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Avon Products On UCView

Avon is a manufacturer and distributor of beauty, fashion, and home products sold worldwide. This beauty corporation has over six million representatives who provide optimal services for female consumers. The company first started in 1886 and has been greatly successful due to their high-quality product line and customer service. Even from the beginning, Avon has been empowering the lives of women throughout the world. The company is well known for using the traditional door-to-door sales method and carries well-known products such as ANEW and Avon Color. The corporation is currently using digital signage in their office, providing ample amount of content which focuses on the popular Avon product line. Avon values innovation, communication, trust, and respect.

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Happy Holidays from the UCView Team!

The UCView team would like to take the time to thank our loyal customers for making 2013 a successful year. In 2013, we were able to release many new successful products for our customers. We provide service for a wide variety of industries, such as finance, retail, education, and for corporations. Knowing what each market demands, we attempt to tailor our products and software to fit your industry. We released many successful products and are in the process of releasing even more innovative solutions for 2014. Many of our new additions will be tailored to be even more versatile and user-friendly, making your experience with digital signage much easier. We want to wish all of our valued and prospective customers with a happy and safe new year!

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Manage Your Time in Line With Digital Signage

Your time is a valuable, so why waste your time standing in line. Whether it’s at a bank, the healthcare center, or DMV, many people are required to wait in a long line for often an undetermined amount of time. Digital signage is a great tool to use for providing a more efficient and productive queue management system.  For instance, instead of having people sign their name on a notepad and wait in line, an effective queue management system would allow for people to use a touch screen monitor to sign up their name and information. The system can then transfer that data to a monitor in the waiting room. People sitting in the waiting room can view their name and the time necessary to wait. This is more reassuring than just signing your name on a piece of paper and then having to wait for an undetermined amount of time. People value their time and freedom, which is why digital signage is an extremely effective solution.

It’s also useful for displaying entertainment or product advertisements at a retail store. While people are waiting in line, they can view a product being advertised and essentially this can increase sales. In addition, the information on screen is a good method of distraction, making the wait time much more bearable. The queue management system is extremely useful for making the most out of an otherwise annoying process.

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Vertical Stock Banner Available in UCView Content Store

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Vertical Stock Banner is a great solution to use for a vertical screen. Display the stocks for multiple corporations at one time. The vertical stock banner can be customized based on what you would like to show for your audience. Display different background colors, font colors, and be able to select how many different stock market shares show up on the screen. This digital signage content is great to display within a financial institution, bank, and even within the finance/business building of an education institution.

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Use Stock Scroll to Display Stock Market Data

UCView released a new Finance section within their content store. This section allows for you to install the Stock Scroll content which looks great to show on the bottom banner of your digital signage monitor. UCView allows for you to modify the background color, the font size, and the font color so you can have the stock information show up clearly on the screen. Enable customers who are waiting in line to view the Stock Scroll content with information on how well the shares are doing for multiple corporations. This digital signage content is great to display for both employees and customers who are in a bank, financial institution, or for corporate communication.

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UCView Releases Stock Banner Widget

Stock Banner enables for you to display your desired stock information on your digital signage display. For a one-time fee, you can display the stock for both large and smaller-sized corporations. UCView provides customization options that will enhance the look of your digital signage monitor. You have the ability to change the font size, color, and background to reflect the theme of your corporation. You can display your own stock for your corporation to show how well your shares are doing in the market. This digital signage content is great to display within a financial institution or for your corporate office.

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Digital Signage for Your Video Wall

Many companies have a desire to display video walls for their audience. Video walls are appealing and extremely attractive to view, however, many companies may delay putting up a video wall because it can become costly and may seem difficult to maintain. If you can set up a single digital signage monitor, you can run a video wall without having any difficulties. Your video wall can be as small as two screens or as large as eighteen screens or even more. UCView carries players that can be used for a two screen video wall, such as the View Media 50, and even for a four screen video wall, such as the RackMedia Xtreme. In the case of video walls with more than four screens, UCView provides a customized player, with multiple display ports, which can run as many screens as you would like to display. Click on Video Wall to read the full story.

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SaaS vs. Servers

SaaS: SaaS, which is short for software as a service, can be very useful for both small and large organizations. SaaS is hosted on a cloud, allowing for you to access your digital signage network via the Internet. SaaS is ideal for any corporation that wants to deploy globally. Just like its hardware counterparts, software as a service allows for centralized scheduling and management - all from one location. A benefit of using software as a service is that UCView is in charge of the heavy-lifting and network maintenance. Your corporation is not in charge of the installation process, maintenance, and upkeep of the system. SaaS is great for corporations that have a strong and reliable Internet connection and are not too concerned with sharing sensitive information.

Server: A server is a hardware solution which allows for centralized management and scheduling - all from one location. Servers are crucial for corporations that rely on security and carry sensitive information. In addition, using a server is ideal if Internet connection and downloads are internal and communication is local via an on-premise based solution. If Internet connection were to fail with one of the players, network operators would still be able to access Internet connection with their server. A server can be used in a variety of industries, including banks, financial institutions, and government buildings. One ViewEdge server can connect to multiple players, making it an ideal tool to use for mid-sized to large corporations.

