EZBoard: Content Creation Tool - features

EZBoard: Content Creation Tool

Create Content Faster

EZBoard provides your audience with dynamic content. You can make updates in just a matter of seconds using the EZBoard feature. You may also provide interactive touch screen features for your audience.

EZBoard: Content Creation Tool

EZBoard is a content creation platform, which enables an easier and faster method of deploying messages and creating content. This content creation tool erases the challenging and time-consuming method of uploading content. It allows for content to be changed dynamically and administrators can modify content within an instant. Many companies will not allow customers and network operators to create, modify, and release messages from one location. However, UCView developed a system which will allow for all of these changes to take place all from its intuitive user interface. This tool can be used for all type of industries, such as corporations, financial buildings, educational systems, restaurants, government institutions, and more. Create backgrounds, layouts, and modify messages like no other. You don’t even have to be a tech expert to use EZBoard, it’s just that simple. Listed are ways in which EZBoard can help improve your content creation experience!

EZBoard allows for simplified solutions when it comes to creating interactive displays.
Supports multiple languages.
Has the ability to customize RSS/XML feeds to include images and break into separate sections.
Enables placement of media, such as video and Flash based animation, into designated content areas.
  Allows ticker option for scrolling information (either pre-typed or live feeds) across a screen.
Allows for you to stream live television within a designated content.

Imagine having to change messages daily, this can take up a lot of your time. EZBoard allows for you to manipulate text data and create content in just a matter of minutes. UCView knows your time is valuable, which is why EZBoard is one of your best solutions for content creation!


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