Android Signage Setup Guide

Android Setup Guide

Install & Setup UCView App On Your Android Device

For Android players with Google Play Store, locate the UCView digital signage app. This can be found by typing UCView in the search bar.
  Select the UCView Digital Signage Player icon and click Install
  The app will take a few seconds to install. After it’s complete, select Open
  A UCView password will appear on screen.
  Take note of the password as it will need to be typed in later during the registration process.
  Using any web browser, go to
  Type in your username and password.
              You should have received your username and password from your account representative. If you cannot locate it, please contact the UCView support desk for assistance.
  If this is your first time logging into UCView Portal, you will need to register your device through the UCView Player Activation Wizard.
  Select the Get Started button.
  Choose a layout of your choice and click the Create Layout button by hovering your mouse cursor over the layout image.
  Set location and player names for your layout. Make sure to use a name that’s easy to remember and relevant to your application.
  Press Yes to setup your player now.
  Select I have my own hardware and then select the Next button to register your player.
  Enter in the password you originally received by installing UCView on your Android device.
  Select Save to complete the registration process.
  After completing the steps required in the Wizard, you will be able to access UCView’s web-based interface to create, upload, and modify content.