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Deploy complete digital signage and IPTV solutions to as many displays as you need in your corporate offices

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UCView Features and Benefit

UCView’s solution delivers new experiences that amplify communication. It is designed to eciently deliver HD content and IPTV streaming, Video-On Demand and dynamic digital content to all digital displays and mobile phones throughout your corporate environment.

UCView allows you to design your screen layouts any way you want or pick from customizable templates, Display any multimedia file, IPTV streams, VOD, Youtube, social media and more. Quickly push content to players and any zones in a few clicks. You can even use responsive HTML content that can automatically adjust to different screen sizes and aspect ratios

Manage digital signage from a central web interface

To manage the digital signage network with UCView, users log-in to a userfriendly web portal from any device. This web portal allows school administrators and staff to manage their digital signage content from anywhere anytime. You can upload content and distribute the content easily to one or all displays and schedule it to play by date range and different times of the day.

UCView monitors and maintains the signage network for you.

UCView monitoring tools simplify maintenance of your digital signage displays. UCView server will monitor the health status of your players and displays and notify you of any issue. Built-in diagnostic tools will provide live IT data and status of any display or player. Furthermore, connectivity is always provided to upgrade and fix issues with the player software remotely. GlobalView feature allows you to visualize all of your displays in your network and lets you watch live content playing on any display.

UCView Security

We take your digital signage security as our highest priority and make sure we maintain these security standards before and after the sell. UCView server is built with the latest security features and was tested by highly secure organizations such as the Department of Defense. UCView does not only control its own software, when used in combination with a Smart TV, UCView controls the BIOS of the TV and secures it by disabling USB, Wifi,IR remote control and even the power button on the TV to prevent tampering. All these functions and control are done centrally from the UCView interface. UCView simplifies integration with LDAP Active directory and Single-Sign-on to ease management of users and security groups.

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Improved Workplace Efficiency

Corporate type companies want to improve employee' communication without overcomplicating daily operations. UCView goes beyond the goal of “If it is not Simple It is Simply Wrong”. UCView, powered by LivLink Event, simplifies the operation of your digital signage network by providing a central point of control for all displays and their content. This enables easy content segmentation to support multiple oces, events, and provides administrators and content managers with the ability to dynamically change their displays. All this is done from a tablet or web interface with a click of a button.

UCView is hardware and deployment agnostic. We don’t dictate what you have to use to power your signage network or type of deployment you want.UCView allows you to deploy our solution as a cloud SaaS solution or on-premise server. We can work with any hardware or operating system and existing players you already have including :

Samsung Smart Signage (SSP) Displays

  • LG webOS Displays
  • Samsung SMART Signage (SSSP)
  • Philips Android Displays
  • Sony Android TV
  • BrightSign Players
  • IAdea Players
  • Windows Players
  • Linux Players
  • FireStick
  • Raspberry Pi devices
  • NodeJS Players
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Power of Mobile Channels

Today's employees want access to media anywhere, anytime and on any device. To meet these demands, you need UCView: an end-to-end digital signage IPTV network optimized for rich-media services. UCView provides a digital signage and IPTV platform that is network-aware, media-aware, and device-aware to deliver more personal, social, and interactive media experiences to displays, Phones, tablets and websites. UCViewGo allows employees to scan a QR code from a digital signage display and take the content on the Go or watch submitted signage content right from their desktop.

We support the latest encoder technology using H.264, MPEG2 and now the latest H.265 (HEVC) video codec and management software

State of the Art Meeting rooms and display menu

The UCView corporate digital signage solution provides meeting rooms and waiting rooms with state-of-the-art features for an enhanced guest experience. UCView allows you to have displays throughout the waiting rooms and meeting rooms and controls each display using a phone app, remote control, or a third-party touch-panel supported by the enhanced User Control API. Users can switch between in-house channels to regular channels or play any VOD corporate content from the company's video library. UCView using Microsite can customize your IPTV menu to match company theme and brand.

Video Walls

Company lobbies, entrances and other common areas in your corporate building is your first opportunity to engage with employees , and visitors. Video Walls are a very popular way to deliver the “wow” factor by creating a large signage impact for your messaging, whether it’s a company branding or events promotion. UCView can manage any type of Video wall with System on Chip or any other hardware.

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Emergency Messages

Emergency messaging has become an essential safety tool for any establishment. UCView global alerts can override any and all displays in case there is an emergency. These alerts can be triggered from integration with CAP (common alert protocol) system using API, a web page or by using UCView global Alert app.

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Kiosk / Wayfinding

Kiosks are a great tool to assist and engage with your employees and visitors providing wayfinding, schedules and other useful information. Corporate kiosks are helping institutions increase their staff eciency through automating many of the tasks they normally handle such as with self-service capabilities for things like submitting requests, filling out financial aid applications and others. Wayfinding and building directories can simplify visitor experience finding their way through the company.

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