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UCView and LG Bring Digital Signage Solution to MCCS

By Editor on 03/18

UCView and LG Bring Digital Signage Solution to MCCS

Extending on-base communication with digital signage

One of the Department of Defense’s busiest bases — offering a broad spectrum of training facilities for many active and reserve Marine, Army, and Navy units, as well as national, state, and local agencies — recently installed new LG based hardware displays for base-wide, state-of-the-art, AV communications. Each display comes with UCView Digital Signage Software enabling real-time, base wide communications.

With a large military and civilian population that includes different military service branches, support organizations, vendors, and on-base family housing — the ability for base management to communicate efficiently and effectively is paramount.

“The Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) team came to us with a problem; they needed an effective way to communicate across the entire base, whether it’s for their staff, for internal communication, or visitors,” said Walter Palencia, Business Development Manager, UCView.

“This large camp needed to move away from traditional paper signs and billboards in order to communicate base information and activities that are happening. MCCS wanted to better support their sponsorships, and most importantly, find a way to broadcast emergency information in real-time across the entire facility via the Common Alerting Protocol.”

LG displays and UCView content management software coming together

With a long history of working with agencies of all types, the UCView team has seen first-hand how networked digital signage systems can increase awareness and efficiency for large facilities. Government institutions now commonly use digital signage for meetings, events, employee messaging, public information, emergency alerts, training, entertainment, and much more.

The base needed a very scalable, flexible hardware system, along with robust, comprehensive control and content management software that would be easy for the MCCS staff to use. The UCView team designed a system using a mix of 50-, 55-, 65- and 86-inch UL3G Series displays from LG Business Solutions — controlled and managed by the UCView signage and content software platform.

The UL3G 4K UHD LED Digital Signage displays from LG feature native 4K UHD resolution for playback of compatible media in enhanced detail. The system’s brightness and contrast ratio deliver excellent visibility even in high-brightness environments such as storefront windows, bright training rooms or lecture hall settings.

“With the System on Chip, we download our app right into the display and can control the LG displays down to the BIOS level. This feature was crucial for the client,” explained Palencia.

“The MCCS team is now able to control power on, power off, input, volume, contrast, brightness — just to name a few things — all from within the software with one click. And they’re doing that with nearly 150 displays today, and that number keeps growing.”

UCView software platform allows users to easily create and manage media content on their displays. With support for video walls, displays, kiosks, and IPTV solutions, a simple drag and drop interface brings content control to all screens from a single location. No programming knowledge is required.  “LG hardware and UCView software was the winning combination for this installation,” said Palencia.

MCCS develops and broadcasts content within the workflow that is targeted for the various areas and audiences across the base. They also have general content that goes out across the entire network. Additionally, the UCView platform is integrated with the camp’s emergency alerting system, ready for any emergency alerts that will be automatically triggered and displayed on all displays in the network, using the Common Alerting Protocol.

Extending the use of digital signage

The UCView team is now working with the base and LG to extend the system to larger LED-based billboards, multi-display video walls, and to highly-ruggedized displays for outdoor/harsh-environment locations. And in the other direction, they are also looking to deliver the UCView content to desktop and laptop computers.

“The MCCS office now uses a combination of UCView modules along with the Adobe Suite of tools to bring in content and display it on the screen in a multi-zone environment. With LG displays and UCView content management, we were able to provide an A-to-Z solution and make it very intuitive so the MCCS can easily use and manage the system on a daily/hourly basis.”