Digital Signage for k12 Schools

Digital Signage for K-12 schools

Digital signage is quickly becoming a big part of educational facilities, and the K-12 sector is no exception. UCView Media offers the ideal system to fit the needs and requirements of any school. Our software was designed for maximum flexibility and power, providing IT engineers with a dynamic platform that is perfect for establishing a successful digital signage network. At the same time, our developers made sure that even a novice user could easily learn and use the software without having to be tech-savvy.

User-friendly Platfrom

  • Centralized production and distribution of content
  • Highly-configurable Departments & Users section gives the IT department full control of assigning specific access privileges.
  • Web-based management console allows remote access from any location with web access.
  • Intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and a low learning curve.
  • Employees can use EZBoard, a content creation tool, to quickly and easily update on-screen content via the web portal, instead of creating and uploading new layouts for each update.
  • Advanced scheduling options allow administrators to determine what content plays and at what time.

Digital displays offer a cost-effective solution for disseminating information in order to raise awareness and increase participation in schools’ events and fundraisers. Rich media delivered on a digital display grabs attention like no static print banner or a blackboard can. By enhancing the way viewers experience information gathering, digital signage becomes an effective tool of persuasion.


  • Reduce consumption of paper and printer ink/toner.
  • Improve ticket sales to school events by generating more interest through on-screen promotions.
  • Improve attendance to fundraising events by increasing students’ and parents’ awareness.
  • Create additional revenue from partnerships with community business who are looking to build their brand locally through sponsorships of teams and/or events.
  • Entice parents and alumni to donate through recognition and acknowledgment programs.
  • You can easily use your existing displays (such as CRT television sets) for the network.

A network of digital displays will offer numerous benefits to uplift a school’s reputation and promote desired behavior by rewarding students’ excellence. A small investment will bring big results when the network is combined with a successful content campaign.

Key Benefits

  • Use your network as an emergency broadcasting system to issue alerts and instructions.
  • Install in any location for specific purposes (hallway, main office, gym, auditorium, library, etc.)
  • Lend your messages an aesthetic appeal to better attract the students’ attention.
  • Modernize your school at minimal cost, improving the school’s look and environment.
  • Facilitate a healthy learning environment by encouraging positive behavior and rewarding excellence with on-screen recognition.
  • Promote school spirit by highlighting recent successful school events (sports, theater, projects, etc.)

Uses & Implementations

There are many uses for deploying a digital signage network at a K -12 institution. Since the displays can be located anywhere on campus, they serve a multitude of purposes. Depending on the displays’ location, every message can target a specific audience at a specific time for a specific purpose.

  • Library: promotion of authors, new releases, classic literature; display map of library to aid students’ search; display library rules & regulations.
  • Faculty lounge: informative announcements; deadline reminders; scheduling changes.
  • Hallways: daily announcements; countdown to next class session; emergency broadcasting; fundraiser reminders; notice of upcoming deadlines; campus map to help new students or first-time visitors; communication channel for student body; promotions of upcoming field trips.
  • Gymnasium: promotion of upcoming sporting events and theater productions; anti-smoking & anti-drug endorsements; appropriate themes for holiday seasons & prom.
  • Cafeteria: menu board & lunchtime specials; nutritional information; promotion of healthy eating habits.
  • Auditorium: information to reinforce and accompany assemblies; informative announcements for parents; announcements for upcoming guest speakers; promotion of local cultural and educational events; playback of previously recorded events.
  • In-class: morning announcements; top student recognition; college application deadlines; test scores; informational boards during PTA meetings; classroom assignments.

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