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Dynamic Content: An Effective Marketing Tool

Dynamic content is compelling for many reasons, not only can you upload multiple media content, but high-quality displays can make your images or videos look so real it seems to jump off the screen. With digital signage, marketing strategies can be taken to a whole new level. Such marketing strategies can be found in places such as restaurants . How often have you walked in intending to purchase a particular meal, but eventually get thrown off by the images or videos playing on the digital signage display , either you end up changing your mind about your original purchase and go with something that looks more enticing, or you end up purchasing more than expected. An image of golden-brown French fries or a double scooped ice cream melting off the cone can influence a customer’s decision.

The same type of appeal can be difficult to achieve using static forms of images. Even though visuals are the main focus, static images tend to not be as effective because you are limited with what you can display. You can also not display the crisp and high-quality image you can get using dynamic signage. If you are involved in the food establishment, an additional benefit in using digital signage is that people tend to wait in a line for their food. Including videos and images on your digital menu board can be a very effective marketing method, even if it’s there for several seconds. Whether it’s a retail store or restaurant, how you reach your audience can impact your business. Using digital signage marketing strategies are important for focusing the information you need to the right individuals.

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Naked Pizza On UCView

Naked Pizza is all about being natural and providing whole food ingredients that are healthier for you. These mouthwatering pizzas have fewer calories than its competitors and they provide you with the option to custom-build your own pizza. Using simple and natural ingredients, this restaurant proves that a tasty pizza does not necessarily have to be unhealthy. The specially prepared dough mix promotes digestive health, bone health, weight management, and can even be suitable for a diabetic diet. The pizza shop provides numerous delectable toppings from the classic pepperoni to Mediterranean-style feta cheese. Naked Pizza is so popular that it’s found all over the United States and even in international countries. The pizza shop promotes their superior ingredients and handcrafted pizzas using digital signage displays throughout their multiple locations. The successful and widely popular pizza shop has a small business vibe, providing healthy choices and optimal customer service at a low price.


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How to Install Preview Client

Do you want to be able to preview your content before it reaches your audience? Preview client is a great tool which allows for you to view your content before it’s made public. You can also use this feature to make sure your content is accurately coordinated with your playlist. Preview Client can be downloaded using the client installer located in your interface. Click Preview Client to learn how to install this feature.

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WRL Advertising On UCView

WRL Advertising is a full service agency that provides businesses, both large and small, with the latest in website design and programming, multimedia, broadcast, print, branding, traditional, and internet marketing and public relations services. WRL Advertising adheres to their mission statement and delivers optimal results with superior customer service. The advertising corporation has a base of over 100 clients in 12 states and the headquarters is located in Canton, Ohio. Just recently, the advertising corporation underwent a project to provide graphics and set up a large 90” digital signage monitor at the Akron-Canton Airport. Read the WRL Advertising case study here.

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Share Data Using the CSV File Folder Content

CSV file reader is an innovative content app which allows for you to grab data from a CSV file and display it on your screen. For instance, you can take any data you have from a local folder or DropBox and then customize the content for your audience. Change the color of the background, the text size, the header color, the text color, the scroll delay interval, the number of display lines, and more. The CSV file folder is great to use for a presentation within a corporate office . Educational institutions can even use it to list the name of students who made it on the Dean’s list. Spice up your data sheets and post it for your audience using CSV file folder digital signage content.

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NBC News Images Provides Stunning Visual Content

Visuals with a short and simple message can go a long way in reaching your targeted audience. NBC News is a popular American broadcast network which provides up to the minute news stories. This free digital signage content enables for you to select from different categories, such as Today News, Today Entertainment, Today Health, Today Money, Today Pets, Today Moms, Today Style, or even Kathie and Hoda. Communicate with your audience using a slideshow of news images from a reputable source.

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Watch the Introduction Video for the ARM Caster HD

The ARM Caster HD is one of the smallest digital signage players you will ever see available on the market. This micro-sized player is simple to install and operate.  It enables for you to display high definition video and create content on the fly. This simple device is great to use for educational institutions, digital menu boards, and for corporate communication. The ARM Caster HD is a small device with big solutions for your digital signage network.

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German Translation Available for UCView Portal

Along with English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian, UCView just added German (Deutsch) as one of the newest language options available within the portal. As UCView digital signage products are sold worldwide, providing translation options can reduce language barriers that may impede users. We want your experience with using our software to be simple and hassle-free, that’s why we provide you with the option of translating your portal with your choice of language. Make your selection using a simple click of a button.


