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Self Service Kiosks And Digital Signage

By Alex on 11/14

Self Service Kiosks And Digital Signage

Self-service solutions have brought a new wave of techniques that help keep audiences entertained and in the know. Not only are they being used in healthcare, other sectors are reaping the benefits of digital signage and interactive kiosks.

The main reason why companies opt for self-service solutions is the long term ROI opportunities they promise. Content delivered via digital signage is effective, easily used by businesses and organizations to make changes without incurring extra charges, and any message can be quickly deployed for the audience. This combination provides analytics, organization, accessibility, and security, while also offering connection with clients via the engaging digital information.

However, you first need to understand the dynamics of self service solutions to leverage its advantages when acquiring an interactive kiosk and digital signage.


Self-service solutions help sort out administrative tasks effectively and accurately. Interactive kiosks improve processes, maximize the output, and stretch hours of operation.


Digital signage and interactive kiosk units build client loyalty through customized promotions. By rewarding customers with coupons and other goodies, the self-service solution captures more customers and creates more patrons for the brand directly increasing revenue.


The manufacturer is compelled to design and build self-service solutions that are ADA compliant. Customer interaction is key to businesses and the multi-language support ensures that organizations interact with customers from all over the world.


Robust interactive kiosks provide system performance management, system security and a myriad of components geared towards protecting the privacy of clients. This controls how information is authorized and collected, and how personal information on customers is handled.


Digital signage and interactive kiosks help businesses understand their customers more. In-store surveys gather customer opinions when they are within the premises. Businesses can use this information to develop suitable content for specific audiences for a better customer experience.


Analytics are a great way to audit effectiveness of content and ROI. Data gathered by self service solutions can be used to learn more about customers. Insight gained from analytics will then be used to design custom content for users and boost your ROI.


Interactive kiosks and digital signage can be made for wayfinding to guide users in buildings. Organizations and businesses can use their wayfinding abilities to improve customer service and satisfaction.


Businesses increase brand awareness by advertisements. Digital advertising is available in many formats including video, audio, text, and photo.

Order entry

Businesses can use interactive kiosks for order entry. It streamlines operations by reducing time wasted on taking orders while also slashing operational costs.


Self-service options encourage clients to complete transactions, therefore, increasing the bottom-line.

3 self-service lessons for digital signage

Make it easy to use

Customers love a straightforward operation. If the UI is cluttered, it reduces the likelihood of sales. This is also the case when they must go through several pages before finding a suitable product.

When designing interactive kiosks, make the UI friendly to use. The menu board cycle should be conveniently located to give information faster.

Make it a custom experience

A recent study has shown that more than 70% of customers expect no less than a personalized experience, a digital kiosk suitable for their brand. For example, Card Isle has a digital kiosk that allows customers to design their own custom greeting cards.

In digital signage, customization can be imparted in many ways. For instance, the company can use a cloud-based content management system for hyper localized messages. Facial recognition can also be used to identify the client’s age and gender to allow creation and delivery of targeted messages.

Make customer experience a top priority

You could have the latest technology, but if nothing works as it should, then it is not a useful device. There are many features that are required to build a functional and engaging self-help kiosk. You need a robust kiosk that can survive constant blasting with daily hazards, be it from weather or customers. Future maintenance plans are also important information that needs to be provided by the manufacturer.

The same concepts apply for digital kiosk. You need a kiosk that can withstand hot temperatures. You also need a working content management system. However, in digital signage it takes more than durability to satisfy clients. Creative content can take a business the extra mile in customer satisfaction. Customers will love messages that are made for them and this will directly influence the overall experience. Business is hard, and this is why you need a flashy device displaying the right message.