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Benefits of Digital Signage In Hospitals

By Alex on 11/05

Benefits of Digital Signage In Hospitals

Digital signage is a combination of display screens placed in healthcare centers to offer both staff and patients, an engaging medium of interaction and learning, and promote good health in the work place.

Some examples of digital signage include:

  • Touch screen portals
  • Video screens
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Private label television
  • Digital information boards
  • Interactive wayfinding tools

Digital signage decorates not only office space but also hallways and entrances, exam rooms, the waiting room, and anywhere else within the center. Adding digital media platforms instantly shakes up the appearance of healthcare centers, and also adds more than just beauty to your office.

Media displays regarding health uplifts a patient’s experience while also making it easier to communicate and have a closer relation with them and other staff.

How digital signage benefits patients

How digital signage benefits patients

A lot of time is wasted in line waiting for your turn to see the healthcare attendant. Instead, turn this boring experience into a once in a lifetime opportunity using interactive intake kiosks which also reduce the waiting time. Patients will be thankful when they learn that they can use this media to check-in, update records, book appointments, see and pay their bills, make reminders, receipts, and so much more.

Decrease perceived wait time.

Digital screens with interactive content make the long wait seem a bit shorter. A 10-minute wait can buzz through like 5 minutes when you are watching information that is tailored specifically for you, focusing on what you need.

Decrease perceived wait time.

Digital screens with interactive content make the long wait seem a bit shorter. A 10-minute wait can buzz through like 5 minutes when you are watching information that is tailored specifically for you, focusing on what you need.

Share important health-related information.

The content you pass across doesn’t always have to be entertainment. You can use the chance to sneak in some facts about health, educational content, or throw in an interesting health topic that challenges the reasoning skills of patients.


Digital signage has come up as the best media for wayfinding. Many people can relate to the fact that it is very easy to get lost in a large, unfamiliar hospital. This unpleasant experience can easily be avoided by using modern wayfinding signage that is straightforward. Experts have married digital signage with touchscreens to create engaging wayfinding applications that even a novice can use. No more wandering around looking for your doctor. Wayfinding displays are set up in strategic locations like emergency rooms, clinics, the reception, radiology and other accessible centers.

A well-made wayfinding map will share valuable information such as your location, how to find emergency rooms, stars, and elevator locations. It can also have inbuilt QR codes that visitors scan to download the area map to their devices. Some are willing to download a dedicated application that will help them find their way around the healthcare facility. These apps will have all the information people will need.

Merits include:

  • A better client experience
  • Better access to the facility
  • Less distraction from healthcare staff
  • Needs fewer resources to use

Create a connection to staff

Healthcare is an industry just like any other and patients want to know who they should talk to. Digital signage lets you introduce yourself in a pristine manner. The team can create introduction videos that also explain your areas of specialty to help foster a strong and trusting relationship with patients.

Communicate with loved ones

Digital displays are not only made for patient-centric info. You can also use them to talk or bond with the family, friends and loved ones of the patient. Digital screens can be placed in waiting rooms to give updates and other information to the family.

How digital signage benefits the staff

Reduces strain on human resources

Technology reduces the work we have to do. Instead of hiring guides to show people around, interactive kiosks with the wayfinding tool will keep visitors from getting lost each time.

Provide consistent staff training

You can record educational information, lifesaving procedures, and other materials that trainers will use to teach their staff instead of repeating the same things over and over again. This also reduces the resources you will need.

Organize internal info, client intakes, rotation, and care

Digital screens can also double as internal communication. Signage can speak to both client and staff about schedules, patient status and other vital information. If the room is large enough, digital displays sharing the same information will ensure that staff are always updated.

Empower staff

A fluid communication system makes it easier for things to get done. If staff are provided with relevant information, it makes their work easier and they will be proud of the results they get.

Decrease hallway congestion

Patients find their way faster when they use digital wayfinding displays. This eases traffic in hallways and people get to where they are needed faster and won’t need a guide for visitors of patients.

Delivers emergency information.

Healthcare displays are an entangled nerve network of communication relaying information as fast as possible. This information is uniformly displayed on all screen and can instantly share emergency information in case of a fire, accident or data breach.

How digital signage benefits your healthcare practice

Digital signage has unlocked a new horizon of relaying communication seamlessly. It is as easy as a single tap of a button. With such cutting-edge technology, the products can be ordered, installed and run within minutes.

Promotes services and products

Sharing content via digital signage is a brilliant marketing strategy that lets people know the wide range of services they stand to benefit from. Details about future plans, events and news can also feature on the display.

Highlights awareness initiatives

Digital signage is perfect for building awareness, and is best used in promoting healthcare programs. Also, since content is easily changed, you can always update clients about recent developments regarding healthcare.

Creates a cohesive brand

You want your brand to always be one step ahead of the competition. Digital signage lets you reach out to potential clients in an interactive way and builds a lasting impression right from the start.

Increased network security

Security is key in healthcare facilities. Many firms dish out big bucks to beef-up their firewall. The best digital signage options to use always have the privacy of customers in mind and also protect the facility from external attacks.

Lower maintenance cost

Digital signage has evolved from a high cost feature to a must have display based on automation and programming. Modern displays are also customizable and the content can easily be updated so that staff can focus on more pressing issues.