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Next-generation classroom experience

By Alex on 10/12

Next-generation classroom experience

Why Education institutions are the ideal market for digital signage?

Today’s students have become what we call the “digital generation”. By the time they reach school age, they are fully accustomed and most comfortable with receiving information through digital screens, from their phones, tablets, laptops to their home TV’s.

Teachers and students alike have progressed to a digital learning platform. Most teachers have replaced the old chalkboards with classrooms digital screens and students have replaced paper notebooks with tablets and Chromebooks. Digital Signage throughout the school campus is the natural and obvious subsequent step.

Digital Signage in K-12 and Higher Education

Connecting in a large-scale campus

A challenge for many College and university campuses are that they are so large and spread out. students can feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Digital signage helps to connect between the students no matter where they are on campus. Displaying upcoming events and social posts builds a sense of community and helps form a connection between the students.

One of our many customers utilizing UCView is Santa Monica College, which uses our digital signage software to share information and social posts across their campus.

Promoting School events

Progressive schools have replaced outdated posters and banners with a superior solution which is greener, simpler, more sanitary and dynamic alternative, namely Digital Signage. Digital signage is the premier way to keep students and staff informed about sports games, rallies, guest lectures, and other events. Keeping your students well informed of upcoming events will help to increase participation, boost attendance and foster school spirit.

Stanford University advertises their football games and promotes participation at the Cardinal school game nights.

Confidence in school safety

What to do if a shooting occurs at a campus or a fire is raging?

Emergency alerts gives peace of mind, that no matter where you are on campus, all the digital signage screens will display emergency alerts, notifying students and staff of the situation as well as provide instructions to direct you to safety. UCView Global Alerts is compatible with any security protocol already in place at a school, such as CAP (Common Alert Protocol). One good example is Sam Houston State University which uses UCView Global Alert app to trigger displays in case of any emergency.

Celebrating Student and faculty success

How can schools recognize student and faculty achievements?

Digital Signage can be used to celebrate successes, boost student morale and demonstrate the school’s commitment to excellence. Academic or athletic achievements can increase a school ranking, improve its reputation and impress and encourage students and faculty alike.

Finding your way

Many of the campuses are so big and sprawling that they can resemble small cities. It is easy to get lost whether you’re a student or a visitor. Wayfinding in Kiosks throughout the campus provides information and maps of the campus. Fontana Unified School District uses UCView Wayfinding to simplify all their school’s students and guest’s experiences finding their way through the various campuses.

Promoting Student Well-Being

How do you identify or help a student which is struggling academically or emotionally?

Students can become easily overwhelmed and stressed with the amount of the schoolwork and expectations. You can use digital signage to provide important information about study groups, tutoring, special classes, study tips and faculty assistance. A timely message offering support or extra help can be a “sink or swim” moment for struggling students and elevate their well-being.

Easy as 123

UCView is as easy to set up as it is to use the software.

Don’t ask us. Ask the multitude of schools, colleges, universities and districts using UCView Software!

If you want to learn more about integrating digital signage into your classroom or campus, please schedule a webinar

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