Digital Signage for Corporate

Improve Customer Service

Digital Signage Helps Banks Reach out To Their Customers

Increase customer acquisition with eye catching digital signage.

Banks and various financial institutions usually feature long lists of valuable customer services – and equally long customer lines that can lead to a substantial amount of missed business.Dynamic bank message boards offered by UCView will inform customers of services and promotions within each location, decrease perceived wait time displays, provide attractive entertainment and display important corporate branded information. UCView’s Digital Solutions is designed to help you improve customer cycle times and turn long lines into selling opportunities.

What Can Digital Signage Do For Your Bank?

Benefits of Digital Signage Usage

Display The Most Up To Date Information

Display current financial solutions, including home mortgage rates, specialized investment services, promotions for new accounts, and contact information to drive waiting customers to your other offerings.

Flexible Campaign Management

Create custom campaigns and schedule them for each area in the branch or all areas and branches at once.

Easily Change Display Information

Show holiday hours, policy changes or other special announcements, all updated at any time, from anywhere, with a few mouse clicks.

Provide a More Interactive Customer Experience

Touchscreen displays give customers a high-tech sign-in pad to see financial and account specialists.

Easily Scalable

UCView Digital Signage for single-location financial institutions and large financial institutions with multiple offices. Expanding your signage solution is as simple as adding players and displays. Add new displays to existing campaigns for different offices in different time zones with UCView's easy-to-use interface.

Attract Customers With Compelling Media

Use attractive graphics, music, and video to entertain and inform your customers. You can use various types of media to draw the attention of customers to important information.