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The UCView Digital Signage System delivers real-time content over wireless or TCP/IP networks through a simple web based interface. Internal IP configurations are easy, doesn't need specialized IT, and cabling is straightforward - just connect the digital signage player to a display and the system sets up automatically.

Digital Signage Player connection diagram
UCView | Digital Signage Diagram

SignEdge Pro Overview

UCView's Digital Signage Starter Package offers one of the industry's most robust systems. It works for any marketing application, is easy to use, upgrade and expand, and includes everything you need to set up and run displays in one location.

Digital Signage Standalone Player View 1
Digital Signage Standalone Player View 3
The all-in-one SignEdge media player does not require a subscription or monthly fee.
Create, modify, and release content, ads, and more for your viewers.
The latest video technology from a leading commercial 2.5GHz Intel CPU with built-in graphics.

The Digital Signage Starter Package includes:

  •   Standalone Digital Signage Player
  •   Built-in Web Based Interface
  •   Digital Signage Content Creation Module "EZBoard"
  •   Display Layout Designer
  •   Kiosk Interactive Module
  •   Content Store with more than 50 free content apps
*You can also use your own PC as a Digital Signage Media Player, ask us how!

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