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Allow for Your Audience to Enjoy Even More Streaming TV Content

Show your viewers even more streaming TV from UCView’s content store. Display live videos featuring popular animals such as sharks, kittens, pandas, and more with Animal Planet Live. Enable Christian-based organizations to watch the widely popular CBN news. Allow for your viewers to watch the latest news stories with CBS News. Display the inside scoop on newly released tech products with CNET. Enable schools and other organizations with an interest in space travel to watch NASA Public TV for pre-recorded educational related programming.  Network operators can select from a large variety of digital signage content to entertain and update their viewers for free.

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UCView Releases Free TV Streaming Content

UCView released multiple content apps that can provide your viewers with live or recorded streaming TV. Allow for your audience to watch top worldwide news stories from RT TV and Sky News; gain in-depth knowledge on U.S. politics from C-SPAN; watch business and financial focused news stories from Bloomberg TV; and relax with live aquatic activity from the National Aquarium of Baltimore. The above free digital signage content are reliable for multiple industries, and displaying streaming TV can be a great form of information or just enjoyment for viewers waiting in a queue or lobby.

Posted by Christine on 10/16 at 12:58 PM
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Go Wild With Animal Planet TV Content

Make your digital signage wild with our new Animal Planet TV content! Check out the best Animal Planet programs available. Whether it’s live or recorded, you can entertain your audience with animals found in nature or even in your own home. This free streaming digital signage content app can entertain your audience for hours on end. Animal Planet TV can be great to use as an educational tool for schools, zoos, or any animal-friendly establishment. With great-looking graphics, this digital signage content serves to both amuse and educate your target audience with funny, cute, or informative animal-related programs.



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How Digital Signage Can Benefit You

Digital signage is not something you simply purchase on the spot. It provides some planning beforehand. Think about what you want to do with your digital signage first. There is much more to it than placing rotating static images on screen or displaying news all day long. Digital signage is meant to be cost-effective. This means that overtime your digital signage will become more valuable than the money you invested in it. Researching and planning beforehand allows for you to discover options that you never thought were even possible.

Brainstorm: Determine the pros and the cons of investing in digital signage. Figure out what you are going to use it for. How many screens do you want to put up? Who are you targeting your messages to? What content do you want to include on the screen? A good tip is to study your target audience. If your target audience are your customers, then determine what they would like to see on screen.

  What Is Helpful For Your Audience? Whether it’s for customers or employees, determine what they would be interested in. If your target audience are your customers, then evaluate your customer and see what they are interested in. If customers are constantly asking for directions within your building, then maybe it’s a good idea to include a wayfinding map on screen. Your customers will likely utilize the information you display. Determine if you want to include touch screen on your display. If that’s the case, then think about investing in a kiosk which is accessible for your customers or employees.

  How Many Displays Do You Want To Put Up? Think about how many screens you want to setup and in how many locations. If you have a small establishment with just one location, it’s recommended to put up only one or two screens. Larger-sized buildings that are two floors or more can display more screens. Place the screens in an area that are easily viewable by your target audience.

Who Is Going To Operate The Displays? Think about who is going to operate your digital signage screens. If you purchase the display, but then ignore it, then how is your digital signage going to be of any value. Know who is going to operate the displays and then have them on a regular basis upload content on your screens. This will help keep your information fresh and your customers will take more notice.

Digital signage can become a very valuable tool if it’s used correctly to market your information. Research what you want to display beforehand and how it can be of value. A sales representative can then guide you to the right direction based on what you would like to display for your audience.


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Display Comical User-Uploaded Images with 9GAG Content

9GAG is a social media site which display humorous user uploaded images and popular memes the public will enjoy. Allow for your audience to read juicy confessions from Confession Bear, get helpful advice from Actual Advice Mallard, and view other comical images with corresponding content. Display hilarious uploaded images to help pass the time. This digital signage content is great to use for places meant for relaxation, such as the university student lounge and the employee break room. You can even customize your content by displaying different textures and colors for the background. Also select how long you want your content to remain on screen before transitioning to the next slide. Display entertaining content that will make your viewers laugh and smile.

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Receive Top Healthcare News with Medical Xpress Content

Receive the latest information in relation to medicine with Medical Xpress. Gain cutting-edge information from a variety of sources, such as peer-reviewed scientific papers, exclusive comprehensive articles, daily reports, and blogs taken from major research labs and universities across the world. Select from different topics, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, genetics, cardiology, obesity, and much more. Choose from over two dozen categories that can be geared to fit your target audience. This digital signage content also gives you the option to change the color of the title and description, as well as the delay in seconds. Medical Xpress has up to the minute information which makes this a great content app to display at universities, healthcare clinics, hospitals, and more.


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How to Setup Your Twitter Timeline Content

Learn how to setup your Twitter Timeline content with our latest video. Twitter Timeline content is the modern twist to the traditional timeline we all know. This content is ideal for both horizontal and vertical screens. Reach your audience using interactive social media content.

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