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Shoppers move through the aisles in the grocery store, making them a perfect target for exposure to in- store media.

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Digital Signage for Supermarkets

Manageable Foundation for your Digital Signage Network

The supermarket industry was one of the first to recognize the potential of digital signage and adopt the technology. Also referred to as point-of-sale signage, the high impact media delivered through digital displays in supermarkets has helped boost sales, as well as improve customers’ shopping experiences.

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Increase sales

Increase sales: by bringing current deals and on-going promotions to the customers’ attention. Targeted advertisements also increase impulse buying and improves sales of high-margin product. Point the customers to the product's location to further increase the likelihood of a sale.

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Generate additional revenue

Generate additional revenue from ad sales. In-store exposure leads to significant boosts in sales and solidifies a brand’s presence. National brands may seek to supplement their existing ad campaigns. Local brands may be interested in promoting their products, services, or sponsorships. Supermarkets are one of the best-suited networks to narrowcast messages to a local audience, which makes them extremely valuable venues for advertising.

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Build customer loyality

Build customer loyalty by improving their shopping experience in your store. Digital screens can offer a lot of potential in helping make the shopping experience more pleasant and memorable.

  • Minimize perceived wait time in check-out lines with engaging content
  • Introduce shoppers to new recipes and how-to info to help improve customers' satisfaction
  • Allow customers to locate desired foods and services quickly with a quick look-up
  • Run text-to-screen content to engage your shoppers with your brand and/or location
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Reduce costs

Reduce costs by avoiding print material for in-store signage. Digital signage campaigns are also much more readily-available. They can be created and deployed in just minutes, a stark contrast to the days-long wait for print material to be designed, created, and delivered.

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