An easy-to-use HTML solution

  • Microsite is a new feature which provides the user with the ability to upload potentially any HTML solution onto our portal and push it tour your Digital Signage Screens.
  • Using our UCView Portal System, the user can edit and update the content of the HTML solution.

How it Works

  • A user takes a localized, zipped HTML solution and uploads it to our UCView Content Managment System.
  • The system in turn automatically unzips the folder and ports it as a preview.
  • Using this preview, the user can change the content, from text, to images, and videos via a point and click action, and the system will update the existing files.
  • If you ever need to save you files to another computer you can simply downlioad the updated folder and all your changes will be applied!

Why Use Microsite

  • Do you have a menu that rotates often or requires day parting?
  • Do you expect the content on your interactive device to change often?
  • Do you have a Kiosk with dynamic information and applications?
  • Do you keep your content up-to-date daily?
  • Microsite helps you to do all of this as you publish your solutions for your interactive devices!

Common Solutions

  • Interactive Informational Kiosk
  • Menuboards (Digital Menus)
  • Wayfinding
  • Statistics Displays
  • Greeting Messages
  • Workplace Statistics
  • Directories


Specs for Devs