Virtual Server: As many businesses are moving towards using only software solutions, UCView offers a virtual solution which mirrors its hardware counterparts. A virtual server allows for centralized management and scheduling from one location. One virtual server can connect to over a thousand digital signage players. The virtual server minimizes any type of clutter that can accumulate from setting up a digital signage system. There is no need to deal with complicated cabling for setup.

Whether you are interested in purchasing the SaaS or server, UCView provides a robust and secure system which can greatly improve how you communicate with your audience.

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NEMEON is a purchasing cooperative which helps members solve their problems by working together. Cooperatives are when independent companies get together to increase purchasing power. NEMEON, which was founded in 1999, was formed to provide power and management support for Independent Roofing and Siding Distributors. The corporation consists of over 180 independent roofing and siding distributors located nationwide. The goal of this corporation is to allow for the small independently owned distributor to remain independent. In order to communicate their message, NEMEON currently uses digital signage to target their members and to reach out to small independent owners. Corporate communication enables for the company to provide their members with premium service.

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Dynamic Content: An Effective Marketing Tool

Dynamic content is compelling for many reasons, not only can you upload multiple media content, but high-quality displays can make your images or videos look so real it seems to jump off the screen. With digital signage, marketing strategies can be taken to a whole new level. Such marketing strategies can be found in places such as restaurants . How often have you walked in intending to purchase a particular meal, but eventually get thrown off by the images or videos playing on the digital signage display , either you end up changing your mind about your original purchase and go with something that looks more enticing, or you end up purchasing more than expected. An image of golden-brown French fries or a double scooped ice cream melting off the cone can influence a customer’s decision.

The same type of appeal can be difficult to achieve using static forms of images. Even though visuals are the main focus, static images tend to not be as effective because you are limited with what you can display. You can also not display the crisp and high-quality image you can get using dynamic signage. If you are involved in the food establishment, an additional benefit in using digital signage is that people tend to wait in a line for their food. Including videos and images on your digital menu board can be a very effective marketing method, even if it’s there for several seconds. Whether it’s a retail store or restaurant, how you reach your audience can impact your business. Using digital signage marketing strategies are important for focusing the information you need to the right individuals.

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Naked Pizza On UCView

Naked Pizza is all about being natural and providing whole food ingredients that are healthier for you. These mouthwatering pizzas have fewer calories than its competitors and they provide you with the option to custom-build your own pizza. Using simple and natural ingredients, this restaurant proves that a tasty pizza does not necessarily have to be unhealthy. The specially prepared dough mix promotes digestive health, bone health, weight management, and can even be suitable for a diabetic diet. The pizza shop provides numerous delectable toppings from the classic pepperoni to Mediterranean-style feta cheese. Naked Pizza is so popular that it’s found all over the United States and even in international countries. The pizza shop promotes their superior ingredients and handcrafted pizzas using digital signage displays throughout their multiple locations. The successful and widely popular pizza shop has a small business vibe, providing healthy choices and optimal customer service at a low price.


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How to Install Preview Client

Do you want to be able to preview your content before it reaches your audience? Preview client is a great tool which allows for you to view your content before it’s made public. You can also use this feature to make sure your content is accurately coordinated with your playlist. Preview Client can be downloaded using the client installer located in your interface. Click Preview Client to learn how to install this feature.

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WRL Advertising On UCView

WRL Advertising is a full service agency that provides businesses, both large and small, with the latest in website design and programming, multimedia, broadcast, print, branding, traditional, and internet marketing and public relations services. WRL Advertising adheres to their mission statement and delivers optimal results with superior customer service. The advertising corporation has a base of over 100 clients in 12 states and the headquarters is located in Canton, Ohio. Just recently, the advertising corporation underwent a project to provide graphics and set up a large 90” digital signage monitor at the Akron-Canton Airport. Read the WRL Advertising case study here.

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Share Data Using the CSV File Folder Content

CSV file reader is an innovative content app which allows for you to grab data from a CSV file and display it on your screen. For instance, you can take any data you have from a local folder or DropBox and then customize the content for your audience. Change the color of the background, the text size, the header color, the text color, the scroll delay interval, the number of display lines, and more. The CSV file folder is great to use for a presentation within a corporate office . Educational institutions can even use it to list the name of students who made it on the Dean’s list. Spice up your data sheets and post it for your audience using CSV file folder digital signage content.

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NBC News Images Provides Stunning Visual Content

Visuals with a short and simple message can go a long way in reaching your targeted audience. NBC News is a popular American broadcast network which provides up to the minute news stories. This free digital signage content enables for you to select from different categories, such as Today News, Today Entertainment, Today Health, Today Money, Today Pets, Today Moms, Today Style, or even Kathie and Hoda. Communicate with your audience using a slideshow of news images from a reputable source.

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