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UCView provides powerful digital signage software that users can use to design and deploy content to their digital signage displays. For organizations that don’t want to deal with managing and hosting a server, UCView offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) turnkey hosted solution. For organizations who need the power and flexibility of our enterprise products, UCView cloud is powered by an industry leading hosting provider who offers premium hosting environments for UCView customers.

Power Without Complexity for Emerging Signage Networks

UCView SaaS is a robust and flexible online digital signage software for both small and large digital signage networks. SaaS provides you with all the tools and functionality you need to design, distribute, and monitor your displays.

New and Enhanced Features in UCView Software as a Service

1) Host your content on our world-class data centers at a state-of-the-art facility.
2) 24/7/365 monitoring for 100% uptime operations.
3) Managed, secured firewall and anti-virus services.
4) Managed reliable hardware services.
5) Advanced support for client-specific needs.
6) Managed backup services and failover host servers.
7) Managed DNS service backup and redundancy.
8) Software support, including lifetime free upgrades, updates, patches, and error free operations.

UCView's digital signage software is a solution for controlling your digital signage infrastructure, advertising content, and public information. With our platform you can manage your digital signage network through an intuitive Internet interface on any web-enabled device. UCView's software allows for you to control from one to thousands of digital displays at any time, from anywhere.