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UCView Media Reseller Program

As an industry leading provider of digital signage products, UCView Media is committed to help you meet market needs by delivering powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable enterprise-class digital signage solutions, software, players, and servers to businesses, such as educational institutions, retail, hotels, government offices, and more. The UCView Media Reseller Program has been designed to help you achieve this. The goal of the Reseller Program is to build a global network of resellers committed to the same objectives as UCView Media - providing world-class digital signage products, service and support for our customers. UCView Media's innovative programs provide an extraordinary opportunity for high-quality channel partners worldwide

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is found all over the world. It’s considered to be one of the fastest growing forms of technology. You see it all over in retail establishments, corporate offices, schools and more, yet, what exactly is it? Digital signage displays multimedia content on electronically controlled displays. Its main objective is to deliver customized digital and dynamic content to a wide audience. It can be used in multiple industries, both large and small. If you look at a digital signage monitor you can see anything from images, live TV, messages, upcoming events and more. It’s a big upgrade from traditional posters and static forms of advertisements. More businesses are taking advantage of digital signage because it's not only effective, but affordable. It's widely being used as the preferred method of communication. Digital signage allows for you to display real-time information and advertisements in an instant.

Digital Signage Advantage

Digital signage is extremely beneficial for multiple industries. In fact, digital signage provides benefits, such as being cost-effective. It drastically decreases the need for printing and ordering costly paper supplies. Many customers end up recouping their money in a short amount of time because all forms of advertisements can be done using digital signage. Digital signage is versatile and dynamic. Network operators can customize digital signage to show what they would like for their customers. Digital signage can depict stunning images and videos, messages, and more without being monotonous. Displays can be controlled using one location, saving a lot of time. Digital signage content can also be changed in an instant without any hassle.

Benefits of Membership

Depending on the size and strategy of UCView Media's partners, we have created different levels of engagement providing a framework that takes partner needs and customer needs into account. Benefits of membership in the Reseller Program include the following:

  • Marketing Materials
    We provide a variety of sales and marketing tools, such as presentations, competitive information, datasheets, white papers, case studies, and customizable advertising templates.
  • Lead Generation Marketing Programs
    UCView Media generates leads through targeted events and direct mail campaigns. Pre-qualified leads are distributed to Platinum Authorized Resellers.
  • Technical support:
    Specially trained UCView support technicians are available to answer customer calls and provide superior support.
  • Discounted Evaluation Units
    Platinum Authorized Resellers may purchase evaluation units at 40 percent off suggested retail price on not-for-resale purchase.

Product Information

  • Monthly Newsletter
    Receive the latest information on products, promotions, news, digital signage industry trends and more in an easy-to- access electronic format.
  • Reseller Sales and Technical Webinars
    Join UCView Media personnel on a regular basis to learn about product updates and sales tips.
  • On-Site Reseller Training
    Receive on-site sales and product training. Discover firsthand the key features and benefits of UCView Media digital signage products
  • Priority Phone and Online Technical Support
    Platinum Authorized Resellers receive priority status in phone and online technical support.

Sales Support

  • 30-Day Money-Back Units
    Sign up qualified prospects for a 30-day try and buy unit.
  • Demo Units
    Platinum Authorized Resellers may request demo units for qualified sales opportunities.
  • Web-based Online Demos
    Use UCView Media's convenient Web-based online demos during sales calls.
  • Joint Account Calls
    For those extra critical account calls, UCView Media sales representatives are available to make joint account calls with you.
  • Web-based Reseller Locator Service
    Platinum Authorized Resellers may qualify for placement on the "where to buy" tool on the UCView Media Web site.
  • Product Promotions
    Take advantage of any UCView Media product or pricing promotions.
  • Reseller Critical Technical Support Hot Line
    Resellers may take advantage of our dedicated phone support reserved for critical issues.
  • SPIFF Program
    UCView Media regularly offers SPIFF programs for our resellers as sales incentives.

Training Package:

We provide our resellers with a comprehensive package detailing how to solutions for running your digital signage system.
Training: All resellers will be provided with a training package detailing how to use the equipment and sale the products to customers within numerous industries.
Webinars: We provide resellers with webinars, which is an online seminar demonstrating our equipment. Resellers will have an opportunity to interact with your instructor as well as be able to ask any questions.
Online Videos: We also provide resellers with the option to view online videos demonstrating our products. Watch UCView videos describing our digital signage software in further detail.
How to Guides: We provide our resellers with a step-by-step guide on how to set up digital signage and expertly use our software. Resellers may obtain more information on how to guides by accessing UCView’s Wiki page. UCView takes the time to train their resellers. A thorough training program is key in helping our resellers succeed in selling digital signage equipment to their customers.

Design Services

Hire UCView to help you support your customer needs. If your customers have questions that you cannot answer, we will guide you through tactics to help provide them with the best answers and solutions available. Join UCView Expert for more information on how to sell to your customers. We will provide you with helpful tactics on how to sell digital signage to your customers and provide them with reliable information which is tailored to their industry. UCView will also help you build your own digital signage app. Our highly skilled development team will guide you through the steps required to create a valuable app which can be used by many of your customers.

Digital Signage is a Growing Industry:

Digital signage is consistently growing. Many industries are realizing the importance of using digital signage displays for their establishments and organizations. We encourage our resellers to take the time to read our case studies, which discusses the challenges and solutions many different industries faced in regards to digital signage.

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