Digital Signage Content provides the ease of use and flexibility to display your content and modify it dynamically.

Digital Signage Content: As a leading provider for offering a wide variety of digital signage content, UCView’s digital signage content provides the perfect platform for creating innovative business or personal messages for a world that’s constantly on the go. From social media to streaming digital signage content, the Content Store has you covered. Each content available allows users to create, modify, maintain and present dynamic content in a fast and easy interactive platform that updates in real-time, which is applicable for any organization or for personal enjoyment. Additionally, each app features design customization, state-of the-art animation tools and components to best serve your communication goals. Creating efficient and affordable professional digital signage content has never been more fun or easy with all the powerful tools provided by UCView’s App Store.

Digi Know Signage Content

Creating fun, unique factoids, interesting tidbits and much more on a daily basis has never been easier or better with the “did you know” digital signage content. This content app offers many features including custom-tailored design elements such as unique color palettes, state-of-the-art animation tools and components to best serve your communication goals. See more.

Plus, this digital signage content allows you to incorporate live data and tag statements with time and date information delivering a high-impact message to your audience when and where you need it in no time at all

Benefits of incorporating “did you know” statements into digital signage displays There are endless opportunities to utilizing the “did you know” content into your daily advertising line-up. This application allows you to stand apart from competitors by offering personalized, memorable up-to-date messages with style and flair to inform, educate and capture your audience’s attention while keeping them engaged with relevant and attractive content. Additionally, this app features the ability to constantly display an unlimited number of tips and something new every day that will never be the same to viewers and offers a user-friendly platform to advertisers to integrate key content seamlessly and efficiently into many digital signage applications in a quick turn around time.

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EZ Event for Digital signage

Modify, maintain and present the details of your next big business or personal event any way you want the fun and easy way with the EZ Event content. The dynamic data integration functionality available through the EZ Event App interface provides a powerful tool to create and control all of your event list needs from start to finish. See more.

Interface functions include design customization such as adjusting color schemes and themes of the overall presentation applicable to any professional organization or great for personal enjoyment. Additionally, each event keeps up-to-date information that will automatically be swapped out, once expired, for other upcoming events and presentations ensuring accuracy in current messaging.

How you can use EZ Event as benefit digital signage content The new and innovative approach to event and presentation planning through the EZ Event content offers several benefits that could not be achieved through traditional means via phone or emails. This application offers a revolutionary means of keeping all your event data in one secure place with monitor updates in real time allowing an easy and convenient way for everyone to be up to speed and alerted at the same time. The updates made within the event management system are immediately reflected on your digital signs eliminating communication breakdowns across various channels while ensuring a successful means to communicate will all of your event attendees at multiple locations simultaneously.

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Twitter For Digital signage

Easily share and enhance your audience’s experience to important, up-to-date social media campaigns with UCView’s Twitter Content Widget . This innovative technology features several different eye-catching, visually stimulating options like modifying the look, color and animation of the Twitter Widget that users can incorporate See more.

Benefits of incorporating the Twitter widget as digital signage content Showcasing social media campaigns through digital signage platforms have become powerful tools to engaging consumers over the recent years. UCView’s free Twitter Widget allows users to create tons of fun, unique and informative messages through their Twitter account and the ability to broadcast and interact with the environment in high-traffic areas easy and effortlessly. This platform not only allows for innovative interactivity with viewers but also has measurability components allowing the user to assess the impact and reach on its audience quickly and efficiently for future campaigns.

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Ustream Live Event Content

Ustream is the leading live interactive broadcast platform. Anyone with an Internet connection and a camera can start engaging with their family, friends or fans anytime, anywhere. Millions of Ustream users view and broadcast a wide variety of content, from high school sporting events to red carpet movie premieres. See more.

Notable Ustream broadcasts include major political events, concerts, conferences, movie premieres, talk shows, sporting events, interactive games, and personal milestones. Now you can use it as digital signage content using UCView technology

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YouTube Broadcast as Content

Description: Founded in February 2005, YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small. See our company timeline for more information on our company history. Take advantage of this technology and utilize it as digital signage content using UCView Technology

NPR News Widget Content

A thriving media organization at the forefront of digital innovation, NPR creates and distributes award-winning news, information, and music programming to a network of 900 independent stations. Through them, NPR programming reaches 26.8 million listeners every week. NPR, formerly National Public Radio,is a privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization that serves as a national syndicator to 797 public radio stations in the United States of America. NPR was created in 1970, following congressional passage of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967

Stock Ticker App

Barchart is a leading provider of financial content, ranging in services from integrated digital signage content and market data feeds to software licensing and white-labeled products. Our solutions are completely customizable or turn-key. Whether you require dynamic market data and market information for your website or streaming real-time market data feeds for front or back-office systems, Barchart provides both simple and comprehensive market data services to fit your needs. Our advanced technology ensures reliability and low latency, as well as seamless and quick integration.

