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Digital Signage Software Features

Digital Signage Software Platform for Growth

UCView Digital Signage Software Platforms provide the scalability, flexibility and features for digital signage growth. UCView provides feature-rich digital signage platforms that offer complete flexibility and control over the displays, content, and functionality of their playlists.

  • Increase Control

    Control every facet of your displays, from playlist to layout design and more.
  • Increase ROI

    UCView's enterprise business software model yields a superior product at a low cost.
  • Increase Growth

    UCView's feature-set and flexibility enable network owner to increase revenue.

Easy to Use Web Interface

Video Wall and Multi Screen Features

Campaign and Ad Scheduling

Analytics and Reporting

Display Layout Design

Supported Media Type

Emergency Messages

Built-in Content Integration

Digital Signage API

Network Monitoring

Departments and Users

Maintenance Scheduling

Content Creation Tool

Map View

Content Store Apps

Audit Trail

Live TV in Digital Signage

  • The AVerMedia HDMI capture card allows for premium screening of your digital signage display. The HDMI capture card allows for users to connect to their cable/satellite set-top box and HD video recorders to capture HD video content and display it for viewing through their digital signage monitors.

Video on Demand

  • Video on Demand allows access to ads, apps, and other content stored in your library. Using a handheld device, updates can be added automatically to your digital signage display.

GPS Digital Signage

  • Can be used with transportation vehicles.
  • Triggers and changes ads by geographical location of your player.
  • Plays ads once you reach the desired coordinate or intersection.

Touch Screen Kiosks

  • Utilize ads equipped with a touch-screen menu that interacts with the public.
  • UCView supports Kiosk functionality through touch-screen and EZBoard.

Digital Menu Board

  • Digital menu boards are a cost-effective method which saves time and money, allowing for you to modify menu items in just seconds. Digital menu boards can be very profitable for your business and little maintenance is required to keep it running all day.

Advanced Digital Signage Playlist

  • Advanced playlist provides you with multiple solutions to design your digital signage. Learn what a playlist is and the difference between a sequential campaign, layout campaign, one-time ad, cyclic ad, and full-screen mode. Each solution will greatly improve your experience with digital signage, making it unique and fresh on a daily basis.