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The Power of Repetition in Digital Signage

By Alex on 09/06

The Power of Repetition in Digital Signage

Repetition is a classic advertising technique used to solidify a brand or product in a consumer’s mind. You can make use of this effective advertising strategy in digital signage by syncing your playlists and using consistent branding elements. In this article you will learn a few rules about using repetition in your advertising campaigns. We will also show you how you can sync your playlists to create brand awareness, add ambiance to your venue, and reinforce your message. This is especially useful for places with significant foot traffic such as stadiums, arenas, transit stations, or malls.

Frequency Breeds Familiarity

Repetition can greatly increase customer memory of your brand or product. Reusing familiar imagery and words can help the viewer form familiarity with your brand. Once the viewer is familiar with what you are offering, they will be more inclined to trust you. Be careful not to go overboard and cause viewer fatigue.

The two-factor theory suggests that repetition can have a positive effect on brand recognition for a while, but can swing the other way around and make the viewer annoyed if it is overdone. This latter phase is called the “wear-out”. The viewer grows tired of your brand and may even develop contempt for it.

Try using repetition in promotion for new products, services or events and then decrease frequency over time as more viewers become familiarized.

Syncing Playlists For Effective Repetition

Let’s say you have digital signage screens in your retail store and you want to use them to display an advertising campaign for a new product rollout. You can sync all of your displays to make sure your visitors are seeing the new product offering wherever they are in the store. These new ads will grab consumers interest and they will make a mental note of it. They will also notice that a large number of displays in the store are showing this same new product which will raise its perceived value. After all, if the advertiser displays a particular offering on all screens it must be important. This type of repetition technique can be very effective at creating a buzz around your new product or service. But be careful not to let it linger for too long. People will inevitably become fatigued from the same message.

Maybe you want to promote a big event in your stadium or automatically change the behavior of screens during a critical moment. Syncing playlists across your screens can help here too. You can emphasize the importance of the event by having all major displays showcasing strong imagery. Or you can make all screens go dark simultaneously to bring focus to the court for an important moment. Having synchronized control over all screens in your stadium gives you the power to set a proper ambiance for any situation.

Syncing screens can even help with A/B testing your advertising message. For example, you can divide your venue into zones with each playing a particular playlist on all of its screens. Displays in different zones will all have a slightly different redemption or referral code. Based on how many times a particular code is used you can see which digital signage campaign is more effective.