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UCView Go - Content On the Go

By Alex on 06/25

UCView Go - Content On the Go

When it comes to digital signage why should information be stuck in one place? In this fast pace information age, your audience expects to have access to information on the go. 81% of American adults own smartphones. In addition, about 1 in 5 adults today use a smartphone as their main internet and media consumption device. It is becoming clear that when it comes to digital signage, the most trusted screen is the one in your pocket.

Now, more than ever, people are relying on remote communication on a daily basis. UCView Go is making it easier to reach people with your digital signage by making it easy for audience to access it through their own devices. We make our digital signage content reachable beyond one physical space by distributing content to the audience’s computers and mobile devices. This improves the reliability and accessibility of information no mater where the person is.

Make digital signage easily shareable

Sharing digital signage content to mobile or other devices is completely unique, and is ingrained in the fact that distribution of signage content was never before designed or encoded to mobile distribution. Media platforms such as youtube and livestream utilize HLS and dash technology to live stream video content and scale quality based on bitrate. UCViewGo utilizes the same technology to do the heavy lifting for you, by converting all the signage content you uploaded on the fly. You can broadcast any type of content from videos, live streams, images, HTML or any other content.

In addition, you have the ability to distribute the link to your signage playlist to recipients personal devices. For example, in work-at-home situations this can be a useful tool for remote employee training.

A user can also instantly view the signage playlist on their mobile device if they scan a QR code on your screen. This opens a plethora of new possibilities when it comes to information delivery. For example, a person can scan a QR code on the restaurant’s main menu screen and get the full menu right on their phone.

Easily share digital signage zone content on mobile devices via QR code scanning or on other devices through link sharing.

UCView Go introduces a host of new options for information delivery with distributed digital signage. From scannable QR codes on displays that send the full playlist to a user’s phones to a playlist link that can be sent via email. You can even embed UCView API in an app, and you have a full interactive channel with your audience. Discover new possibilities with UCView Go today.