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High Traffic Zone

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In major cities throughout the world thousands of people travel daily to work, school, leisure, and home. They often pass by advertising placed on billboards, printed signs and posters that have provided quantifiable results for centuries. In the 21st century, however, digital signage is fast making traditional printed media obsolete. Versatile, easy to use, and cost-effective, digital signage is the way to go in order to improve your results and cut your costs.

  • Provide news, weather, sports scores, local events, and other popular information. Digital signage is immune to the recurring costs and environmental impact of creating, installing and maintaining traditional mass advertising.
  • Deploy rich content using full video, Flash media, PowerPoint presentations, RSS feeds, live TV, or most image and audio formats. Freely mix-and-match media to any section of the display and change to other types at will.
  • Schedule single or multiple campaigns to one or several locations using displays of numerous sizes and configurations. Matched display configuration guarantees consistent image and color standards across the installation.
  • Messages can be scheduled and replaced in a matter of minutes, not days. There is no need to deal with unforeseeable problems with printers, print houses, delivery trucks, color outputs, application alignments, and other display elements which remain consistent across installation.
  • Rent sections on your displays to help recoup your investment quickly. This is especially useful in malls, where manage ment can use in-mall advertising on digital signage as an incentive to increase occupancy and improve sales, increase awareness of local businesses, and help the local economy.

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