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We Now Support SoC On SSSP 4.0 Tizen Displays

By Alex on 10/17

We Now Support SoC On SSSP 4.0 Tizen Displays

UCView has been working closely with Samsung to bring the most cutting edge features of UCView’s software to a fourth-generation Smart Signage Platform (SSSP V4.0) powered by Tizen OS. Previous UCView for SSSP product is now modernized and developed to deliver a much better experience and more satisfaction to the customer. This means now you can stream IPTV directly from any RTP stream to your digital signage screen.

The newest generation of UCView’s smart digital solution adopted the principle of embedding the media player and software inside the digital signage display via SoC (system on chip). Samsung was a co-founder of digital signage solutions with its original Smart Signage series a few years ago, and now with a faster hardware, Tlzen cross-platform operating system and fourth-generation smart displays, the bar is being raised even higher. New SSSP4.0 platform delivers upgraded graphics engine, increase in animation performance by 3 times compared to previous SSSP solutions, making SoC media players fully match PC based ones.

The new UCView virtual player app delivers many features like seamless video playlist, transparent image layering, multi-zone layouts, automated remote firmware updates, automated remote application updates, playback of up to two full HD videos, support for UCView Widget Development Framework and UCView Web Triggers which allow content triggering through UCView API. With an SSSP4.0, customers will benefit from much quicker updates, and the improved support of HTML5 APIs.

SoC has basically become a mainstream. It is built into the majority of commercial displays, and it is just a matter of time when it will be considered a standard. SoC and Tlzen are here to stay, and just like that, SoC players are becoming a legitimate alternative to all the PC based players. Do not hesitate, go head to head with new possibilities.