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UCView Event Trigger

By Guy Avital on 06/29

UCView Event Trigger

Digital signage industry is evolving fast to accommodate the growing market demand for accurate dynamic content. Traditional Digital signage playlists don’t fulfill market demand when it comes to dynamic events and content distribution that requires immediate time sensitive content that changes on a queue or scheduling events.

The transition from traditional digital signage to event based signage requires technology enhancement, that will allow the signage software to trigger instant campaigns and complex events to digital signage screens across the venue. The traditional digital signage playlist takes a long time to propagate across the screens which is not effective in this scenario.

UCView LivLink technology was developed to solve this exact challenge. With UCView Event based on LivLink technology, all the screens are in live communication with the server, hence the server can send instant commands to play, pause, or change any campaign or playlist instantly, across hundreds of screens. UCView events allow you to trigger compex events that combine different campaigns on different displays.  We added on external triggers such as lights control and central audio functions. For Example Complex Events allows you to create a script to change the entire theme and layout of the venue - trigger unique content , Live Streams, menus, sponsors and advertisements in a click of a button.

UCView Events powered by LivLink combines playlists, VOD, IPTV, Light Control, External API calls and more.

UCView Events powered by LivLink is a great tool to transform your digital signage network from a standard playlist rotation to a full event based solution