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Video Wall Helps Boost Customers’ Interest

The video wall with five screens, displayed at Terrible’s convenience store, is a great way to help boost sales and pique customers’ interest. Customers walking into the store or browsing for products can easily view product promotions and discounts on the video wall. This not only helps boost sales, but is more eye-catching and beneficial compared to using posters as a form of communication. Customers waiting in a long line can also be entertained by watching videos on screen. The screens are stretched across the wall of the convenience store, making it difficult for customers to miss. As shown in this video, the first three screens and the last screen display connected video content; whereas, the fourth screen displays advertisements. This just shows you how advanced and innovative dynamic signage really is compared to other forms of communication.

Posted by Christine on 06/24 at 03:05 PM

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Digital Signage is the Most Effective Form of Communication

It’s evident that digital signage is replacing traditional forms of media across a variety of markets. How many times have you walked by a store and noticed an outdated poster. Although digital signage may cost money to set up, having the ability to design, upload, and release ads with just a click of a button is extremely worthwhile in the long run. Imagine the amount of time you would have to devote to labor, printing, and shipping to receive static forms of advertisements, such as posters. These posters will need to be delivered at a particular date in order to for its message to be current. This can be a huge disadvantage, especially if you have to deliver the same posters to multiple locations. This doesn’t even include the possibility of a marketing error or misprint.

Static forms of media are also not as attractive as digital signage. As more people grow up in the digital age, there is crucial need to attract more attention. A poster is not as eye-catching as it used to be. As attention spans decrease, dynamic content has become one of the most effective forms of advertisement. People are attracted to content that’s in motion. Many potential consumers may be intimated by digital signage or feel like it costs too much, but the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. With a highly qualified team ready to assist you from the beginning to the end, there is no need to feel overwhelmed.

Digital signage monitors can be placed virtually anywhere and it saves a lot of time and money. You will have the ability to create layouts, upload ads, and schedule those ads for release within minutes. As you can simply modify multiple screens from one central location, the days of making a marketing error is no longer a cause for concern. In time, this will save your company a large amount of money. Your marketing messages will be much more effective as it will look attractive and offer up-to-the-minute information. As you can monitor displays from one central location, the network operator can ensure that the right messages are being displayed for each location at its scheduled time. No matter how small or large your company is, dynamic forms of advertisements will give you an edge over your competitors in the same market. It’s time to remove traditional forms of media and make way for digital signage.


Posted by Christine on 06/20 at 11:27 AM

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How to Create an Ad Video Tutorial

Learn how to create an ad by watching the Create an Ad video tutorial. UCView allows you to distribute different types of content (such as advertisements, public service announcements, promotions, viewer instructions, news, etc.) in different areas of your layout across one or more locations. This how-to video offers step-by-step instructions on how to create your first ad and release it for your audience.

Posted by Christine on 06/12 at 02:24 PM

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Watch the Locations & Players Video Tutorial

Check out UCView’s Locations & Players video tutorial. The Locations and Players module allows for you to create a location, register, and manage your digital signage players. This feature enables for you to effectively view the health status of your players, ensuring that your system runs well all day, every day. UCView’s video tutorial guides you through the steps necessary to help you create your first location and add a player.

Posted by Christine on 06/06 at 10:48 AM

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How to Create a Campaign

Learn how to quickly create a campaign for your digital signage display with our new video tutorial. A campaign is a library of content that plays on your signage and defines the displays the content will play on. UCView allows for you to create and manage an unlimited number of campaigns running on one or more players. Creating a campaign is necessary to do before creating your first ad. This video will guide you through the crucial steps needed to flawlessly set up your first campaign.

Posted by Christine on 05/28 at 10:14 AM

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Phoenix Zoo On UCView

The Phoenix Zoo, which was built in 1962, offers a world-class educational experience for people of all ages. The zoo is one of the largest private, non-profit organizations in the United States. With over 1,400 animals, 30 of which are endangered or threatened, the zoo provides the utmost care for each creature that enters through their doors. To keep up with their high volume of visitors, digital signage is currently displayed at the zoo. With its updated information, visitors can gain information on upcoming events, memberships, and more. The Phoenix zoo hosts multiple events and offers an educational, yet fun experience for all.

Posted by Christine on 05/09 at 02:56 PM

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UCView Introduction Video

UCView introduces you to the many innovative and simple to use features you can acquire by using our software. Learn more about RSS feeds, our amazing collection of apps, quick layout design, instant scheduling of ads, and much more. See for yourself how UCView can make the most out of your digital signage network.

Posted by Christine on 04/30 at 02:39 PM

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ScreenFeed Media RSS Offers Captivating Videos

ScreenFeed Media RSS offers a wide collection of ready-made digital signage content which can be used to entertain and inform your audience. ScreenFeed provides captivating stories featuring the world of news, sports, and entertainment. By using the RSS URL provided by ScreenFeed, you may display a selection of videos for your target audience. This digital signage app is great to display in the student lounge area, in the employee break room, in the lobby of a hotel, or elsewhere. ScreenFeed Media RSS is a great way to draw the attention of viewers of all ages.


Posted by Christine on 04/21 at 10:59 AM

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UCView Introduces the View Media 4K

UCView just launched the View Media 4K which offers the world’s highest picture resolution available. The VM 4K display resolution is four times higher than 1080p, which ensures stunning clarity and smooth appearance. Stop viewers in their tracks by displaying superior quality videos and eye-catching images which are fit for a variety of applications. The View Media 4K offers high computing and top speed performance. The digital signage unit is compatible with multiple operating systems, such as Linux, Windows 7, and Windows 8. The expertly designed digital signage player also comes packed with a 2.5 GHz Intel CPU, 60GB solid state drive, and USB 3.0 ports. It’s simple to use, dependable, and fast, offering an exceptional communication experience for your target audience.

Posted by Christine on 04/18 at 11:19 AM

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Arthur’s Supper Club On UCView

Arthur’s Supper Club offers premium American steak and seafood for customers of all ages. With affordable prices, the restaurant provides a casual, yet enjoyable environment for their patrons. The restaurant frequently hosts live music to entertain their guests throughout the night. To help keep up with their busy atmosphere, digital signage is currently displayed at the restaurant which offers delectable menu options at low prices. Arthur’s Supper Club provides exceptional service and a memorable fine-dining experience for their patrons.

Posted by Christine on 04/11 at 11:47 AM

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