UCView IPTV is the key IPTV component of a fully deployed Digital Signage and IPTV solution which provides the necessary flexibility to coordinate, manage and organize the efficient delivery of customized, exciting digital content to hundreds or even thousands of television displays throughout any number of venues.

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Amplify Your Events

UCView IPTV solution delivers new experiences that transform and amplify the intensity of any event for attendees. With UCView IPTV you can capture and record content from a wide range of sources, and broadcast them across an IP network to signage screens, players, interactive IPTV displays, mobile devices and more.

Today's audience wants access to media anywhere, anytime and on any device.

End-to-end IP network optimized for rich-media services. OmniView provides an IPTV platform that is network-aware , media-aware , and device-aware to deliver more personal, social, and interactive media experiences.


UCView supports the latest encoder technology using H.264, MPEG2 and now the latest H.265 (HEVC) video codec and management software.


UCView allows you to have multiple displays throughout the luxury suite and controls each display using a phone app, remote control, or a third-party touch-panel supported by the enhanced User Control API.


Efficiently deliver HD and UHD IPTV Streams, Video-On Demand and dynamic digital content to all digital displays, tablets and mobile phones throughout any venue.

Enhanced Luxury Experiences

The UCView IPTV solution provides state-of-the-art features for a modern event experience.

Luxury Suites

UCView IPTV allows you to have multiple displays throughout the luxury suite and controls each display using a phone app, remote control, or a third-party touch-panel supported by the enhanced User Control API. Users can switch between in-house channels to regular channels. The guests can choose to watch another sport or game on one TV while watching the in-house event on another.

Concession Stands, Restaurants,Bars

Similar to the luxury suites, the content of the displays in restaurants and bars can be controlled with a tablet or touch panel, allowing customers to watch in-house events, and many other broadcast events as there are TVs. Staff can control TVs from user friendly tablets with applied permission to only the screens in their area. You can control any TV functionality, channels and operation. Built-in recording can allow time shifting and playback recording of any part of the game from any TV. Microsite can integrate to a point-of-sale (POS) application. Venues can give luxury-suite guests the opportunity to easily purchase food, beverages, and merchandise, customize the menu to the venue theme and more.

Improve Advertising & Efficiency

Targeted Advertising

Taking control of your displays real estate by controlling zones to the pixel level. Unique advertising content can be displayed on screens alongside the IPTV live stream from different sources. The venue can display promotional information on all or selected displays; such as venue sponsors, ads, moment of exclusivity, banner , score board, etc.

Concessionaires can advertise their products on nearby displays. Because you can customize the content for each area of the venue, sponsors of clubs, restaurants, and bars are afforded a unique branding opportunity. During the event, each location displays its own advertisements for merchandise or food or drink specials alongside the IPTV feed, regardless of which channel is being displayed.

Improved Venue Efficiency

Although venues are adding all the fan attracting features, they do not want to add complexity to their daily operations. UCView IPTV goes beyond the goal of “If it is not Simple It is Simply Wrong”.

UCView IPTV powered by LivLink Event simplifies the operation of a venue by providing central control of all displays and their content, enabling easy venue transformation to support multiple events, and providing concessionaires with the ability to dynamically change their menus. All this is done from a tablet or web interface with a click of a button.

Centralized Control

UCView IPTV platform allows you to control the entire IPTV and VOD system of the venue from a central server. This includes the ability to turn all displays on or off automatically or manually from a tablet or web interface, as well as the ability to control the volume, brightness and coloring on each display or a group of displays.

Using the Event scripting capabilities of UCView IPTV, you can schedule or trigger complex events and customer API to play different campaigns, change channels, advertising, promotions, and tickers ahead of time to run automatically during the event or on event triggering. If an emergency occurs, you can display informational messages throughout the venue at the push of a button or an API call.

Event triggers allow you to:

Schedule a single occurrence or recurring event series in advance.

Automate or manually trigger event group start and stop.

Trigger moments of exclusivity such as touchdown or timeout.

Trigger campaigns and third party API calls to sync content and lights

Trigger Venue Transformation between different events

Active a single content play once across displays

Venue Transformation

Many venues are home to multiple sports teams and host a wide variety of events, such as concerts and tradeshows. For these venues, it is often desirable to have different “Venue themes” presented for different events. With UCView, you can easily transform an entire venue from one theme (display layout and colors logos, sponsorship, food menus and prices, channels, mute all displays during a concert, etc) to another, by triggering a custom group event. Because these themes are stored as custom group events, it is easy to revert back to a previous theme.

Dynamic Concession Boards In concession areas allows you to change the content and pricing of the menu throughout the event , enabling easy accommodation of different events at a multi-purpose venue. Concession-stand owners can highlight certain items for faster sales, change the list of available items, and update the prices dynamically with API integration to their POS system.

