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Supported Platforms

UCView Media's
Supported Platforms
Samsung Smart Signage Platform

Samsung Smart Signage Platform or SSSP, is Samsung's own open-source solution, delivered through Tizen, a system-on-chip platform which removes the need for auxilary devices to connect your signage platform to a server and get your content live!

Supported Versions
Versions Model Line Year
SSSP4 Tizen 2.4 F 2016
SSSP5 Tizen 3.0 H 2017
SSSP5 Tizen 4.0 N 2018

LG webOS

LG webOS Smart Signage Platform is an ideal system which provides intuitive, diverse opportunities for digital signage. The system-on-chip solution makes the installation of your devices minimal, simple and fast.

Supported Versions
Versions Model Line Year
webOS 4
Standard Signage

IDB (touch)



Ultra Stretch

High Bright

webOS 3.2
Video Wall

IDB (touch)


webOS 3
Standard Signage

High Bright


Phillips Professional Display Solutions

Phillips Professional Display Solution provides a system-on-chip solution with an Android-based platform. With wide range of customization, faster and powerful processing, Phillips Professional Display Solutions are made to grow with your needs.

Supported Versions
Versions Model Line Year
Android 4 D-Line 2016
Android 5 P-Line 2017
Android 5 Q-Line 2018


BrightSign-powered UCView Signage is an ideal solution for reliable continuous delivery, with the device being specifically built solely for Digital Signage. BrightSign delivers an experience that is very intuitive, easy-to-use, and adaptable to many various signage content needs. BrightSign's hardware is the most modern and well developed in the signage industry.

Supported Versions
Model Line Year
LS | HD | XD | XT N/a

Panasonic Open Port Platform

Using the powerful OpenPort PLATFORM TM operating system, Panasonic's AF1 Series allows for immense control over your displays with a wide variety of applications. The AF1 presents a perfect solution for easy installation and intuitive customization.

Supported Versions
Versions Model Line Year
OpenPort Platform AF Line 2016

Amazon Fire TV Series

Fire TV is a simple, Android-based, affordable media streaming device that is plugged into an HDTV for access to media over the internet, allowing the device to access web and local servers. Fire TV comes compatible with Voice remote, making control over your display content even easier.

Supported Devices
Model Storage Max. Resolution
Fire TV Stick 8GB 1080p
Fire TV Stick (4K) 8GB 4k
Fire TV Cube 16GB 4k

Supported Third-Party TVs
Make Model Max. Resolution
Insignia 24/32/39NS-24DF310NA19 720p
Insignia 43/50/55NS-43DF710NA19 4k
Toshiba 43/50/55LF621U19 4k
Toshiba 32/43/49LF221U19 720p

Phillips Professional Display Solutions

UCView Media supports a full range of Android Platforms and Players. UCView's Digital Signage Platform is easily ported to any device running on Android OS, including tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs.

Supported Versions
Versions Year
Android 4.4.x 2013
Android 5 2014
Android 6 2015
Android 7 2016
Supported Android Players
Manufacturer Model
Lenovo Tab 3 10 Business
Giada DN72

Windows Based Signage

UCView Media Solutions use Chrmoium and Ms Edge architectures to develop the software needed to push your content. Our software easily mounts on any Windows 10 PC and quickly configured to your display setup.

Supported Versions
Versions Architecture
Windows 10 x86/x64
Windows 10 loT ARM and x86/x64

Linux Based Platforms

UCView provides several Linux based platforms which are highly advanced and versatile, and can be delivered through multiple Operating systems including Ubuntu and Raspbian.

Supported Versions
Versions Architecture
Ubuntu 16.4LS x86/x64

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a simple to use, light weight and affordable micro-pc running on a linux based kernel. It is an ideal solution for it's strength-to-cost ratio and it's minimal impact on required space.

Supported Versions
Version Architecture
Raspberry Pi 3 B ARM

Chrome OS

UCView Media supports a multitude of Google Chrome OS platforms, personal computers, handheld devices, and Chrome-based browsers, making it one of the most versatile platforms supported. As an Open-source system, Chrome-based devices are easy to find and may come as many different third party systems.

Supported Versions
Version Model Line Year
Chrome OS AOPEN Chromebox | ACER Chromebox | HP Chromebox | ASUS Chromebox | Chromebit 2015 - 2017