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Worldwide Distribution

As a relentless innovator in the digital signage market, UCView® is committed to engineering the cost and complexity out of deploying, configuring, and managing digital signage networks. UCView’s Network Partner Program enables partners to grow profitable businesses based on our comprehensive offering of high-performance digital signage products and services. With our unique value innovation strategy, UCView gives our Network Partners a ready market and the potential for strong margins and recurring revenues. The UCView Network Program is preferable to other vendor programs in offering:

  • Superior Easy to Use Products
  • Programs and Tools for Partner Success
  • Products Built for Business
  • Profitable Recurring Revenue
  • Outstanding support department

A Trusted Leader in the Industry

UCView has been a leader in the digital signage market for over 5 years. UCView operates a two-tier distribution model, where the distributor and value-added reseller each play a vital role in delivering compelling digital signage solutions to the customer. UCView fosters this profit ecosystem to provide maximum opportunity for our Network Partners.

Marketing and Selling Tools

UCView Media offers a wide variety of marketing and selling tools to our Network Partners. UCView Media provides partners with secure online access to exclusive news, educational resources, videos, presentations, brochures, product shots, and other customizable marketing materials and selling tools. Partners also reap the benefits of UCView’s pre-developed professional marketing tools, such as comprehensive integrated marketing campaign templates, targeted e-mail campaigns, hosted Webinars, seminars and newsletters. We assist in sales engagements, UCView offers discounted NFR demo Digital Signage Server, which facilitate Try and Buy and other customer trial efforts.

Digital Signage Comprehensive Training

UCView offers an extensive training curriculum that is available at substantial discounts to all partners. The Certified UCView Digital Signage Administrator (CDSA) certification confirms real-world technical knowledge and experience with UCView products and digital signage industry. Certification training classes are available in multiple different learning paths, including digital signage hardware, content distribution, layout and design, deployment and security.

Priority Technical Support Services

UCView offers tiered technical support services to meet the business demands of Network Partners. UCView provides partners with Priority Technical Support in North America. Tier 2 support engineers staffed in our state-of-the-art UCView Partner Excellence Center in Chatsworth, California.

Complete Digital Signage Solution

UCView’s end-to-end suite of products and services can meet the comprehensive digital signage needs of businesses, from simple one player deployment, to enterprise worldwide digital signage network including high-end server cloud and beyond. With our easy to use robust web interface and bullet proof digital signage players and servers, UCView has a solution that will fit the demands and budget of every customer.

Ease-of-Management portal

UCView products are designed to be exceptionally cost-effective and easy to deploy, configure and manage, even in the most demanding infrastructures. When paired with an installation of UCView Global View System (GVS), UCView products can be remotely configured, monitored, and administered, enabling Network Partners to fully manage their customer’s digital signage players. Every UCView product in the field can be continuously and dynamically updated within minutes, without partner intervention. By delivering globally-managed, centrally administered digital signage players and dynamic content updates, Network Partners can increase the efficiency and profitability of providing their customers with software as a service

Profitable Recurring Revenue

With renewable digital signage services and tiered margins, UCView’s recurring revenue business model delivers some of the highest levels of channel profitability in the digital signage industry.

Renewable Digital Signage Services

Every UCView Media Digital signage product features add-on subscription services to provide customers with dynamically-enhanced ongoing support. UCView’s unique subscription services model increases ASPs, margins, and overall deal size in the initial deployment. UCView digital signage services are dynamically updated from the network “cloud” and preserve the customer’s initial hardware investment, deliver higher levels of content distribution, ad scheduling security, and management to the customer, and create opportunities for UCView Media partners to generate recurring revenue in every year of the customer's life cycle. UCView Media digital signage services can also be sold in a pure software-as-a-service or managed services format, where the customer pays in monthly, quarterly, or yearly billing. Network Partners can easily leverage these renewable services to establish ongoing customer relationships that generate predictable, recurring revenue, year-in, year-out.

Outstanding support department

The stuff of UCView cares passionately about the success our Network Partners. UCView field and inside salespeople work hand-in-hand with our Network Partners to help win new business, service existing customers, and grow our partners’ businesses. UCView’s in-region Field Marketing Managers work with qualified Network Partners to build custom digital signage marketing plans. UCView staff offers pre-sales support as well as dedicated account management for qualified Partners.

Join Today

To join the UCView DS Partner Program, contact your UCView Account Manager to learn more about the program, and then submit an online DS Partner Program Application Form. We look forward to building a profitable digital signage practice together. For more information,

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