-form factor player also gives the user the flexibility of deciding between a Windows 7 POS embedded or Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. This system also has a built-in 8GB memory which can be increased to 16GBs. Display stunning visual content throughout multiple screens using the dynamic SignEdge MultiView 4.

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UCView Introduces Recently Published Feature

by Christine

Posted on 01/19 at 01:19 PM

UCView introduced the Recently Published module to its digital signage software. This intuitive feature provides a list of players that were recently published within the last 12 hours. Once an operator saves their content and selects the Publish Content Changes button, he/she will be able to monitor recent players by accessing the Recently Published module. In this feature, operators can view a preview of their display, access the playlist it’s running in, and view the player name, location name, as well as the time and date it was last scheduled. This simple feature is a great way to oversee or make modifications to content that has been published for your target audience.



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UCView Feature Simplifies Date and Time Scheduling for Multiple Ads

by Christine

Posted on 01/08 at 01:39 PM

UCView recently introduced new icons to the Campaigns and Ads module which enables for you to schedule times and dates for multiple ads at once. You can select running ads within your campaign and then click on the calendar icon with the plus symbol to quickly schedule the date and time for all selected ads. The ads can play once per day or throughout a specified time range. You can also swiftly reset the dates and times for each ad by selecting the calendar icon with the X symbol. This feature helps create an optimal digital signage experience for the user as he/she no longer has to arrange the date and time for each ad. Instead, users can breeze by the ad creation process and quickly communicate their intended messages to targeted customers at the right date and time.

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Happy New Year from the UCView Team

by Christine

Posted on 12/30 at 12:29 PM

We would like to take the time to thank all of our valued customers and partners for helping make 2015 a successful year. As a U.S. based company providing digital signage services throughout the globe, UCView strived to provide seamless software which would be simple-to-use, customizable, and cost-effective for every one of our users. UCView’s innovative digital signage platform was created with our customers in mind and thanks to all your positive feedback and support we were successful in fulfilling that goal. As 2016 soon approaches, we are looking forward to expanding our technology and perfecting our digital signage software based on the requests of our users. Thank you again for making 2015 a success. We wish you and your family a happy and safe new year!

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