UCView Releases Digital Signage Microsite Upgrade

Posted by Alex

on 08/11 at 04:36 PM

UCView Releases Digital Signage Microsite Upgrade

UCView launched an upgraded version of Microsite. This intuitive software solution offers you a more user-friendly experience. You can use Microsite in its traditional format by quickly uploading a zip file with any HTML template to UCView’s content management system or take advantage of its many ready-to-use templates fit for any industry. After uploading content, you can modify the HTML and CSS code, images, and more directly through the UCView Portal on Microsite and then select Save. This can be done by using a UCView Microsite template or your own uploaded template. By selecting the new Edit Elements tab, you can make edits directly to the template itself, including any text and images. This is a simple, yet practical feature for any user that’s unfamiliar with how to code. Once your template is uploaded and ready to be published, you can select for it to be assigned to a Campaign & Playing Location, make last minute adjustments to its duration, and then publish your content to reach your audience.

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