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Use Social Media For Engagement In Digital Signage

By Alex on 10/25

Use Social Media For Engagement In Digital Signage

Social media is a tool used by companies that want to increase their customer interaction. It is normally a union of brand with social media and digital signage. Their integration with each other is a way to streamline communication with customers.

Why bother with social media?

If you have asked yourself this question, you’re far behind. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and this is where close to 2.6 billion active users meet each day. With the advent of cheap digital signage options, brands can now intimately interact with customers on a wider scale.

Increases brand visibility

Social media makes it easier to make your brand popular. The best business decision you will ever make is to be always in touch with customers and not being left out because there are millions of active users to reach out to. Companies use social media to make customers aware that their brand exists. However, you can use social media to shape people’s mindset. This has to do with how engaging and interactive the company is. For example, an active social media site with active links draw in more clients than a dead and outdated site.

Encourages participation

The integration of social media and digital signage brings more to the table because when it comes to marketing, user engagement and participation is all that counts.
Picture a client who is in line for a doctor’s appointment, shopping for groceries, or are in a hotel lobby and are looking for something to grab their attention. Businesses that are active in social media also go a long way to encourage users to interact with the brand more. No one can resist a moment in the limelight. What better way to show you care about your customers than to have their thoughts on display, or perhaps a testimonial video that will make them feel appreciated.

Social media drives action

In business, the rule of thumb is that the customer is always right. Customers love it when their ideas are added to the next product. Only the best companies make it easy for their customers to share their thoughts in public so that user interaction continues both on and off the social media platform. Getting feedback from your customers is invaluable because this will also show areas that need improving and increase brand value.

Integration strategies

There are clear-cut benefits of using social media and digital signage:

  • Constant communication with customers is one way of getting new ideas for your next product
  • It shows which company values the opinion of its users
  • When customers are interactive, a company can tell what they love or which product should be taken off the shelf

To reap these benefits, companies need to mesh customer feedback into their digital screens. This is done in many ways but the final product will depend on customer interaction and the brand itself.

Incorporate real-time social feeds to drive action

Creating social media content for customers is becoming a popular trend because of cost and availability implications. It is one of the best ways of having a personal touch with your clients. Instead of struggling to create new content, social media feeds and interaction provide all material that will be on display.

Leverage the platform to boost special offers

By using social media feed, you aren’t only targeting to increase interaction but also make the brand popular. By encouraging customers to be more interactive you are also making it likely they will engage with content. This also makes it possible to sneak in offers and adverts that otherwise wouldn’t have.

Provide education with old social media posts

A recent study showed that one in three customers will go to your Facebook page to ask questions about your brand. This only means two things:

  1. The Facebook page is also an information hub
  2. There’s a lot of Q&A style content at your disposal

Skim through previous posts to list out the common questions. This will provide a basic framework which the company will use to develop a FAQ section for products and services. This not only provides an opportunity to learn but also shows that the business understands the market.

Gather feedback with social media tracking metrics

Communication is two ways; we send out information hoping for the right feedback. Social media comes with a wide array of tools to track feedback including likes, shares, impressions and more. Using digital signage together with social media feed to show how well a brand is received will help build better strategies for your products.


Social media and digital signage

Digital signage is still an upcoming trend in the advertising world but has the potential to immensely grow a business. Social media is one way to grow brand awareness and the real benefits are realized when used together with digital signage. For companies that want to be one step ahead of the pack, this path should be explored as soon as possible to gain the competitive edge. You can easily link up your social media accounts to our social display platform and get to display live feeds to your screen anywhere, anytime. Remember, linking your social media on our digital displays is all about your target audience. When you let them interact with your company the way they interact with each other, you narrow the gap between your brand and your audience.