OmniView IPTV Solution


Reaching Your Audience with OmniView IPTV and Digital Signage Solution

The OmniView by UCView is the key IPTV component of a fully deployed Digital Signage and IPTV solution which provides the necessary flexibility to coordinate, manage and organize the efficient delivery of customized, exciting digital content to hundreds or even thousands of television displays throughout any number of venues.

What Makes UCView-IPTV Standout?

Flexible, Smart
IPTV and Content Delivery CMS

OmniView IPTV provides a solution for delivering IPTV, Coax, Video On Demand, dynamic content and interactive services power by SOC System on chip technology with customize TV menus, pre-built apps and more...

Our platform can be installed as a cloud solution or on your local server.

IPTV Solution

OmniView-IPTV In Your Business

OmniView-IPTV is made specifically for enterprise level IPTV streaming with state of the art scalability and channels encryption through Samsung Lynk Powered by SoC SMART TVs without the need of Modem or Additional player . Broadcast your IPTV streams or content using all the latest codecs including H.264, MPEG2 and H.265.

Benefits Of OmniView-IPTV Ecosystem


Stream live TV, remote lectures and deliver visual documentation to teachers and students securely via SMART displays.


Give your guests the convenience of concierge services through their room TVs. Display local weather, tour guide, room service requests and on-demand channels.


Stream entertainment and workout routine videos, display supplement menus and more.

Stadium IPTVs

Stadium IPTV and Digital Signage. Digital Signage for Stadiums & Arenas. We're the Digital Signage choice for many of the World's leading Stadium, Arenas & Sports. You have full control.

OmniView Features

Custom UX/UI Design

Leverage our skills to build highly usable, professional-looking layouts for a variety of screens and devices. We cover responsive web, mobile and SMART TVs.

Easy To Learn Software

Our clients pick up the ins and outs of our software within the first day. No technical IT expertise required. Everything is built around drag & drop functionality.

Hassle-Free Setup

IPTV uses your existing computer network so no extra wiring is required. In addition, we offer our service through SMART TV SoC devices meaning you do not need to buy any extra hardware.

All Content Types Supported

With OmniView-IPTV not only can you schedule and watch video playlists but also receive alerts, check out social media feeds, local weather and much more.

  • Instant Control over displays and playback schedules.
  • Transparency and overlay compatibility.
  • Zone control: the ability to segment TV displays into groups and zones, regardless of physcial location.
  • Video on Demand (VoD) from custom or integrated video library.
  • Automatic display and promotion of content based on incoming triggers.
  • Broadcasting Announcements and emergency messages.
  • Centralized Management and software management of all multimedia endpoints.
  • Broadcast content takeover on all or selected groups of displays using API, phone app of web interface.
  • Proof of Play collection per display per advertising item for accurate counts of playouts.
  • Role-Based access for user and department delegation and responsibilities across venue staff.
  • L-Bar Advertising with the OmniView IPTV channel
  • System Status Report


All types of digital assets are uploaded and stored in a library for use in campaigns and playlists and can be played on a specific display or group of displays. Asset types include images, videos, widgets, channels, menu boards, apps and external content. Playlists are assets that can be played in a particular sequence and are created using campaigns and content feature for any display with any type of scheduling setup.


OmniView is accessed through a web portal that serves as a management interface for channels, uploading content and scheduling before playing content on displays. OmniView server is a focal point for live or scheduled content playback using standard web technologies, allowing you to create and deliver a dynamic, ever-changing experience for your audience.

TV Operator

With hundreds or even thousands of television displays in UCView Digital Signage deployments it is important that all televisions are turned off when not in use. The OmniView TV Operator feature allows an operator or API to manage power for all TVs in one or more zones or in an entire room.

IPTV Mobile App

Control Your IPTV Content From Your Phone

As a rule, televisions that are located throughout the building and in "public" areas are controlled centrally through OmniView. However, televisions located in other places, such as suites, restaurants, clubs and bars, back offices and boxes, require local control. With OmniView, guests can control the channel, VOD, volume, input, and more using a TV remote control or App for android or IPhone.