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Inside UCView Filter Navigation

Posted by Guy Avital

on 11/29 at 09:43 AM

Inside UCView Filter Navigation

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What is Layered Navigation? Well, it’s what makes drilling down into campaign and ads easier, for example: checking your playlist and showing which content plays where. This will be incredibly quick with UCView. Ver 3. When you login to UCView ver. 3 you can filter campaigns by any name section or ad name. In addition, when confronted with 100s of campaigns and displays containing thousands of ads spread across multiple pages, most users will simply throw in the towel. Give them the option to filter by what they are looking for, whether its ad name, tag, display name, location or any other aspect of the system, and it will filter your results. Now, layered navigation isn’t anything new, but the implementation of it on UCView will be incredibly fast and easy. The filter navigation will be found in any aspect of the portal , from campaigns, display to global view. Enjoy

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