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Engage Retail Consumers Via Digital Signage

By Alex on 02/03

Engage Retail Consumers Via Digital Signage

Appealing to customers who are waiting in line may seem tricky, but it’s actually very simple if you know what your target population wants to view. Below are a few helpful tips on how to appeal to your customers in a retail environment.

Interactivity: Engage your customers by giving them something to do. When presented with enjoyable and interactive content, many customers will take the opportunity to engage with the content, even if it’s just a onetime thing. Implement an interactive game or even encourage customers to post real-time content or write product reviews on Facebook or Twitter via their smart phone. Customer engagement and interactivity via digital signage will help improve their recall, encouraging for them to return back to the store more often.

Smart Promotion Tactics: Don’t overwhelm customers with too much advertising materials. Of course every store wants to promote their products, but bombarding customers with too many sales pitches may come across as tacky, especially if the templates displayed look unprofessional. Instead of having them turn their heads away from digital signage, encourage them to view the screens by tailoring it to their needs. Digital signage is ideal for reinforcing your brand image, but when it is combined with other functionalities, such as videos, testimonials, social media integration, etc., it can become a pleasant and immersive experience. In addition, displaying templates that are consistent and easy on the eyes can create a positive outlook for your consumers.

Simple: No matter the situation, it’s best to keep your content simple and to the point. Keep in mind what the majority of your customers are doing. Are they mainly standing in line or sitting down in a waiting room? Also, keep in mind the average wait time for your consumers. The delivery of your content based on what your customers are doing at the moment can make a difference. If the average wait time for your customer is five minutes then display content that lasts only 3-4 minutes. Keep in mind that your content needs to be up to date and represent what you are selling at that moment.