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Digital Signage features

Digital Signage Software Features

Digital Signage Software Platform for Growth

UCView Digital Signage Software Platforms provide the scalability, flexibility and features for digital signage growth. UCView provides feature-rich digital signage platforms that offer complete flexibility and control over the displays, content, and functionality of their playlists.

Easy to Use Web-Interface

From any known browser, quickly access our versatile and customizable web-based user interface. The flexible user interface consists of simple to use tools for optimal digital signage communication.

Multi-Screen / Video Wall

UCView's video wall digital signage feature consists of a simple and easy to use player with setup only taking minutes. Only one player is needed to run multiple displays and deliver flawless content to your audience.

Campaigns & Content Scheduling

Flexible content scheduling with capability to schedule content by location or player, player groups, time period, tags, and rules. Dayparting/scheduling by date, time, event, on demand

Analytics & Reporting

Admin dashboard for report overview. Create customized reports in seconds. Create proof-of-play reporting PDFs

Layout Designs

Full feature layout designer Auto-rotate/resize/crop (portrait to landscape, any resolutions, drag and drop functionality, background and overlay with transparency.

Supported Media Types

All of our players support popular formats shown below: WMV, Quick Time, MPEG layer 1,2,4, H-264, H-263, AVI, m4v,FLV, Div-X Images,Adobe Flash, PowerPoint, RSS,PDF, MP3 and More

Emergency Messages

Activate Real Time Emergency Messages. Allow messages to be set by location or group of locations. Active alert through API, cell phone or from a remote computer. Include text, video and sound in the alerts.

Built-in Content Integration

Over 20 Type of News by Yahoo, AccuWeather,and more. Trivia Games, RSS Ticker, Traffic Report, Daily Weather, 5 days forecast, Radar, Pollen, Multi Language

Digital Signage API

Activate content remotely using API call. Activate alerts or video on demand. Use any wireless device to interact with the display. Include text, video and sound in the alerts.

Network Monitoring

Check the status of your network with Player Health Monitoring. View live signal and snapshots from each display.

Departments & Users

Users can be assigned different access rights. Create a department with limited access per display and section. Activate content approval system to assign an approver for each content that's uploaded.

Maintenance Scheduling

Perform remote maintenance tasks such as reboot, upgrades, and rollback. Reboot task can be scheduled to execute at specific times. Seemingly upgrade to any future version.

Content Creation

UCView EZBoard is the fastest, most cost-effective tool for creating dynamic animated content for digital signage. You can create dynamic messages including animation in minutes, without any scripting, by just using your web browser.

Map View

We’ve taken Google maps to the next level! As long as you have web access, you can check out where your displays are located anytime from anywhere with our new interactive Google Map View feature. This powerful tool allows for network owners and location managers to view the locations of all current digital content ensuring real-time accuracy.

Content App Store

A new content store design was implemented to provide customers with a variety of apps to choose from. UCView content apps can be accessed through UCView’s portal or server platform. Users can select from a number of widgets or content apps available to improve their digital signage network.

Audit Trail

Audit Trail is used for security purposes. An electronic audit trail provides a detailed history of digital signage operation, recording any data that was entered. Administrators can view who had access to the system, what actions were performed, and the date and time it occurred. Audit trail provides top-notch security for trouble-free operation of your digital signage system.

Live TV

The AVerMedia HDMI capture card allows for premium screening of your digital signage display. The HDMI capture card allows for users to connect to their cable/satellite set-top box and HD video recorders to capture HD video content and display it for viewing through their digital signage monitors.

Video On Demand

Video on Demand allows access to content and apps stored in your library. Using a handheld device, updates can be added automatically to your digital signage display.

Digital Signage GPS

Can be used with transportation vehicles. Triggers and changes content by geographical location of your player. Plays content once you reach the desired coordinate or intersection.

Touch Screen Kiosk

Utilize content equipped with a touch-screen menu that interacts with the public. UCView supports Kiosk functionality through touch-screen and EZBoard.

Digital Menu Board

Digital menu boards are a cost-effective method which saves time and money, allowing for you to modify menu items in just seconds. Digital menu boards can be very profitable for your business and little maintenance is required to keep it running all day.

Advanced Digital Signage Playlist

Advanced playlist provides you with multiple solutions to design your digital signage. Learn what a playlist is and the difference between a sequential campaign, layout campaign, one-time content, cyclic content, and full-screen mode. Each solution will greatly improve your experience with digital signage, making it unique and fresh on a daily basis.

UCView LDAP Authentication Module

LDAP, which is short for lightweight directory access protocol, simplifies the process of obtaining directory information. It allows for you to locate organizations, individuals, or other resources in a network. LDAP supports TCP/IP, which is necessary for Internet access. UCView now allows for our clients to enable LDAP settings and authenticate users from Microsoft Active Directory servers.

Media RSS

Media RSS feature is now available under the Campaigns & Content module. Now, not only can you fetch media, such as videos or images, for your content from online sources but also download and save that content so that it can still be displayed offline. All you have to do is enter the RSS feed URL.

Common Alerting Protocol

CAP alerts trigger a variety of public warning systems which will increase the chance of recipients receiving the alerts. Establishments, such as schools, can update their displays with live alerts and heighten overall security on campus.

The HTML5 Player

The HTML5 Player, which is accessible via Portal, completely improves the overall user experience. The HTML5 Player allows for users to watch their current playlist loop in any browser, share the current loop via email, embed playlist loops in webpage, and view current loops from any mobile android device.

Recently Published

The Recently Published feature enables for operators to view players that were recently published. Operators can see the playlist as well as view the time and date it was last updated.


Microsite is an innovative feature which allows for the user to upload a zip folder with any HTML template to the UCView CMS. The CMS automatically unzips the folder, enabling for the user to rearrange and edit HTML content inside the graphical interface.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage allows for you to upload, store, and publish content directly from the UCView interface, greatly alleviating the amount of time it takes to release content to a wide audience. Users can upload content in an instant using a built-in Gallery and quickly upload content from any FTP server or Dropbox account.

Player Profiles

Player profiles, listed under Locations and Players, is a new module which gives administrators control over the type of content they can push to their screens.

UCView Android App

The low-cost Android app offers flexible playback functionality, enabling for the user to create and upload stunning images, videos, and HTML5 content with 4K video.