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Digital Signage For Education

A myriad of messages can be distributed across campuses through digital signage in lobbies, entrances, and interactive kiosks.

You can also generate ad revenue and increase student awareness by renting a section of one or more displays to local businesses, campus credit union, employers and community organizations.

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Applications & Key Benefits

Alert Messages

With college and university campuses exposed to the same threats and safety challenges that affect many parts of our society, having the ability to warn students, staff and visitors on your campus of potential weather problems and threats to personal safety is an incalculably important benefit of having an alert system via your digital signage displays.

UCView’s global alert system also includes CAP alert, which is an interactive public alert system that allows for emergency messages to be circulated simultaneously over multiple communication systems. CAP alerts trigger a variety of public warning systems which will increase the chance of recipients receiving the alerts.

Campus security can provide visual and audio emergency alert messages across the campus, immediately capturing viewers’ attention and helping ensure their safety.

Information Kiosks & Wayfinding Maps

A web-based touch-screen kiosk that can be equipped with interactive content for virtually any purpose.

Wayfinding kiosks can be displayed throughout the campus offering a self-service source for students, faculty, and staff.

Kiosks feature full-scale 2D or 3D maps that can be color-coded, and include icons as well as a helpful “You are here” locator to guide patrons to the right direction.

Kiosk GPS Options include:

Student Communication Board

Students use communication boards to communicate with their classmates and teachers. Some students may have a question, but they feel like they cannot relay that message directly to the instructor. In this case, a student communication board provides students with a tool to ask their peers questions. Communication boards can also be used by instructors and students to make presentations in the classroom setting.

Upcoming Events

Post upcoming events for students, visitors, instructors, and staff on campus. Campuses often have events planned out throughout the year, so digital signage can help inform students on events that will occur in the next upcoming days or weeks. Operators can design their signage by displaying the school logo and mascot as well as add images or videos from last year’s event. Professors and student organizations can even submit event fliers to an operator to be uploaded instantly to digital signage screens.

Live Broadcast

Live broadcasting or live television distributes important programs to inform the student body. Digital signage can be used to air important live news programs or entertaining sport games for the campus. Many schools display live content for students on campus. These broadcasts include live broadcasts from the campus news network and sporting events. Remote lectures can even be broadcasted via digital signage.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital signage menus are ideal for cafeterias and food establishments around campus. It’s cost-effective and allows for very minimal maintenance. Digital menu boards display more than just menu items, operators can provide dynamic images and even videos depicting clips of the restaurant’s top selling items.

Weather & Time

The weather and time are very popular apps which can also be integrated into digital signage. Whether you prefer a one day forecast or a five day forecast, many students rely on digital signage for the most essential information. UCView’s system allows for you to enter in any zip code to view current temperatures and weather conditions for your desired locations.


Post campus advertisements and discounts for the school’s bookstore, café, and shops all around campus.

Donor Recognition

Universities often rely on donations from alumni and business partners to help improve programs. Interactive displays allow for universities to display media, such as photos or videos, to tell stories about the donor’s affiliation with the campus.

Serve custom Content based on a Specific Population

Digital signage can be used for school-wide communications, but can also target specific groups by their location in their buildings. Tailor messaging based on the target population, for instance, display tips on being away from home for the first time for freshmen students in dorms.

Separate content can be displayed within each department. Digital signage screens can be displayed throughout each building and feature content tailored to the needs of your department. Digital signage from the departmental level can display information on career opportunities, office hours, and facts focusing on specific majors.

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