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6 Steps For A Successful Video Wall

By Alex on 07/16

6 Steps For A Successful Video Wall

Video walls are a great resource for engaging your audience and delivering relevant messages. Digital signage video walls are eye-catching and are mainly placed in high-traffic zones, such as the entrance lobby of a casino. Advancement in digital signage over the years has allowed for operators to take video walls to the next level and add some creativity. Although it’s an extremely engaging solution, setting up a video wall could become a huge challenge if certain factors are not taken into account. There are several steps to consider when installing a video wall:

Step 1: Determine what the video wall will be used for. It’s crucial have a particular goal in mind. Determine if going with a video wall solution will be the most feasible and cost-effective option for your business.

Step 2: Decide how many images you plan to display on the screens. Do you want to show a large image that spans across each screen or do you want to display multiple sources at one time?

Step 3: Make sure to discuss content that will be displayed on screen before installation. It’s important that the content that’s displayed is relevant to your industry and its purposes. It’s also crucial that the screens you select are color calibrated. The colors and brightness of the displays need to be uniform in order to have the most success with your video wall.

Step 4: Select a professional grade product. Professional-grade options are designed to handle harsh environments, can be used 24/7 use, and contain cooling fans and robust inputs.

Step 5: Choose an appropriate mounting system. Make sure the wall that’s intended for video wall use is sturdy and structurally sound. Determine if there is enough space to install the number of screens desired and the video wall itself is easily accessible.

Step 6: Determine what the appropriate electrical requirements and components will be needed for the video wall.