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Benefits of white label digital signage solutions

By Alex on 01/28

Benefits of white label digital signage solutions

Benefits of white label digital signage solutions

What is white label solution?

Basically, white labeling means taking someone else’s product and rebranding it. Unlike TV commercials that make products extremely enticing, white label solutions offer the same product, only difference being re-packaging and selling under a different brand name and logo.

Because it is tedious to go into the field and do market research and development of an entry level product, white labeling is a new fad for vendors to expand and have working prototypes of software and technology. Depending on the context, white label buyers can either sell internally, externally, or as a large enterprise.

How does white label digital signage software work?

A company might fully be anchored on digital signage, or it could have it on some of its departments. Either way, white label features present the opportunity of customizing digital signage platforms, a surefire way of making a lasting impression on the mind of clients.

The aim of having a white label product is to have your brand name on a top tier product. For digital signage, this can be placed on the dashboard or in networks where clients choose the content they wish to see.

What are the benefits of using a white labeled digital signage software product?

Scale your services. You can incorporate more services to your rate card without spending a lot of time in the process as a white label reseller.

Lower your costs. Being a jack-of-all-trades comes with more expenses. Because pricing in white labeling almost always come at a discounted rate, you save more cash and more.

Look like a genius with your customers. Before long, you will find the perfect white label software with flawless solutions and high quality all the time. Instead of endless sleepless nights to develop expertise, you will have it in one night.

Benefits of white label digital signage for the producer

Two words: increased distribution. In the world of product marketing, people will always go blow for blow to get their product seen and selling. Having your product selling privately under a different label can give it the exposure you want. In almost every industry, there remains untapped potential that could be built upon if the right company is given the chance to enter and rebrand some products and services.

Another basic but beneficial reason of having your products white labelled is that support is pushed to the third-party representative. If there should be a rebrand, the producing company requires first and second tier customer support to trickle down. This consequently boosts sales and revenue with some increase in support and management expenditure. This can only work if your software and network are dependable.

Benefits of white labeling digital signage for the marketer

As a digital signage reseller, you stand to reap more benefits when you land the opportunity to partner with firms that offer digital signage white label solutions. Here are some reasons to use digital signage white label products:

  • Low cost of market entry. How much cash do you invest to create your own digital signage solution? How much effort goes into turning your concept into a working solution that is bug free and secure? All these depend on how you wish the software should run and on which operating platform you want the solution to run. Notwithstanding, you steer clear of complications – primarily incurring extra costs – that arise from product development and testing.
  • Maximize recurrent revenue by jumping on the SaaS wagon. A lot of resellers purchase the servers, players, and most associated software from the vendor, and will charge for hosting on their own regional sigh network. by 2011, the SaaS community was worth more than 1 billion dollars. It was also expected that close to 25% of new corporate software will be provided as a service (Gartner Inc, 2006). There is no exception for digital signage as well. In future, digital signage SaaS opportunities will be huge!
  • Automated billing, provisioning, and servicing of business customers. Most privately made software packages will be fabricated with customer management services, allowing easy monitoring of revenue, RMAs, along with a lot more services as the digital signage network expands. This is another benefit of using white label digital signage.
  • Quick deployment. Less time spent developing means more time for delivering services. Be it business plan deployment, rapid website deployment or digital signage network deployment, you can be busy providing solutions to clients right from day one.
  • Multiple languages, geographies, and currencies. Like many ready-made software, white label applications come with multiple language support and can be adopted virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Marketing and sales support. Video tutorials, product PDFs, hardware and software information, and worker training are just some complimentary services offered to white label resellers.
  • Rebranded user interface. White labeling solutions doesn’t change the product. Only the brand name and logo of your choice will be needed to rebrand the product.
  • Specify your own pricing structure. One major reason for a digital signage rebrand is to be a master of your world and set competitive prices that will improve the bottom line.


Questions to ask when choosing a white label partner

  • Security: what do you do to ensure the network is secure? Hammer out any vulnerabilities by making sure your potential partner has spot-on documents and a plan of reinforcing security when needed.
  • Scalability: what is the process of adding or removing displays when the project picks up? If the partnership is to be successful, you’ll make it easy to work together.
  • Reliability: is there a backup plan when the internet connection fails? In the long run, a blank screen means lost revenue. Worst case scenario, will the screen show cached info or go dark?
  • Partnership experience: how many firms has your white label partner worked with previously? Digital signage partners who are renowned resellers can foster a lasting business relationship.
  • White label is a perfect way that small networks can maximize profit within their geographic area. However, the solution must be thought through and factor pricing, territorial and development agreements to reduce risk of failure.