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Digital signage player

Digital signage technology drives motorists to your station, keeps them coming back, and increases c-store traffic.

The Most Advanced Digital Signage for Gas Stations

Manageable Foundation for your Digital Signage Network

UCView developed the only interactive digital signage gas station kiosk in the industry that allows motorists to localize information, reward programs, directions, promotions, and valuable advertising messages at the pump. We get great responses to these interactive systems.

UCView's pump-top display software has been proven on thousands of gas pump-tops around the USA. Each pump-top display unit houses a UCView digital signage player that allows for remote control and monitoring of the displays, and provides interactive access to customers via touch screen technology or their own mobile phones. Our unique technology reduces installation and security costs because it allows each pump-top unit to connect to a media server without running wires or installing non-secure wireless networking systems. The pump-top units are designed and built for easy maintenance and field servicing, and is equipped with remote diagnostics that minimize downtime because we can fix most problems without traveling to the location.

UCView uses state-of-the art digital signage technology and a comprehensive marketing program to drive motorists to your station and profit centers such as C-Stores, including:

Digital Signage Pump top

Digital Signage Pump top