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Incorporating Social Media into Digital Signage

Posted by Alex

on 03/01 at 03:27 PM

Incorporating Social Media into Digital Signage

Social media can easily be incorporated into digital signage. By integrating social media, customers can text and interact with digital signage in ways that can keep them interested and engaged. By building a follower base, businesses and organizations can begin to establish a relationship with their customer. Businesses can build a social media network, increase followers, and keep their audience informed about events. Social media has the ability to help bring together a community. With digital signage, customers can interact with the screen, obtain discounts, and make comments on products that were purchased. Social media increases interaction with the audience, and eventually can help build more revenue for your business.

Your business can build Facebook and Twitter followers by including social media icons on your digital signage display. Social media can also link people to photos, coupons, and other information which will interest the customer. Customers can use Pinterest to post photos, view helpful videos using YouTube, and read news stories on Facebook. Digital signage apps , which display social media content, are also available in UCView’s content store to further help engage the audience. The interaction between social media and digital signage can be very rewarding in the long run as it further ties the relationship between the customer and the organization.

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