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Digital Signage In Transportation

By Alex on 12/18

Digital Signage In Transportation

Since the merging of transportation with digital signage, millions of people on the move each day have been enjoying interactive displays that provide them with information throughout their journey. Digital signs are the most promising enterprise that should be installed in transportation hubs that want to relieve travelers from boredom that comes with long journeys. 

If you are considering installing digital signs, here are some reasons why travelers will thank you for it: 

Help to keep passengers safe

Not only are digital signs a priceless asset of entertainment and mass communication, they can also double up as a quick-fire emergency communication network. Because new content can be programmed into many displays at once, huge crowds can be alerted whenever there is an emergency or security threat. 

Thousands of travelers can be warned if there are emergencies along the way that could potentially lead to delays or canceled transit. Security threats are a perpetual reality and digital signage play a crucial role in keeping travelers safe. 

Displaying more information than ever 

Digital signage is versatile because new information can be added at the tap of a button. These displays spread information faster and with more precision than if you use announcement boards. Digital signs are excellent communication and wayfinding tools that can be used in waiting areas, stations and vehicles: 

Arrival times can be accurately predicted and displayed on screens to ease the tension of waiting. Any delay in traffic or other unexpected circumstances can be used to predict the arrival time which is displayed on digital screens.

Emergencies, delays or cancellations are unpleasant but customers need to be updated when they occur. Customers tend to be anxious when they aren’t sure what they are coming up against and it’s important to be updated to avoid any panic attacks or harsh reactions. It is also important to note the value of entertainment while travelling. On long trips, movie classics are quite the reward for passengers. 

Digital signage can show the entire network to the passenger. The best use of digital signage is seen in South Korea’s bus shelters. While some travelers indulge in recent news and traffic reports some can kill their waiting time playing games! That’s good use of digital screens, don’t you think? 

GPS Digital Signage

Digital signage can also be used with Global Positioning System (GPS) to give the live location of the vehicle you are in. even though GPS was originally meant for the military, it has sneaked into everyday use and can be lifesaving to passengers who are visiting a new area for the first time and want to find their way around. 

The integration of GPS with digital signage means that content will display based on the location. For example, ads and travel guides can be made to provide more information about local landmarks or events nearby. 

Optimize the travel experience

Digital signage provides information and entertainment and this is what builds the travel experience. Interactive displays are vital in keeping the customer engaged. They have all information the traveler needs but are not only limited to buses and trains. Digital displays are finding a new use; some can be used for playing games and wayfinding.

Apart from the obvious use of giving information and entertainment, the displays were primarily used in taxis for making payment. However, since more companies nowadays reach out to customers from devices they already own like smartphones, many taxi screens are being turned off leaving payment to smartphones and tablets. 

Provide a “travel guide” through interactive wayfinding kiosks 

Strategically placed digital screens in transit can come to the aid of travelers who are navigating through a new area apart from providing information and entertainment. Digital displays placed in public places provide maps and give simple directions for travelers to reach their destinations. 

Intuitive displays also have different features like expected walk or cycling time to various destinations within the city. This is akin to a virtual tour to your destination while also giving facts and fun details. In this way, users have a personal interaction with the display and enjoy this technology while they are on tour.  

Improve operations by reducing the workload of employees 

Digital displays save time by automation of activities that consume a lot of time. They provide travel information, maps and location data, as well as booking flights and making payment reducing the workload of employees and overall customer satisfaction. Moreover, employees don’t have to worry about updating content on their display since this can be programmed and implemented with a single click.

Additional information can also be provided using widgets and GPS data in real time like weather and traffic updates. Travelers can have all the information they need without taking a toll on employees. There as many uses of digital signage as you can imagine. the interactive displays can be programmed and show whatever content you desire and suit travelers in your area. These benefits also extend to employees who get a reduced workload and get more time to concentrate on customer service.