Digital Signage Players

Digital Signage Players

A digital signage players is a small footprint PC, which can be mounted behind a digital signage display or placed inside of a rack mount. Digital signage players include a variety of components which powers the digital signage displays, such as the CPU, the motherboard, RAM, storage, and the operating system. Like any media player, the CPU will process and run the operating system. The operating system will then operate the player’s software, which allows for you to make a playlist of different media types, split the screen layout, and control the media schedule.

We offer three types of players

Cloud /Server Signage Players

  • Simplified network operations
  • Cost-effective
  • Commercial Grade Players
  • Windows and Linux compatible

Standalone Digital Signage Players

  • No monthly fees
  • No hidden costs
  • Hardware and software solution in one
  • Upgradable to a centralized server or SaaS
  • Built-in content design and creation engine

Video Wall Digital Signage Players

Technological advancements in recent years have enhanced the use of video walls. Video walls are comprised of digital signage monitors placed beside one another, creating the illusion of one enormous display screen. The video wall can show either one large picture or the monitors can be controlled separately, based on what you desire.

All players are controlled by a CMS (Content Management System). The software can be built into the media player, on a cloud computing system or in a centralized digital signage server. The content management system allows for you to design a layout, insert a number of zones, schedule ads, and upload playlists to be displayed to your audience. There are two different types of media players: standalone players and SaaS/server players. A standalone player has the CMS built into the player, and you can control it locally or through the network without the need for a server. However, other media players will require either a SaaS or server for network connection.

Digital Signage Servers provide cost-effective performance and along with a digital signage player, can start delivering content in a matter of minutes. Signage servers provide state-of-the-art distribution services and eliminates complicated IT related hassles.

Digital Signage SaaS (Software as a Service) removes a company’s responsibility of owning and maintaining a digital signage server. The software and data are centrally hosted on the cloud, which delivers service over a network. Software is hosted remotely, so it removes the need for companies to handle the installation, set-up, and daily maintenance of their digital signage server.

Along with SaaS / server based players, we released standalone digital signage players. Our standalone digital signage players are an all-in-one hardware and software solution. No server is necessary to manage your network. The SignEdge digital signage standalone player saves money by bundling application and software functions into one small device. Deploy content, live TV, widget, touch screen kiosk, and more. This media player is small and lightweight enough to be mounted behind a display panel. This digital signage standalone player is extremely easy to install and operate, making it ideal for beginners and advanced users.

UCView's Digital Signage players deliver virtually all formats of rich media to your displays. All of our players support all popular electronic data type including, but not limited to the following:

Electronic Media

  • PPT: Microsoft PowerPoint
  • XLS:Microsoft Excel
  • SWF: Adobe Flash
  • Live RSS
  • PDF: Acrobat Acrobat
  • DHTML: Dynamic Web Pages


  • MPG: MPEG layer 1,2,4
  • H-264 H-264
  • AVI, m4v
  • Flash FLV Movie
  • Windows Media
  • Div-X
  • Quick Time


  • Live Feed Analog
  • Live Feed HD
  • HTTP Streaming
  • RTSP: Real Time
  • Streaming Protocol
  • MMS: Microsoft Media Services
  • RTMP: Real-Time Messaging Protocol


  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG


  • MP3
  • WMA
  • WAVE

If you choose to manage your UCView digital signage player through your own PC, UCView's downloadable software package will effortlessly turn your PC into a signage player. Please contact us to make sure your PC meets all the requirements to serve as a digital signage player.

Our digital signage system is highly customizable to accommodate virtually any scenario. To learn how UCView products can work into your scenario, please contact us.