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Boost Brand Marketing With Digital Signage

By Alex on 03/11

Boost Brand Marketing With Digital Signage

Marketing is an ever-growing and ever-evolving field of every business. Other than that, it is also one of the most important aspects that will help the business itself grow and evolve – so you are already aware, we’re sure, of how important it is to use it wisely and to stay up to date with it, or even better, ahead of your competition. That’s where digital signage content comes into the picture. By using the newest tech and upgrading your game, you will not only provide more interesting and engaging content than any of your competitors, but by doing so, you’ll attract more customers and make sure the word about your business to spend more quickly than usual. So, how can you boost your marketing with digital signage content?

First of All: Set Your Goals

This doesn’t go only for digital signage advertising; it is a basic rule of any type of marketing. It’s necessary to set your goals if you want your campaign to be a success. Think about what you want to achieve by using digital signage content. Is it more followers on social media, sell more products, or something else? Make sure that every member of your team knows what the goals are and how they will be measured.

Design Your Content

Once you’ve set your goals, you should have a good picture of what is needed to achieve it, and it’s time to actually create it. Think about what your customers should see to improve their relationship with your company. Whether you want to tell them about upcoming offers they should look out for, or make them interact with your brand more than before, consider the design, colors, white spaces, and most importantly, types of content you want to have. You can also show some user-generated content and show your visitors that your respect and loyalty is mutual. Remember, the more attractive the content is, the more likely it is to have results.

Decide Where You Want to Place the Screens

The screen position is another very important aspect of your digital signage marketing campaign. Here, again, you need to consider your goals in order to determine the best place for your content. It probably goes without saying – it should be placed in areas of high traffic, or at least areas where customers spend a longer period of time. Also, remember that their ability to focus on what’s in front of them depends on the activity they’ll be doing at that moment. For example, customers who are standing in line waiting to pay for what they bought should see different content than those who just entered the store.

Create a Content Schedule

Decide what your customers will see at which screen, and when. You can use different screens at different times of the day, or in the different positions at your office, as mentioned above. A good schedule is very important because it will be there for the right customer, at the right time and place – become useful for them and encourage them to engage with it. Play with different schedules until you come up with the perfect combination.

Ask for Feedback and Track Your Progress

Once you’ve put up the displays and set up their schedules, the first step we’d recommend is to ask someone in the business, who hasn’t seen it before, for an honest opinion. Not only will they be able to point out some things that are difficult to understand, but they might also notice the typos or problems in the design that you didn’t. Another thing that you should try is track the metrics to see if your campaign is making progress. You could include promo codes or use a similar strategy to see how many of your visitors engaged with your content. Based on that, you can react.

Review, Rinse, Repeat

Once you’ve gained feedback and tracked your progress, you can learn from it in order to create a better, more interesting and more engaging content. Negative feedback is not necessarily a bad thing – it can allow you to learn from it and grow your marketing strategies in the future. So, adjust the content, track it again, and edit if necessary. Then, repeat, until you are satisfied with the results. At that point, your campaign is ready for a wider audience.

You’re Ready to Rock and Roll!

After you go over all the details, create a great design and schedule it properly, receive feedback and track your success with a smaller audience, you are ready to show off your digital signage advertisement. If you’ve done every step carefully and considerately, you should see great results. And of course, one of the great things of digital signage is the fact that you can always edit the content if you notice something should be fixed.

To Sum Up…

Creating a digital signage marketing campaign is a must for every successful company, or one that wants to become widely recognized within their target market. Not only does it allow you to play with different types of content, from simple presentations, to images, GIFs and videos, but it is highly engaging and very interesting for an average customer. So, if you are ready to go ahead your competition, sell more products, have more satisfied customers or just gain more social media followers, digital signage is your go-to companion. Use it in a restaurant, local shop, hotel lobby or at an event you are planning, and if you follow our suggested steps, you are certainly going to acquire great results.

Digital signage is a highly useful tool for assisting your customers when there is no agent around.

Always keep in mind your customers/visitors and their needs or wishes, and you can hardly fail. We’re sure that it is going to be absolutely amazing! If you would like custom tailored digital signage solution that fits your content needs you can schedule a free consultation with one of our digital signage experts. Good luck with your plans and your digital signage marketing campaign!