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Have an idea? There's an app for it.

UCView's content store features over 120 apps you can use in creating your signage layouts. HTML5 and Flash versions available. From facebook and twitter feeds to scrolling stock tickers and Youtube channel feeds, you are sure to find something you are looking for. Best of all - most of the apps are FREE to use.

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Content Store Layout Example

Make Your Playlists

Advanced Playlist Feature

Use our dayparting feature to display specific content only during certain times of the day. Perfect for creating dynamic digital menus.
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Sync Ads Feature

Rotate between groups of ads within the same spot on the playlist with sequential campaigns.
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Dayparting feature

Sync ads that compliment each other to play together.Useful for product promotions and advertisements.
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Digital Signage Layout Example

Our Software Supports All Popular

  • Embed dynamic HTML pages into your layouts.
  • Stream video content from your webcam.
  • Stream Live TV Content with an HDMI capture card.
  • Fetch, stream and save RSS media content.

Electornic Media

  • PPT: Microsoft PowerPoint
  • XLS:Microsoft Excel
  • SWF: Adobe Flash
  • Live RSS
  • PDF: Acrobat Acrobat
  • DHTML: Dynamic Web Pages


  • MPG: MPEG layer 1,2,4
  • H-264 H-264
  • AVI, m4v
  • Flash FLV Movie
  • Windows Media
  • Div-X
  • Quick Time


  • MPG: MPEG layer 1,2,4
  • Live Feed Analog
  • Live Feed HD
  • HTTP Streaming
  • RTSP: Real Time
  • Streaming Protocol
  • MMS: Microsoft Media Services
  • RTMP: Real-Time Messaging Protocol


  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG

Create Digital Signage Layouts Easily With

What is a layout?

A layout helps you organize the content you want to display on the screen into specific sections, using zones and a custom background template.

Why are layouts important?

A layout adds personality and style to your message making it stand out from the crowd.For example, you can include a logo and a company slogan in your layout and make your ads instantly recognizable.

How can I create a layout?

You can choose from a variety of our pre-built layouts to customize or create an entirely new one using our intuitive tools.You can create a layout in less than 5 minutes. Follow the links below to read more about layout design or view our quick video tutorial.

Video Tutorial Read More

Hover over image to see layout transition

Castrol Layout Complete Example

Saas or Server Solution...

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UCView's Software As A Service option is great for clients who do not want to maintain their own servers. You can manage, customize and deploy your content all through an online account.

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Keep all of your digital signage content on your own network. All of the digital signage content is published and distributed internally.Signage players do not require an internet connection in order to play content.

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What Customers Say

UCView serves thousands of customers worldwide across dozens of industries. Here is what a few have to say:

“I can’t say enough about the UCView team. They helped me from start to finish. Their tech support responded quickly to guide me through everything. The online software is easy and powerful to use. I highly recommend UCView!”
WRL Advertising

James Hill

Motions Director, WRL Advertising
"Whenever we have a new crazy idea or custom need the UCView staff have always stepped up and fulfilled the request. We are very happy with UCView and trust they will continue to support our ongoing digital signage needs."

Vincent Gross

Corporate Communications Manager, Mohawk Industries
“We chose UCView because of its flexibility and because it was open to customization”
Novel Advertising Interactive Solutions

Yariber Faccio

CEO, Novel Advertising Interactive Solutions (NAIS)

Looking For A Custom Tailored

Custom Tailored Layout
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    Latest News Headlines

    Inform your audiences of breaking news through RSS feeds or by integrating one of the many news apps found in the UCView Content Store into your layout.

    Fetch latest news from sources such as Reuters, CNN, CBS, Yahoo! News, Washington Post and MORE!

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    GPS Features

    Use GPS features to display local weather information as well as trigger different ads based on the geolocation of the player.

    Great solution for businesses with outlets in different locations who are trying to target multiple demographics.

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    HD Video

    Capture attention of your viewers with rotating video advertisements. Fetch videos from the web, from your library or stream Live TV with an HDMI capture card.

    All popular video formats are supported including AVI, MOV, MPEG 1, 2, and 4, WMV, and H264, Div-X, H-263, and QuickTime.

  • More

    Digital Menus

    Digital Menu Boards can save your restaurant time and money. If you serve different items for breakfast, lunch and dinner - digital menus can make switching out items a breeze.

    Simply use our dayparting feature to automatically switch out menu items and prices depending on the time of day.

  • More

    Custom Content

    Choose from over 90 digital signage apps in the UCView Content Store to integrate into your layout.

    Keep your viewers entertained with fun quotes, facebook & twitter feeds, slideshows,beautiful rotating images from image gallery sites and much more.


Have more questions about UCView products or digital signage in general? Our experts can walk you through all the features of our system and help you pick the best solution for your needs. Request a free online demo today. Registration is quick, easy and FREE!