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Increase Employee Engagement

By Alex on 01/13

Increase Employee Engagement

How digital signage increases employee engagement

When people ask who an engaged employee is, the first thing that comes to mind is a team player. Someone who knows what the company wants and can rally other people to meet its objectives. An engaged employee is happy to work in the company because they are creative and motivated to always do more.

Exactly what you had in mind, right? All companies demand the best from their employees and will make this clear right from the start. However, such enthusiasm isn’t the case because not all companies have the best strategies or have time to talk with their employees.

Using digital signage as a way of reaching out to employees is a simple, actionable strategy that companies can use to maximize employee engagement. Below are ingenious ways that will show you how best to use digital signage for your content.

The 3 C’s of employee engagement: clarity, context and communication

Clarity means that everyone knows their role, has the right tools to get things done and is good for the job. In the workplace, it needs to be clear that you value an ‘engage-able moment’ that tells people you are open to new ideas.

Context answers the question if what you’re working on adds value to the company. It can be inventing products, giving top notch service to clients, or leading safety training. You may be caught up in your own ambitions that you don’t understand how this is important to the company. All that you do has a domino effect and can impact the customers, revenue, or the community.

Communication if the fuel that drives engagement. When it comes to communication at work, it’s not enough to hammer the basics with new hires and wait for performance reviews.  Even though management is pivotal in giving life to engagement, their role should be greater than just organizing as a whole.

Many firms use digital signage at the workplace to foster an engaging work environment with employees. Because digital signage easily grabs the attention of your employees, you can take this chance to sneak in powerful messages that will foster an engaging workplace.

Why is digital signage a great tool for increasing employee engagement?

What is a digital sign? A digital sign is any display that is used to show media or text. It includes data dashboards, in-store advertisements, live traffic updates, or a team’s Google calendar.

The best way example of digital signage in the corporate workplace is a digital bulletin board. Instead of using traditional printouts to pass messages, companies can take advantage of quality 1080p FHD displays. Digital signage appeals to our visual palates and when married with the right content, can be quite captivating.

Another benefit of using digital signage is that they are a direct link between management and employees. And because everyone can see the same message at the same time, many messages can be communicated at a go without risk of losing context or being misunderstood.

On top of that, is a rapid way of communication that only requires the recipient to understand what is being shown. An employee needs only one glance and can tell right away what is needed of them. This communication method is vital in passing notices, updates, or real time data. This saves a lot of time so that employees can work on what really matters.


How to use digital signage to build employee engagement

  • Let’s hear from leadership. What better way to get updates at work than from a digital display! Be it livestreaming a meeting or posting informal clips, there is no better way of streamlining communication than this.
  • Make goals meaningful and visible. Turn complex information into straightforward concepts using charts and graphs so that the point is understood by all. You can use the cafeteria screen to display some company statistics.
  • What are we recognizing? Recognizing employees is one way to build engagement. You could attribute the overall increase in customer satisfaction to the most improved worker who could be showcased as the employee of the month.
  • Promote and communicate survey results. If the company occasionally conducts engagement surveys, it is important to post the results as soon as they are out.
  • Celebrate collaboration. As the whole workplace shifts towards cross-team collaboration for projects to boost efficiency, the digital screen can couple as a way of communicating each team’s role for the project.
  • Welcome and “position” new hires. Creating a profile of new employees and a brief welcome message for them can ease the anxiety of a new workplace. You can also explain their role in the company – whether they are in sales, engineering, quality control, or client relations, to rocket their performance.
  • Who are our customers? It’s surprising that many employees don’t understand their customers. The best way to build engagement is by creating a feedback wall, or showcasing bestselling services based on customer reviews.

Using digital displays can create an unstoppable workforce because it builds employee engagement. It is fast and convenient compared to handouts, and displays virtually anything you imagine