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Digital Signage In Higher Education: How to Get the Best Results

By Alex on 03/24

Digital Signage In Higher Education: How to Get the Best Results

The demand for technology is constantly growing in need within higher education. According to PEW Research Center, those between the ages of 18-29 years old use the Internet more often than any other age group (Internet Use by Age, 2017). This age group encompasses the majority of students that are in higher education, making the demand for digital media crucial for keeping students updated and aware on what’s going on around campus. However, some campuses may come across a few problems when deploying digital signage. Whether it’s due to budget constraints or miscommunication, it’s important to watch out and not do the following when deploying digital signage technology across campus.

  • Overwhelmed IT: IT staff on campus are often overwhelmed as the need for technology increases year after year in colleges and universities. If multiple software platforms are being displayed simultaneously, this will only increase burden among staff and cause more devotion than what’s necessary for a signage network.
  • Inconsistent Messages: When individual departments across campus deploy their own digital signage, there is often very little consistency with the type of content shown on screen. It’s important to display consistent messaging and layouts throughout campus, not just for branding purposes, but to ensure that the right information is shown across campus at the same time.
  • Multiple Platforms for Emergency Messages: When an emergency occurs on campus, it’s essential that the alert reaches the entire campus. When multiple systems are utilized throughout campus, it can hinder these messages from reaching everyone.
  • Disorganized Permission Approvals: It is essential to know who has access to network management and content development on any signage network. It can become very difficult to manage it if multiple software platforms are used across campus.

Digital signage is great when it’s used in the correct manner throughout campus. When only one software system is deployed, IT staff can maintain more control, set permissions levels, and ensure that all networks are secure. It will also become less of a hassle and provide a more successful experience for everyone on campus.