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UCView Enterprise Level Solutions - For Medium to Large Businesses

UCView is a powerful digital signage, or so called out-of-home signage platform that network managers and location owners can use to create, schedule and distribute content across their displays and kiosks. UCView is robust, easy to use and highly flexible, making it ideal for network owners, education institutes and corporate companies who are looking to take their digital signage to the next level.

UCView's Enterprise digital signage software offers large businesses the greatest flexibility to meet their complex needs and create customized digital signage experiences. Our Enterprise solutions offer database access, robust web services APIs, as well as a library of apps you can use to extend and customize your online display.

New and Enhanced Features in UCView Enterprise

Analytics and Reporting

  • Admin Dashboard for Report Overview
  • Create customize report inseconds
  • Create Proof-of-play reporting PDF

Digital Signage API

  • Activate ads remotely using API call
  • Activate alert or Video on demands
  • Use any wireless device to interact with the display
  • Include Text, Video and sound in the alerts

Network Monitoring

  • Check the status of your network with Player Health Monitoring.
  • View Live signal and snapshot from each display
  • Create

Department and users

  • Users can be assigned different access rights
  • Create depatment with limited access per display and section
  • Activate Ad approval system to assign approver for each content uploaded

Maintenance Scheduling

  • Preform remote maintenance tasks such as reboot, upgrades, rollback. Reboot task can be scheduled to execute at specific times
  • Seemingly upgrade to any future version