Yahoo News Scroll Content

Yahoo Scroll powered by Yahoo News and UCView provides you with a customizable news scroll widget for digital signage displays.

Weather Map

Checking out current temperatures and staying informed of inclement weather has never been more fun or easy with the Weather Map Widget. Perfect for your digital signage main media section, you’ll love designing a daily forecast map with this innovative tool. The Weather Map features customized content like Map View with weather stations, wind and temperature, select between Map, Terrain, Satellite or Hybrid map and more.

Weather Picture

Display current temperatures and weather of your local city along with beautiful scenery pictures and staying informed of inclement weather has never been more fun or easy with Weather Picture. This is perfect for your digital signage content in main media section. The Weather Picture features is easy to use, just enter your city zip code press save and your done.

5 Days Weather

Is your city dealing with unpredictable weather? Find out what’s in store for you with our new Five Day Forecast widget. With a click of a button, you can view the five day weather forecast in your city. UCView’s new digital signage content app will also allow you to customize the background scenery to your liking. UCView’s Five Day Forecast widget will help you prepare for any type of weather, rain or shine!

Daily Weather App

Is your city dealing with unpredictable weather? Find out what’s in store for you with our new Daily Forecast widget. With a click of a button, you can view the five day weather forecast in your city. UCView’s Daily Forecast widget will help you prepare for any type of weather, rain or shine!

Weather Design Template

Weather template powered by Yahoo Weather and UCView provides you with fully customizable weather template, this digital signage content allows you to change color of font, language setup background color or images.

Traffic Report

Google Maps (formerly Google Local) is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google, free (for non-commercial use), that powers many map-based services, including the Google Maps website, Google Ride Finder, Google Transit,[1] and maps embedded on third-party digital signage screen via the Google Maps API.[2] It offers street maps, a route planner for traveling by foot, car, or public transport and an urban business locator for numerous countries around the world.

Flights Status Information Content

Leading provider of worldwide flight on-time performance information to the global travel and transportation industries. Our FlightStats platform delivers real-time and historical flight information that lowers travel-related costs and improves the travel experience. With unique products that can deliver value at each stage of a travel transaction, to both business and consumer audiences, FlightStats is poised to benefit as travel management evolves

QR Code Generator App

A QR code abbreviated from Quick Response code, it is a bar code made of a two-dimensional code that is readable by barcode scanner or camera telephones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The QR code can contain information like text, URL, phone number, SMS, or contact information as a vCard. UCView Technology allows you to generate and embed QR codes with your digital signage content. Using drag and drop easy to use app, you will have engaging content in minutes

The Universal NASA TV App

Adding an educational and entertaining feature to your digital signage content has never been fun or easier with the NASA TV App from UCView. This out-of-this-world content can be displayed on any section of your digital signage screen and features a variety of regularly scheduled, pre-recorded educational and public relations programming and an array of live programming available 24 hours a day. NASA TV is featured on several multimedia venues and various channels and showcases a variety of manned mission and space station videos, incredible space satellite imagery, media briefings, presentations by expert lecturers, astronaut interviews, special events and much more. See more.

How you can use the NASA TV Content to benefit digital signage educational messaging has grown into a popular feature for users and viewers over the recent years. Because the NASA TV app airs a large amount of educational programming, it’s perfect for educators and students across various institutions for staying informed and engaged of current events in the world and beyond. It’s also beneficial for advertisers differentiating themselves by adding non-sales content to their digital signage line-up and connecting with their audience in an informative and entertaining way.

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Digital Clock Widget

You won’t miss a beat keeping track of important times and much more with the Digital Clock Widget available from UCView. Perfect for your digital signage content widget, this oh-so-good looking widget offers lots of customized features including a variety of colors, fonts and backgrounds. Plus with the dynamic interface, users can make changes that take effect in real-time making it easy to modify and maintain for all your upcoming events.