Head End Integration

UCView IPTV connects to the headend where IPTV channels are received from sources, such as in-house feeds or broadcasting channels from cable or satellite providers. These headend’s are responsible for converting the content to IPTV protocols and feeds onto the converged network. These IPTV channels may be provided in HD or SD resolution, and in encrypted or unencrypted formats.

UCView IPTV can integrate to various headend’s and accommodate all of these feeds and perform the necessary encoding, transcoding, and extracting to create an H-264 or H-265 stream. The headend then takes the processed feeds, assigns a unique IP multicast address to each, and places it on the IP network to be picked up by the display endpoints.

Targeted Advertising

The video delivery component is supported on both H-264 and H-265 protocols. UCView IPTV supports both external players and SOC displays such as Samsung , LG, Philips Sony Etc, where you do not need a player behind the display. All OmniView Players whether External players or SOC (Built in Player) support:

HTML5 content, which allows you to pull in a variety of data sources, including: team/player stats, scores, fantasy stats, Social Media, and more to create compelling content for your fans.

Multi Playlist per zones, which allows for more content on the screen than ever before. You can move items into the screen with animated text, display compelling overlays for moments of exclusivity (MOE)

Multi Zone display layout with key transparency, which allows you to display eye-catching, animation, Lbar layout, and special effects.

Synchronize content across different displays for video walls and ribbon boards, which allows you to instantaneously change any group of screens showing unique individual content into a video and then go back to individual screens at the push of a button, or synchronize all screens in an area to show same content at the same time.

Centralized Management and Operation

UCView IPTV centralized management and operations , which acts as a single point of control for managing all the System on Chip (SOC) displays, External Players, VideoWall, IPTV Menus and Suite TVs,Recording channels, Concession menus , Proof-of-play, Locations and groups etc. video endpoints (DMPs), for determining and delivering content (video, graphics, and tickers), for defining unique display areas (zones and groups), as well as for the creation of entitlement areas (bars, restaurants, clubs, and luxury suites).

It also provides the interface to third-party applications and devices, such as POS applications, scoreboards and statistics systems, external contact closure and IP triggering systems and third-party touch panels (for local display control).

UCView Professional Services

Realize the full business value of your OmniView investment with smart, personalized services from UCView. UCView incorporates architecture planning, solution design, and implementation services. These services are designed to help facilitate a smooth deployment and ongoing maintenance of the solution, including hardware coverage and software upgrades.

Key Features and Functions

  • Custom Event scripting, scheduling, and operation.
  • Trigger (MOE) Moment of Exclusivity Event.
  • Ad insertion with proof of Proof-of-Play and view of recorded channels.
  • Control Displays in Groups, rooms and in matrixes.
  • Ticker feeds with interleave and screening.
  • Remote Reboot, Nute, Picture Setting, Lock, by display, zone or group.
  • HTML5 support with apps.
  • Channels recording and playback, Time shifting.
  • Targeted content and promotion areas.
  • Dynamic menu boards with POS integration.
  • Customizable channel guide and TV Suite menu.
  • Centralized and local channel control with Tablet, Remote control or API support.
  • Closed captioning.
  • Luxury suite display and media control.
  • Per suite localization and unique content.
  • POS integration for luxury suites and POS ordering.
  • Integration to Daktronics Scoreboard machine(Basketball & Hockey scoreboards, NFL GSIS).
  • Touchscreen and kiosk support.
  • Video walls.
  • Self-Service Content.
  • API Integration to (AMX, Crestron, Extron, QSC)
  • Event Trigger API.
  • Media Scheduling API.
  • Rebroadcast recorded channel as VOD.
  • Event mode , predefined Pre-Game, During game, Halftime, Post game. Special Event Schedule (Dark days, Space Rental, room Rental)
  • Low Video Latency, less than 750ms.
  • Integrate dynamic data to IPTV menu or pages.
  • One Click Monitoring all devices dashboard.
  • Hierarchical Access with multiple levels.
  • Full Dynamic scaling of HD videos Support all media files.

Solution Specifications

    Supported IPTV and VOD sources
  • In-house sources, which are used for live coverage of the event: cameras placed throughout the venue and routed through the venue control room.
  • Terrestrial TV (off-air) sources, which are sent from broadcast transmitters owned by the local network and public television stations.
  • Cable and fiber sources, which include multiple service operators, such as Comcast and Cablevision, local exchange carrier (ILEC) providers, such as AT&T and Verizon.
  • Satellite sources, which include direct broadcast satellite providers, such as DirecTV and Dish Network
  • VOD from channel recording and time shifting features.
    Supported Video Formats
  • HD and UHD resolution
  • Encrypted and unencrypted formats pro:idiom and Lynk
  • MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. H-264, H-26
  • Both embedded and separate audio
  • Dual Zone with Video and IPTV stream simultaneously
  • VOD using Dash, HLS technology
  • Recording Over HLS/DASH.
  • Recommended 3000 endpoints per server (Multi servers environment with failover is available)
  • Redundancy and failover available.
  • Multi Headends support
  • Luxury suites with remote contro
  • Unlimited playlists in the database.