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Digital Signage for Education

Manageable Foundation for Digital Signage in Educational Institutions

Universities and colleges allow for innovative ideas and creativity to flow, which makes it an ideal location to display new forms of technology. Dynamic content is one of the most effective forms of communication, especially when used within a university setting. This simple, yet highly effective communication tool allows for your network operator to manage a digital signage network that spreads across multiple buildings all from one location. This sophisticated unit is not only easy to maintain and set up, its user-friendly software allows for you to create beautiful and flawless displays across campus. Schedule your content to display at another time and date or release it in an instant. Digital signage helps distinguish your school image by allowing for you to customize each display, include your school logo, and set up internal information created just for students, staff, and instructors.

Educational Messages

Digital signage stimulates interest in school programs by demonstrating processes, informing students of special guest lectures, even re-broadcasting lectures. Administrators determine what messages are viewed.

Configure one digital signage display, a group of displays in select areas of campus or every digital signage display on campus for best exposure at the best time.Use live event broadcasting to offsite locations to increase attendance to guest lectures and other open-to-the-public events.

Digital signage can address complex messaging and subject matter that can't be adequately handled by cost-and-time-intensive print media.

UCView allows for educational messages to broadcast as text, images, video, flash, PowerPoint presentation, or even live TV.

Signage Interactive Kiosk

In addition to digital signage, UCView offers an interactive touchscreen kiosk that can be used for virtually any purpose.

Digital signage Display campus event centers, student unions, local businesses, purchase tickets to events, historic sites, or anything else you need through an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

Manage your kiosk with the same straightforward, yet simple to use web-based interface. Immediately be able to update any content to the kiosk.

UCView allows for you to create interactive wayfinding maps which allows for your viewers to locate their destinations in an instant.

Emergency Messaging

UCView's emergency messaging system is flexible and capable of grabbing immediate attention.

Campus security can provide campus-wide visual and audio emergency alert messages, immediately capturing viewer attention and helping ensure their safety.

Directing persons on campus to safe areas and informing them of appropriate actions allows for your security, staff, students, and faculty to respond to an emergency faster than ever before. Broadcast information can alert students and staff of lockdowns, weather concerns, and other emergencies. Digital signage is the quickest and most efficient way to alert students, staff, and faculty of emergencies.

With college and university campuses exposed to the same threats and safety challenges that affects the rest of society, being able to warn your campus population of potential weather problems and threats to personal safety is an incalculably important benefit of the UCView campus digital signage information system.

Wayfinding Touchscreen

Wayfinding touchscreen allows for you to get accurate directions in an instant.

With a touch of a finger, students can figure out where their class is located. Instead of being a hassle and asking other students or instructors, you can locate your next class with a digital signage display.

Wayfinding touch screens also allow students, staff, and visitors to view the map of the entire campus.

Wayfinding touch screen is capable of showing students, staff, and visitors different methods of a route as well as display the map in 2D, 3D, and turn by turn directions. View realistic depictions of hallways and route details and zoom-in on images.

Course Schedules

Students can instantly be informed of course schedule changes.

Printed materials with information on the course schedule can change causing confusion among students, staff, and instructors. Students can keep informed with emails or the school’s website, but not all students have access to their emails at a given time. Digital boards serve as the most effective form of communication as it can be updated in real-time. It’s extremely helpful for students, staff, and instructors who need to be kept informed of any changes that were made to a department.

Student Communication Board

Broadcast a lecture during your class and communicate to students

Digital signage is a great way to attract the attention of students. Instructors can stream a lecture at a main campus to a branch campus over the web. Students can also interact with digital signage by asking questions or uploading work to the screen for everyone to view.

Students are often more inclined to write information or ask questions using digital signage screens than talking face to face. This allows for the instructor or T.A. to see what information needs to be addressed within the classroom.

Live Broadcast

Live broadcast allows for your viewers to see what is happening inside and outside the campus at that moment. Use digital signage to broadcast games, speeches, and any other live events for your students' to view. Allow for them to watch a popular event on the big screen for free.

Upcoming Events

Allow everyone on campus to view upcoming events occurring throughout the week.

More eye-catching than a poster or the school’s website, you can post upcoming events on digital signage displays. Since digital signage is more eye-catching than other forms of communication, more students and staff will be aware of events occurring on campus. Display the schedule for the upcoming football game or announce a free concert on campus.

Digital Menu Boards

Universities are upgrading their outdated cafeteria facilities by using digital menu boards Digital menu boards are more cost-effective and eye-catching than using other methods of communication. Make menu adjustments in an instant, include animation, and schedule menu content to display at any time of the day. This quick solution is simple to maintain and it takes only seconds to upload the information you need to the system.


Does your campus advocate going green? Digital signage monitors have the ability to reach out to a large student body, however, there are other reasons one should invest in a digital signage monitor.

Digital signage display boards are more environmentally friendly than using wasteful paper products.

It also takes up a lot of energy and time to produce posters, flyers, brochures, etc., everything printed on paper can easily be placed on digital signage screens. Digital signage screens will end up saving a lot of money overtime.

Digital signage screens will reduce the wasteful amount of paper products that are used, as well as create better means of communication to a large audience.

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