Analog Clock Widget

Keep up with the times easier and conveniently with our Analog Clock Content Widget. This Innovative approach to a traditional way of time tracking is perfect for a mobile world constantly on the go. This widget offers several different eye-catching, visually stimulating options like modifying the colors, clock arrow types and fonts. Additionally, the easy-to-use interface allows you to create and change your updates instantly for all of your important events.

Date Widget

Staying up-to-date digitally has never been better easier or better with our Date Widget. Perfect for your dashboard or digital signage, the Date Widget provides a powerful tool in organizing all of your important upcoming events. Users can choose and change from fun and attractive fonts, color schemes and backgrounds. Plus, you can control and post your changes instantly and easy with the dynamic interface available in the widget perfect for keeping track of your time-sensitive events

Tick-Tock On The Countdown Widget

Create your own personalized countdown clock and timer for any special future event with the digital signage Countdown Content . This application offers many flexible and powerful features including a customizable countdown clock available in an array of fonts, colors, and animated wording text that flashes at every set interval that you control and can broadcast instantaneously. The Countdown content app can be used as a countdown clock for sales promotions, auction watches, special events, work days/hours and a time synchronization utility delivering a high-impact message attracting attention to your event across your digital signage screens. See more.

Benefits of incorporating the Countdown App as digital signage content. The utilization of the Countdown App adds innovative excitement as it communicates with your audience at multiple locations simultaneously. It monitors countdown updates in real time and alerts viewers of special events and promotions including end of sale events, limited time promotions or exclusive offers creating the perfect platform for advertising messages or great for personal occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and much more for a world that’s constantly on the go.

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Weather Widget Content

Weather Widget Power by Yahoo Weather and UCView provides you customable weather widge content animation and temp

Image News RSS Dynamic Content

Yahoo News Stories display for 15 seconds and any main media shape channel. The app allows you to select between 15 categories as it will automatically connect and load the most recent news throughout the day.

Trivia Game Content

Weather Trivia content channel features a high-definition trivia game and a large variety of trivia questions ranging from History, Science, Geography, Sports and more. This app presents a question while giving the audience 15 seconds to answer before revealing the correct answer.

Content Creation Tool

UCView's EZBoard is the fastest, most cost-effective tool for creating dynamic animated content for digital signage. You can create dynamic messages including animation in minutes, without any scripting using just you web browser.

Yahoo Sports News

Yahoo Sports News app features the latest news on your favorite sports team! Select from general sport, football, soccer, basketball, hockey and more. Functioning as a slideshow, Yahoo Sports News app consistently provides you with the hottest updates. Learn what’s happening today in the world of sports!

Yahoo Tech News

Yahoo Tech News app is ideal for tech-savvy individuals. Receive up to the minute news on the latest products and companies storming the market. Reach your audience with a constant flow of engaging and concise technical news stories.

CNN Money

CNN Money News app provides essential financial information throughout the world. Receive a full functioning slideshow of images and concise descriptions on the economy, financial situations, and corporations. Inform your audience! Find out what is happening in the financial market today!

Sky Sports News

Sky Sports News app provides viewers with entertaining and informative sports news. Learn what is happening to your favorite national or international sports team. This app consistently provides you with numerous details and updates, which will keep your viewers interested any time of the day.

Yahoo Entertainment News

Immediately receive up to the minute information on celebrities, events, and more. The Yahoo Entertainment News app provides viewers with amusing details on what is happening in the world of entertainment. Allow your audience to gain up to minute information that is constantly changing on a daily basis.

Yahoo Canada News

You may now receive Canadian news on Yahoo. Display any type of important news headlines. Select from Canadian headlines, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Prairie province, Atlantic, territories, politics, business, economy, earnings, stock market, and tax. Based on a category you select, Yahoo news in Canada will provide you with the latest headlines pertaining to your industry. Use this app for financial, corporate, educational settings, and more. This app will inform your audience with tantalizing headline news stories.

Great Quotes

This digital signage content app functions as a slideshow as each inspirational quote includes an equally stunning image of nature. Display images of stormy clouds, trees with multi-colored leaves, and the bright blue sky. Each quote carries a message of love and hope. This digital signage content app is ideal for customers standing in long lines or sitting in the waiting room, as each tranquil image is appealing to the eye of the customer.