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What Digital Signage Kiosks Can Do for You

By Alex on 08/28

What Digital Signage Kiosks Can Do for You

Digital signage kiosks are getting more and more popular, and for a good reason. There are multiple uses for it in various businesses and niches, and you should get acquainted with it because you’ll probably find that there’s something you can use them for, too.

As we are moving into the age of more responsive devices, a digital signage kiosk is a very welcome asset in any place where you want to update information within minutes or allow your customers to communicate with you or place orders easily. It is becoming more and more common and businesses have come up with various ideas on how to use this technology. Check out our little guide to all the different ways this it can be used, and you might find just the right tip for you.

Event Registration and Management

When it comes to event organization, digital signage kiosks have proven to be not only a very fun asset, but a very useful one, too. Interactive kiosks can be used for public events for registration – no need to hire multiple persons to check in the attendees, or provide the necessary information or hand out leaflets anymore. Set up one of these devices at the entrance and it can do be your most dedicated concierge and much more. The visitors can fill in surveys, find local information, print badges and even pay for entrance quickly and safely.

A great way to enhance an event experience for all the visitors is putting up a few digital signage kiosks. You can display an up-to-minute schedule of everything that’s going to happen, upload maps or pointers to find different venues, place food or drink orders, and even take selfies with a personalized frame ready for upload to Facebook or Instagram. Kiosk interfaces typically resemble mobile devices interactivity which users find inherently intuitive.

Tracking Inventory and Greeting Customers in Retail

Digital signage kiosks have also found multiple uses in stores of different sizes and purposes. When it comes to internal organization, they can become an irreplaceable part of the team by allowing them to control logistics, HR, inventory tracking and similar activities. Various employees can use them multiple times during the day and make sure everything is up to date, saving a lot of time in the process.

Not only that – you can use these devices in communication with your customers, as well. Allow the customers to leave you valuable feedback, customize their orders or decide on their payment method. If you own a restaurant, display a smart daily menu that can automatically change based on time of day, week, month or even location. We could easily say that only your creativity is the limit.


Speaking of restaurants, there’s a whole other world and space for digital signage kiosks there. Other than the aforementioned menus, special offers etc., there is the self-service option that can easily be fulfilled by this technology.

Give a smaller device to every table and allow them to pick their own food and place orders, or avoid long lines at fast-food restaurants by, again, putting out devices and encouraging the customers to use them instead.

Self service isn’t limited only to restaurants, either. Hotels can use this type of check-in experience for their customers, and even allow a mobile check-in or bookings. Possibilities are endless, and more and more businesses are deciding to ease the process by implementing this technology.


Many uses have already been found for digital signage kiosks, and many are yet to be found. The technology is advancing rapidly and it’s only a matter of time before another great idea pops up. For example, San Francisco city hall has implemented them to allow for an easier search of the building, translation and displaying lists of upcoming events. Awesome, right?

Using this technology has proven to be a great way to reach out to younger audiences, but since smart devices are becoming a necessary part of the life for people of all ages, it seems inevitable that it will take over soon enough. The user experience is enhanced since there are fewer lines and access to information is much easier, while companies need fewer employees to control the entire process. Both internally and internally, in many different businesses, digital signage is breaking through very quickly.

Did you think of where you can use the digital signage kiosks in your business? We hope these suggestions have given you some ideas, and we’re sure that implementing them will improve both your and your customers’ overall experience.  If you want to learn more about how to get started with your own kiosk solution feel free to reach out to our digital signage experts. We offer varying solutions depending on your needs ranging from wayfinding to our proprietary Kyooz system to make customer lines hassle-free. We can give you a free walkthrough of our digital signage solution and answer any questions you might have.